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  1. I am there the same day as NCL Bliss is in port....2 big ships....will prob make a busy day there I am guessing.
  2. Good plan but where does luggage go? I would prob do the one way car rental thing tbh..based on the time and distance you are dealing with
  3. Wouldn't your OBC show in your booking? Or some kinda confirmation from Royal. If your going to wait to get on the ship to confirm with guest services and something goes wrong....
  4. I believe that was the most recent $ I could find as well looking into it for my cruise in Nov.. Keep in mind that there is another bar at the other end of the beach of the Sunset bar is too crowded(which I hear it can be at times)
  5. Agreed....I would say you will be ok. Obviously there is always a chance..but with security around, cameras etc I wouldn't be too worried about it. We always have a small bag to throw our small odds and ends in and we don't worry at all about leaving it on a chair.
  6. I checked as well..sounds like the OP is correct. And I am surprised others here aren't aware of that..its been like that for awhile on Royals website.. OP did not ASSUME(even though he said that but)...its printed in black and white.......so it is deceiving...and of course there is lots of small print at the bottom about NRDB and all the rules and regulations. it is defn NOT straight forward at all..especially for a first time Royal cruiser.... To be honest I am not even 100% sure about all the ins and outs and rules and changes and what shows and doesn't show when it comes to Royal and I have cruised a dozen times with them....and I cant even find where the Redfundable deposit price is now...
  7. Its to bad that this Is the kinda reaction and impression first time users of Royal get. I agree, since they changed the deposit program, the options and process is defn NOT clear or straightforward. This is not a tech glitch or problem like we joke about Royals IT department...it is a blatant effort on Royals part to make this more complicated and/or make it easier for them to collect more $$..... It's a shame, but just another reason and example why I tell everyone NOT to every use the website to book any longer. As I stated before here, I learned the hard way my first few cruises with higher rates and lower incentives by booking Royal directly. That being said..I do love cruising and Royals ships and products so I hope the OP can and will still enjoy their cruise to Bermuda!
  8. I have never travelled south during peak holiday season..the prices are crazy(of course) and to me, I would rather take 2-3 trips for the price of one. Also, it all does add up..the cruise cost advertised is at least 3-400% higher once you add in the flights and drinks and tips and little extras here and there... Not the same as booking at a land vacation south that way at all. As for IOS, yes she's a nice ship..but so are lots of other ships Royal has if your open to looking around for a better deal/
  9. What What is the name of the beach?..does the ferry leave right from the port and drop right at the beach?
  10. If its worth it isa personal decision. Usually depends on the extra cost. What is the room you have now? How much extra is it to upgrade? Are there additional perks included with the balcony rate? Yes, beds can be split apart.
  11. Interesting....as online it quotes about $50ish for Uber or Lyft......or hire a private SUV and driver is only about $85 each way from airport to cruise which you can arrange ahead of time...seems awful pricey to me based on my experiences...no savings at all to use them....
  12. As someone who has been there about 10x in the past few years I wouldn't worry about it anymore than any other place....in the tourist district anyways. Lots to do and see close by the port within walking distance...Junkanoo Beach, Rum tour, Fish Fry, and of course all the normal little shops and bars in the area. I
  13. Book and re-book if the deal is better is what most will say. No guarantee it will be cheaper then at all.
  14. I like that 5 day....Nassau and Key West and CocoCay out of Tampa. Of ceruse they would send their ships there if any way possible..money, money, money! Kinda wish my 7 day on harmony was in Nov hitting CocoCay to check it out...maybe the next one.
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