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  1. My son has a peanut allergy -Our most wonderful server on the Mariner would give my son the menu for the next night’s dinner and let him order -just to make sure everything was ok for him!!! Awesome service!
  2. Just a fun question — anyone have a celebrity on their cruise?
  3. Heading out on our first family cruise to the Bahamas over Christmas! Just wondering what I should pack- shorts? capris? hoodie sweatshirts? How chilly does it get up on the deck at night? Thanks all -- you have been so helpful on this message board!!!
  4. How crowded does the Windjammer get? Can you take your plate and sit outside?
  5. First time cruisers sailing to Nassau and Coco Cay —planning on getting passport cards —do we still need to bring our birth certificates on board? Thanks
  6. Just wondering what type of activities are planned for the teen group? I have 2 boys 13 and 17. They are happy to hang out with family, but I’m trying to convince them to do some teen things too!
  7. My family will be on our first cruise this Christmas—I annoy my kids by announcing how many more days at dinner each night!! So excited!
  8. Help! First timer! Should I invest in a good camera for our trip or just use my iPhone? Is it a pain to lug around a camera? Where do you leave it if you go swimming? Thanks for your help!
  9. First time cruiser here! Heading out on Mariner of the Seas for Christmas. I check the excursion page every day. Right now, I’m looking into jet skiing and snorkeling -prices are 15% off —will they go on sale even more? Is 15% off as low as it goes? Thanks!
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