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  1. Yeah...that's the way it was before the upgrades...surely they must have changed/updated these options?
  2. Empress is a great ship...take a look at the blogs @twangster has posted here. Beautiful ship and a good vibe on her..... I am looking at Adventure to Bermuda in 2020...I wish it was Empress to be honest..
  3. Lots of work..keep checking every day for price changes. For future bookings....don't book directly with Royal is the easiest and cheapest solution..book online or with a TA.
  4. I just want to make sure that when I transfer it to a TA, that I wont lose the OBC and be a waste of cashing out those points!
  5. If your asking about these for white noise purposes...you might be surprised that you many not need one. I always sleep with a fan at home, but when cruising the hum of the ship and the AC etc is enough for me to block out other noises.. If you just want it for the air movement, well that's different.
  6. I booked the hotel, transport to the port and back to the airport(and airport shuttle to the hotel) for $110 all in right now.....cant beat that....
  7. I haven't been on Harmony yet, but any other ship..yes!!...Carving stations...different themes....food is fantastic...just serve yourself...but the quality could easily be presented as a sit down meal imho.
  8. You have to book through an email site to use it? I didn't think that was the case/experience that others here had??! Sounds like @marti314 has had some bad luck/experiences trying to use these....... everyone else seems to have no problems or issues booking and redeeming
  9. Wondering about using these with next cruise and then transfer the booking to a TA once back on land. Will we lose the OBC we cashed in? I know that if we "rebook" or "reprice" the cruise, then you lose your OBC, so I assume the same would be true with this OBC.
  10. I thought it was mentioned here that you can BOTH cash in your rewards as long as your both listed on the cruise booking and both have own MyVegas accounts??
  11. As mentioned above...so many variables and things to consider. I have done this many times and doing it again next mth when I board Harmony. Its way cheaper to stay in Orlando is the simple answer. There are lots of shuttle and transportation options as well. More to do and see in Orlando as well if you have time. Just comes down to budget at end of the day, if money doesn't matter then Port Canaveral...if money DOES matter..you can usually book the hotel AND transport out of Orlando for the price of just the hotel in Port Canaveral...........
  12. I don't think Royal does Iceland and Greenland sailings?..so hard to compare who's cheaper or better offers?! As for cruises I am currently looking at or receiving offers from, Celebrity wins 90% of the time for cheaper rates...never mind the extra perks....blows my mind how such a difference when part of the same company. That being said...fingers crossed to book 2 cruises for 2020 while on Harmony next mth!
  13. Interesting..seems like a long period of time for sure. Makes you wonder. Be interesting to see how well it works. The app seems to be working well now for info on my upcoming cruise....the planner...menu's etc.....its handy to have. I am still old school and love having the daily cruise compass in hand each day but this does have some advantages to it if its working properly.
  14. Celebrity always seems to have better pricing and offers and deals than Royal..hands down!
  15. Be nice if that was available on Harmony in Nov as we are vacationing with another couple.... No cost to use the app when on board I am assuming?
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