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  1. Now if only the US would remove vaccine requiements for Canadians flying into the US!! But its MIUCH cheaper to drive to the US and then fly anyway's, which is what I always do now out of Bangor. 4 hr drive saves me thousands every year on flights! But I wouldn't get too exited....the app hasn't gone away..it can and will probably be implemented again in the very near future. I wouldn't count if out for long!
  2. I had to cancel my sailing on Serenade of the Seas in October, but was able to get the same class ship...same itinerary .....and even the same class of balcony room....so it worked out pretty well so far and the cruise was priced the same! Anyone else on this one to get away from the cold in the middle of winter??!!
  3. Had to cancel this cruise unfortunately ... disappointed not to make it on to Sernade...I had to move my cruise to January on Brilliance.
  4. Still looking and watching for some good deals on the drink and specialty restaurant packages...perhaps Labor Day weekend or?
  5. I am sooooo happy!!..what a relief for Canadians who need a day or two to travel prior to the cruise and have to figure out getting a test and results and then hoping that can still get on the cruise!! I have a 5 day in October and it doesn't go to Bahamas...yeah!...I will be avoiding any cruises that visit there if they keep their vaccine requirements and testing when all/most others places don't. 70 days till Serenade!!
  6. Sorry...I am anxious to get booking!!!!... I was surprised that NCL already had it updated on the documents when I booked this am, was hoping Royal had as well.....thats all.
  7. So now the CDC doesn't require a negative test to cruise out of the USA, but Royal hasn't changed? I just booked a great deal on a NCL cruise out of San Juan to NYC for next April....only requirement is to be vaxxed(of course that could change a million times but) its nice to see it starting o change. Hopefully Royal will do the same before my October cruise....I am looking at a January one with Royal as well, but wont officially book till the testing requirement is gone!
  8. Yeah no, that wont work either. I wouldn't fly through Toronto right now if you offered me a free cruise..lol.
  9. Not what i wanted to hear...its a logistical nightmare between flying, cruising, testing etc to try and make a vacation work. After 3 years of not cruising, I was really hoping to make it work in 2022, but its looking less and less likely at this point. At least with Royal. May have to start looking at other cruise lines that don't require it unfortunately if this remains much longer in place.
  10. I hope Royal follow soon..its a huge stress and risk for anyone who has to travel to cruise. Never mind the huge financial implications! I would think Royal will have to follow soon??!
  11. Looks like there are a few ppl doing that. Panama canal cruise is on the bucket list for me one day! Been watching the beverage package pricing....if anyone sees it on for a great deal, love to know!
  12. I see the debate is still alive and well..Covid didn't kill that..lol No idea why ppl cant get along and be ok with differences. I am sorry you need to walk on the other side of the pool deck to get to the buffet or you might need to gamble at a different time when its not so busy with "smokers"......but no, just ban it all and kick them off so you can do what you want when you want. I thought everyone was becoming more woke and inclusive in the USA these past couple of years... Typical mindset now of so many ppl out there.
  13. Anyone else booked or looking at this date? Got a great on a balcony cabin(first time ever booking a balcony), and had some FCC to use so really hoping this cruise works out!!!!
  14. According to the government website you can be denied boarding...fined..or jailed in covid camps. A least for us lucky Canadian citizens that's what it states. I wouldn't take a chance arriving without it....if you forget or cant get it done..be safer to STAY on the boat...till all this nonsense is over. Oh, and keep in mind that they are able to and do track you using the app. So if you do download it, delete as soon as you leave Canada. Big Brother is always watching....
  15. I hope its removed soon...its prevented me from booking multiple cruises so far, as I cant financially afford the risk of getting to the port and failing a covid test.
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