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  1. Doesn't surprise me....I was more surprised at how long it lasted that people got to go the Cuba under the false pretense of one of the 12 categories you could claim....come on, your on vacation..drinking on cruise and its a cruise stop....or if your flying in and staying at a resort or casa and drinking on the beach....its a vacation no matter how you want to try to slant or color it.... I think its a part of a bigger push to put some pressure on Venezuela at the end of the day and this is some collateral damage. Will be interesting to see what happens to all the cruises currently booked for Cuba.
  2. I can assure it wont be a better deal..the extra in $15 in OBC would prob cost you $200 or more to rebook......
  3. That's what I am hoping for....collected 104,000 chips in about 21 days...I was pretty happy with that...but haven't seen the $250 OBC since I signed up......guess I will just keep collecting although at this point...2million seems like a longs way off for a "free" cruise. They did have some offers added like cruises at special rates and discounts, but of course no prices listed...so what's the point of that??!
  4. While this doesn't answer your question, I can vouch for the fact that its not "shady" to walk to Junakoo beach. I have been to Nassau about a dozen times in the past 5 years and always explore on foot all around the downtown area. Nothing to be worried about. A few pushy vendors, but that's normal at any stop. If your kids are scared by the straw market people.....not sure if travelling is something you should be doing with them. I have experienced way more sketchy places in America and Canada than the straw market to be honest....
  5. It is possible...as the prices on Royals home page are the highest out there....so possibly it could drop from that. Hard to believe, as I don't ever recall that happening to any cruises I have booked or been watching since I started cruising. That's why I always book with a 3rd party site....way cheaper. Good luck.....!
  6. Litte here...litte there...hoping ppl don't notice.. Wont be long till drinks packages are $100day with the charges....its crazy...... I cant wait for a recession...and see these companies have to lower prices back down to a reasonable price... I would say since I started cruising auto grats and drink packages s have almost doubled in price....nothing else in my life has come even close to that kinda increase.
  7. Cruise pricing almost always goes UP in price the closer it gets to the date with Royal. For those of us who have to fly and the flights often cost more than the cruise, it is quite the dilemma which to book first and what to wait for to try and make it the best deal possible. Good luck!
  8. I disagree......eventually bad press, rumors, pictures, videos, horror stories etc will have some kinda negative impact. I can tell you that for people that HAVENT cruised before, these types of things are reasons and excuses not to ever try it. And there has been quite a bit lately....and its not all fake news. Do I think this is going to hurt Royal much...nah.........but to say it will have zero impact, I disagree emphatically. There will be ripple effects from all of this. And for Royal, they have the most to lose out of all the players with the $$ and inventory of massive ships they have and continue to build. While for people who are rich or cruise often, this may not affect ur future cruise plans..but for someone who has saved for years and planned this and something like this happens, there is a good chance they don't try again anytime soon or ever to book a cruise. A cruise vacation isn't like booking/taking an AI vacation or other land vacation when it comes to being cancelled or trying to rebook and make something happen when these things are canceled a few short weeks before peoples expected vacation dates.
  9. I believe its $16/each way if I remember correctly from what I have seen and read. I am heading there in NOV and will be doing the cab thing to spend the day at Maho Beach...
  10. You can walk there...we did our last cruise..its a bit of a walk, but defn doable.
  11. ohhh...I am almost to the point that I get a bottle of water....just 2 more cruises!...
  12. Adventure is larger than Brilliance..its the Voyager class,...50% bigger than Brilliance(in your post you say that its a smaller ship which is a con)..well much bigger than Brilliance. I like Brilliance for the feel and the views...pick Adventure for the activities, size and price.
  13. I am not sure about this.....all my visits to Coco Cay up till this year were on small ships and alone...so 2000 max people on the island.....now there could be close to 10,000 at a time....I think its going to be affected when that happens....time will tell.
  14. Interesting about the hotel part...wonder if for example they would offer a 3 day cruise on one ship..spend a nght there and then a 3 day cruise back on a different ship type thing......I will be curious to hear the official plans behind the purchase. I get the resort for a day...pool..beach idea....the hotel part, not so much at the moment.
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