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  1. Sure....why not. it would be one way to prevent pools from closing as often and being overcrowded. Why bother having a kids pool area that is hardly used as they all hang out in the main pools. But I don't know why 2 year olds needs to be in a deep pool to "swim"...seems to me that the kids area would be the place for kids to be
  2. I agree that that show has changed., I couldn't believe it was an afternoon show on our last cruise on Freedom. I want to say it wasn't even on our Liberty cruise, but that was a short 3 day cruise. And on our cruise before that, it was not very well attended or that well done at all. We brought 2 new couples to cruising on Freedom and had talked about how much fun and crazy the Love and Marriage show can be. Was disappointed to miss it, as afternoon on a cruise in the south during wintertime, is NOT when i want to be in the theater for a show. That being said, the CD makes a big difference when it comes to that type of thing for sure. After having Marc "Bing Bong" CD for my first 4 or 5 cruises, i was spoiled as he is everywhere, all the time with lots going on and energy.
  3. Kids should have to swim and play in kids pools.....pretty simple and easy solution. We wonder every cruise, and we have done a few, why the cruise lines don't enforce pool rules and/or make kids stat in the kids pool areas. Often the kids area was dead and empty on our Freedom cruise..they were all in the main pools and hotubs., I joked we should have taken over that area, but I am sure Royal would be quick to kick us out if that happened.
  4. Sorry to hear that..although I would be pretty happy with itinerary change as I think much better stops imho. But i didn't hear anything abut it either.
  5. Interesting.....never seen a duck like that on any cruise..heard of it but.
  6. I would have zero money to spend anywhere if I booked Icon...prices are insane.... Prices have to start coming down..demand cant stay that high at those prices...so will defn be interested to see what happens over the next few months.
  7. I have sailed Brilliance a few times...and have Serenade booked for next February. They are all pretty similar, the only thing that I would say is that with no promenade and being smaller than Freedom class, it defn has a little more laid back, quiet relaxing feel to the cruise.
  8. Anyone else on this 5 day cruise to Bermuda? We just sailed on her in early March and will be back on on October out of Bayonne.
  9. I was sure I had seen/read somewhere that Liberty is going for updating in 2025? It could use it...as compared to the last few ships I cruised on, its really showing its age and wear/tear for sure.
  10. Awesome!!!....its the cruise we hit Diamond on...so I wont be able to hang out in the suite/diamond lounges but I am sure we will run into each other at some point!...We are looking forward to our first Xmas cruise vacation!
  11. I think it used to be much close to sail date, as I have booked these rooms often. However, my next 2 cruises were GTY and assigned cabins were done about a month ago...so 8-10 mths out!
  12. Oct,05,2024-Liberty Dec,21,2024-Adventure
  13. that may somewhat hurt some of the bars/restaurants along that area...that offer WIFI to paying guests?......
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