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  1. Ok..well that makes sense. But for someone asking about drink specials and how to find drink deals....not sure that they are concerned about the ability to use the drink pass card, even if it affects your own ability to fully enjoy it.
  2. safely drink 4-5 drinks......that's a just starting the day for me on a cruise....lol I haven't heard anyone use that reason yet for not getting the drink card on a cruise....
  3. The 10 drink card is rare...don't count on seeing it. Drink of the day is usually in the $8.50 range plus 18% grats...so over $10 a drink....takes 4-5 drinks a day and a bottled water to equal the drink package price(if you get it on sale usually)...not hard at all to do even on a port day imho. $50 for the drink package to me is a no brainer.....
  4. Weird..I know when we did zipline with them...we had to fill all that out before we got on.. Hopefully you hear back from them and get some kinda of resolution!
  5. I haven't heard anyone mention this lately...would be surprised if they still did. It was part of the big push and promotion when Empress came back to the fleet. @twangster would be able to let you know as he has been on Empress often and recently.
  6. Sorry about your situation and good luck....they made their money from you on the ctruise and it wasn't a Royal tour(I am guessing from your post) so there will be nothing they have to or will do I am guessing. I have been disappointed with their lack of help and empathy when it comes to issues with them lately(my own situation included)
  7. It's all about the benjamin's baby....as a rapper once said...lol Yup, Royal will do anything to make more $ from someone else then they can get from you and leave you hanging......its all in the fine print somewhere.....😒
  8. Oh..Captian Jacks looks pretty cool..my kinda bar to hangout at... However, I thought the OP was asking what to do cause that are NOT doing Cococay. On the ship, it will be less busy..good chance to check out some places and things you might not have been able to yet. There is usually a few things still going on when docked there..but usually its a good relax quiet time for most ppl.
  9. Last cruise on HOS..I didn't see any offers for me..usually they were on a sheet in the cabin......not that it matters as I have never won on those spins or really used any of the other offers but still..... They still did offer the $300OBC raffle offer with Next Cruise for booking in first 3 days..but that was in Nov/2019.
  10. Update..it was good on HOS....they had some good options...and gluten free for those that needed it....ate it at least 5x during our cruise.....its better than it was before for sure. Is it the best out there.....well no. But I wouldn't complain about it based on what I have had on Marnier and now HOS.
  11. Must have been lots of $$$ thrown at Royal to make it worthwhile. As stated here numerous times..Royal is a business and all they care about is the bottom line(and most ppl here seem ok with that)..if they can make more $ from someone else than you....guess what happens! Don't know of any other business that functions like that but hey....
  12. $2.99 beer refills at Funsport America caught my eye!..lol Says for 2019 but I am assuming you were there in 2020...something they have continued on I wonder.?...hmmm...might have to visit there for "research" purposes in April before my Navigator cruise..lol
  13. Glad you made those stops....crazy how rough the seas have been the past mth or two...I don't remember since I started cruising hearing about it this often. I know our cruise in Nov the first 3 days were like that as well..first time ever for me.
  14. I have priced out a few NCL with the All inclusive or All 5 offers included type thing....rarely does it make it much cheaper. Or you end up paying a little more but maybe getting some extra perks which you may or may not use. That being said, I am surprised Royal hasn't done this...as they could prob make more $$ by making everyone pay for it, knowing that everyone wouldn't use all the perks included.
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