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  1. Calle Ocho/Little Havana is a must stop for us when we are in Miami. We love Old's Havana. We get a Lyft from the hotel and it's about 10 mins. from the Intercontinental.
  2. Our district's rule is that you cannot take the day off before a holiday unless it is an emergency, but it's not really enforced. Granted, the baseball coaches and track coaches are out for a tournament/meet and the ag teachers are out for Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo, but that's only about 10 people.
  3. Teaching the day before spring break is the worst! We have 30 teachers out today out of 200. 2:45 can't get here soon enough. Y'all have fun & enjoy your time off.
  4. I got it while sitting in a meeting and I yelled at my phone, "I'm not on a cruise, you ***hole!" My co-workers/friends were like, "what???" Needless to say I had to explain. Good thing it wasn't a formal meeting or with people that aren't my friends.
  5. Same as @CrznTxn https://www.portparking.com/ I like that we parked in a warehouse and the shuttle service was included. It was super easy and they give a better discount than the Port of Galveston for disabled veterans.
  6. We were on Adventure last week and it was the fastest boarding process we've experienced. We were on the ship about 10 minutes after our parking shuttle dropped us off at the terminal. We were in a suite and there was only one family in front of us. We didn't even really have time to look around at the new terminal before we were onboard. Disembarkation was just as fast. From the time we left the lounge where suite guests were waiting until we were in our car was about 20 minutes and that included waiting for the parking shuttle driver to load everyone's luggage.
  7. Just repriced my Nov. '23 Harmony sailing & saved $682. I'll take it.
  8. We don't like the MDR, so we buy the UDP, regardless of the ship. We were on Oasis in a suite in December and did a combination of UDP and CK. CK for breakfast a few times, one lunch, and dinner night one. UDP the rest of the time.
  9. Same. I got the DBP for $69.99 for my November Adventure sailing. I haven't seen it below 70 for this sailing at all prior to this sale. The lowest its been has been $73.99 with the Labor Day sale. It was $88.99 prior to this sale. Between it and the UDP, an excursion that was also on sale, and internet for 2 devices, I saved $215 with the sale. I'll take it.
  10. Hey Tyler! Baytown here, even though my profile says Houston because no one outside of Texas knows where I really am. I went to SFA & have family in your area. Being able to cruise out of Galveston makes it really easy to feed the addiction. Welcome to the boards!
  11. We sailed last Christmas. Besides extra cash, we asked our stateroom attendant if there was anything we could pick up for her while in port. At the time, she was unable to leave the ship due to COVID protocol. She said chocolate was always a welcome treat, so we bought some of our favorites in St. Thomas to include a candy that is made about 2 hours from our house. We were shocked to see it in the store actually. We got enough for her to share and she was excited about it. I know they are trained to be "happy" about whatever they are given, but she seemed actually excited. They were working ridiculous schedules at the time and I have a feeling they still are due to the staffing shortages, so I know extra cash will be greatly appreciated. I do not recommend anything that is not consumable because they have very little space to store their belongings, ie don't give them anything they can't eat or spend because they don't have anywhere to put it.
  12. Playmakers on Oasis makes a good Bloody Mary. I'm a Zing Zang loyalist. They don't use it, but it was good.
  13. The plain iced tea is not good if you are used to freshly brewed tea. I'm not sure what they use, but it tastes like Gold Peak instant tea out of a machine. Yep, I'm from Texas and it's not the same.
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