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  1. Glad to hear y'all made it through last week. I lost power for about 36 hrs, but I have a Generac generator. Put it in for hurricane season this past summer and never thought its first extended use would be for a winter storm. However, not having water for 4 days sucked! Collecting snow and ice melt in mop buckets to be able to flush the toilet sucked! ERCOT sucks!
  2. I live in Texas and they don't give a hoot about what I think because I don't donate to their campaigns. If this past week's experience isn't example enough of who Texas politicians listen to, I don't what is.
  3. I live in Baytown (about 45 mins. from Galveston) and I agree with Steve. Gaidos is so inconsistent that I don't recommend it anymore either. If you are a local and haven't tried Top Water in San Leon, I recommend it. Treking out there might be daunting for a visitor to the area, but well worth it if you are accustom to "off the beaten path" local places. A friend recommended I try out Flip Flops in Galveston. I'm an SFA alumni and it's owned by one as well.
  4. We should be leaving on one tomorrow ... L&S'd it to Dec. '21.
  5. A little late, but DW served 4 years in the Marines and then 8 in the Army. She was like, um, "Go Team!"
  6. I remembered this after I posted earlier...Same cruise as "Sparkly Boots". It was a Christmas cruise and there was a couple in their late 30's to early 40's who wore Christmas pajama onesies all cruise long, day and night. They also had their own "custom" metal "Yeti" style cups and straws that they drank from at the R Bar. Rarely did we go to/through the Centrium and not see them there in their pajamas and drinking from their Yeti's. Needless to say, the Centrium was THE place to people watch that cruise.
  7. I always see it in the Windjammer for breakfast.
  8. There was a couple on board with a us a few years ago that danced in the Centrium every night. She was always in sparkly/sequined boots, either bunny or cat ears, and hot pants/short shorts with fish nets. He was always in cargo shorts or Demin shorts with a Hawaiian shirt, sometimes the sleeves were missing. Didn't matter the song, they were dancing and had some signature moves. They were definitely the star of the show whether they knew it or not. As we were waiting for our departure group to be called, two ladies were sitting behind us talking about "Sparkly Boots" and wondering if they had
  9. Room service tried to kill me on Rhapsody with a quesadilla that had been on the tray for the better part of an hour. When I lifted the cloche, the sour cream had separated, the guacamole had a brown film on the top, and the salsa had a thick dark red skin that had formed. It was clear that the cloche had trapped the heat and it sat under a heat lamp for a while before delivery. Needless to say, I didn't eat it.
  10. If I detailed the quantity, I would come across as one who needs an intervention. Therefore, my response is that we get our money's worth out of the DBP.
  11. 3/13/20-Sitting at Boleros on Liberty drinking Kraken and Sprite after hearing the "suspension of cruising" announcement.
  12. That would be me... lost 2 cruises in July & had to lift and shift a December cruise to December 2021. Changed the ship and sailing day for this coming summer from a 14-night Med on Anthem to a 7-night E. Carib on Symphony. After all of that, this promotion literally puts me at what my point total would have been had COVID not happened... 91 points.
  13. Same here... maybe a 4-night out of Galveston during Thanksgiving might be in the future even though I already have a Christmas cruise booked. Dang school calendar doesn't allow for fall sailings.
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