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  1. I agree with AshleyDillo. The beverage package allows you to try drinks you wouldn't normally order or knew existed without the fear of "am I wasting money on a drink I may not like?" I have to start my morning everyday with an iced coffee, so between that and all the bottled water I drank along with 4ish cocktails per day I calculated that I at least broke even if not saved some money. I love the peace of mind it provides in that I don't spend my entire vacation calculating how much I'm charging to my bill. Between it and the unlimited dining package, it's the closest you can get to an all inclusive experience. I'm pretty good at budgeting my money and I spend a significant amount of time stressing over it. I don't want to do that on vacation, so these packages allow me to not worry about it and relax.
  2. Just remember that if something happens like you miss the ship or you get sick/hurt while in port and you don't have your passport because it's back on the ship, getting out of the country will be difficult and will require getting to your country's embassy/consulate. That is easier said than done in many ports.
  3. Walt Disney World has started offering gift cards for waiving housekeeping. It only applies at certain resorts and has to be for the set minimum days. I don't know all the details since I have not stayed at a resort that offers it, but I know people are jumping on it. I could see something like this on a ship being an option. One caveat is that even if you waive housekeeping, they will still do a daily room check for security purposes.
  4. Thanks so much for the info! I will pass it on. She and I thought this might be an option, so I'm glad to see it works. It's ridiculous to think a three year old will drink $8.99 a day in soda.
  5. I'm helping a friend with planning. They have a 6 year old and a 3 year old. They want the deluxe package for themselves. Are they required to buy a refreshment or soda package for the boys or can they just buy DBP for themselves? The boys don't drink much soda, so it may not be worth the $8.99 a day. TIA!
  6. If you are flying into Hobby, I don't recommend staying near the airport. It's a rough part of town with a limited number of places for dinner. If you can't get a room on the island, try the Clear Lake/League City/Webster area. It's about halfway between the airport and the island. It's a nice area with lots of options for dinner and even shopping if need be. If you fly into IAH, staying by the airport is fine. With all that being said, Steve is correct that you should be fine in relation to Spring Break. The majority of schools and colleges will be on break either the week of 3/9-3/13 or 3/16-3/20 with the bulk being that first week. There may be some springbreakers on the island when you sail, but the big crowds will have cleared out by then.
  7. My entire reason for booking a JS is the bathtub and the double points. I hate showering in the tube style showers. I'll do it if I have to, but I would prefer not to.
  8. When we were there in December, you could buy a ticket at the entrance. I want to say it was $14, but I don't know for sure. I've slept since then. 🙂
  9. With the way the season is going, it wouldn't surprise me if everyone is dead by the end of the finale and Hot Pie is on the throne.
  10. Ah! You're a IBC (Islander by Choice!). I've always wanted to live in Galveston, but I'm a teacher and GISD doesn't pay well. I'm on the north side of the Bay near all the refineries, but east of the tank fire area.
  11. Hey @Galveston Steve I saw your location is Dallas. Are you BOI or just a frequent life long visitor like me? Your knowledge of the island is awesome!
  12. I'm not Galveston Steve, but I live an hour away. Spent many summers on the island. I would highly recommend seafood and/or Mexican food. One of my favorite places on the seawall has both breakfast and seafood as well as lots of other choices, Miller's Seawall Grill. http://millersseawallgrill.com/ A good choice for Mexican is The Original Mexican Cafe, http://www.theoriginalgalveston.com/menu.html.
  13. H.S. social studies teacher here as well! Fingers crossed none of my students will be on my July sailing as we sail out of Galveston and it's only an hour from my school.
  14. This is totally us! We have cruises booked for 2020 even though it is killing us to not go to WDW as we are also huge Star Wars fans. The plan is to let the "newness" of Galaxy's Edge wear off a little, at least to the point where you aren't limited on the number of hours you can spend in it, and then go. At least with cruising, we can build up C&A points. It's going to be very hard though in July 2020 to be in Orlando for our Mariner cruise and not go to WDW. May have to at least go to Disney Springs for a little while.
  15. We can't ever find qualifying cruises either. I agree a welcome drink would be nice. When we were on Rhapsody at Christmas we went to the Veterans meet up one afternoon and there was literally no one there. Where we have saved a ton due to discount was at Walt Disney World. Between the discounted tickets via the ITT office on post (just need an MIL ID), the Salute to Service discount on room rates, and the discount on memory maker, we can go to WDW for a week or more for less than a 7 day cruise.
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