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  1. I can either confirm nor deny this. 🤣
  2. Sitting at Boleros on Liberty while we cruise back into Galveston before we return to the chaos. Thanks, @Matt for influencing me to make Kraken my drink of choice. No clue why it’s flipped the image. 🤪🤣
  3. On Liberty right now. Captain just made the announcement. There’s a guest who is on this ship for 5 months. We are wondering what he will do.
  4. On Liberty now. Cozumel let us dock. Grand Cayman let us dock. Headed to Falmouth now & nothing has been said about not docking. There were 7 ships in port in Cozumel (2 RCL, 3 Carnival, & 2 NCL). 6 in Grand Cayman (all a different line). In fact, we were next to the MSC ship that was denied entry last week. No issues for any of us getting off.
  5. 120 Days #stillgoing P.S. On Liberty right now. 😁
  6. Boarded Liberty today. 400 empty cabins due to cancellations this week. However, the ship doesn’t feel less empty. There’s enough hand sanitizer everywhere that you could bath it in. People must have packed their entire house (present company included, but I always over pack.) in anticipation of a quarantine because luggage delivery is delayed. I’m not worried... my HR director is on the ship, so I’m covered. Saw her as we boarded. DW jokes about how I see people no matter where we are from school/that I taught. Well, this time it may come in handy as long as I don’t partake in too much Kraken. 😂
  7. No issues at all. They scanned us very quickly as we approached security. I had my letter just in case.
  8. I leave on Sunday and have asthma. Good thing I have an appointment with my GP anyway this afternoon. My previous GP retired and I just happened to have an appointment to establish a new one this afternoon. Guess I actually have a reason to see him today... Gonna get my pulse ox letter. I agree it doesn't give us much time to get the letter. Hopefully, they can produce it today. Otherwise, 🤷‍♀️
  9. I'm a high school teacher, so I keep hand sanitizer close by all the time. I'm on Liberty next week, so I've been taking extra vitamin C everyday. I limit my proximity to students, but with high school that's not usually difficult.
  10. Yep, her blogs and "YOLO" cruises have definitely influenced me. GS booked for Allure in Dec. "YOLO" Med cruise in June 2021. "Suite" taste on a teacher budget... 🙋‍♀️🤣
  11. Thanks, @Lovetocruise2002! T-minus 6 days and counting! TGIASB- Thank God its Almost Spring Break!
  12. My friend just posted that they were denied entry in Cozumel. The Mexican government let them dock and health officials boarded to run tests on the crew member and a passenger with flu symptoms. No official word on the test results, but he said they were not allowed off the ship. They were told today they are getting a 100% refund. This is a 15 day cruise, btw. Who knows if they we will able to get off anywhere at this point with the exception of the private island stop. They still have 2 more ports.
  13. I don't know. He didn't say. He just posted about it yesterday. I haven't seen anything today from him.
  14. Have a friend on this ship. On Wednesday after they were denied entry in Grand Cayman, they were given $200 credit per stateroom. Yesterday, it was announced they would receive 30% back from this sailing and 20% off their next sailing. He didn't say if they were allowed off the ship in Cozumel or not. He did say they were all screened during embarkation for fever of 100 or more.
  15. My initials, DW's initials... Wasn't creative the day I signed up. 🤷‍♀️
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