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  1. Wash, rinse, repeat.... There will always be something to keep it going I
  2. Its at like 94% now....those stats are like a month old Meanwhile...Canada went from 2.69 to 3.8%....its painful
  3. There will not be any cruises in May with Royal so it doesn't matter either way really.
  4. Astra-Zeneca just approved for use here in Canada...so that's our 3 approved vaccine....good news. On the flip side....we have vaccinated only 1.7 million ppl since Dec15ish......so a very very slow process here......
  5. The government will never allow that...even though no tourists would come ashore..ppl here would be in an outrage at the thoughts of that... Ppl here are so brainwashed about Covid, that the vandalize cars of fellow Canadians if the license plate is from not around here......that should tell you all you need to know. Why doesn't the US change their own stupid law and solve the problem...like really?......
  6. I have a hard time thinking any cruise line is going to have its full fleet operational in 9 mths.....its going to be 2-3 mths after the CDC gives the go ahead for test cruises right?....so right now that would be June to start....add in the logistics of all crew being vaccinated(if they are from Canada they wouldn't be till the fall) plus with all the travel restrictions still out there...not happening! I am cautiously optimistic that shorter cruises out of Florida will be ago by the fall(maybe cause I have one booked..lol)....but if cases of Covid were to start to pop up on any c
  7. Could be something to do with the CDC expected to come out with something soon(any day now) according to Richard Fain......and it sounds like it may ne an actual step by step or concrete plan towards opening up cruising. I would also think that the success of the vaccine roll-out in the US is making things look much much better towards things starting to open up for travel related isues. Shares of Royal are up over 25% in the past week or so as well. All positive things for sure.
  8. Nightmare waiting to happen..... How would you ever prove that? Good luck if any official from the airport to the port to the cruise company to any of the destinations you want to travel with have any concerns about hand written vaccination record!
  9. So then to bring it back to the topic of this post.......who cares if the crew is vaccinated??!...they can still get Covid, the can still give Covid, spread Covid, get sick from Covid,...and we will still need to wear masks, quarantine and social distance. Boy, makes a great case for this vaccine.......and doesn't give me much hope for anything opening or returning to normal anytime soon...I may have to rethink my predictions now to 2023 based on all these facts i have been presented here..lol
  10. You state..."yes, you can still get it"........well hello....if you can still get it after being vaccinated, that's the whole problem...no??!...what the hell am I missing ppl. I am not a doctor..but the top doctor in Canada who controls us tells this....(your equivalent of Dr. Facui) I am quoting her word for word,,,,,,I can post links here if noone believes me.....I don't get it.... masks, social distancing and you can still give it and get it after being vaccinated...all facts according to Canada..... So I base all my comments and thoughts around Covi
  11. Only if you have been vaccinated in the past 3 months.....so there's that about it......
  12. It doesn't in Canada....you can still get it and give it even when vacinnated......
  13. Thats INSANE..I have never heard that in over 2 decades of flying..cant imagine that's the norm..or perhaps it was a strange season......although out of Toronto flights are much cheaper than here on the east coast..it costs more for me just to fly to toronto than the whole cost of most of my cruises...and I can't cruise form Toronto so.... The US dollar also being worth 30-40% more helps as well for you guys....
  14. Hence the reason why a internationally accepted program will have to be brought into play.. Just like passports to travel...wasn't long ago when I could walk into a Caribbean country or the US for that matter with a drivers license....not any more.
  15. oh..I will be all over the early check in if at all possible...still disappointing to lose 3 plus hrs of the drink package on the first day but.....
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