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  1. Wasn't able to make those days work.... However, we were able to make the cruise on the 9th work so still excited. ...maybe some of you will do a B2B and join me..ha
  2. On Harmony..the non-smoking side of the casino really wasn't bad. Best out of any ship I have been on for a non-smoking side! Friends of ours who are not smokers and couldn't stand to be on the smoking side actually didn't mind the non-smoking side.....yes, you can smell it.....but there wasn't the smoke to be breathing in.
  3. I know...been watching to for awhile now! We will know in 2 days what her options are and then hopefully book it by the weekend...would be a great time to join everyone for sure!
  4. Looking at possibly joining...its either this or the 14th that we will be booking on Odyssey......gf picks her vacation Thursday so then we should be able to make one of these cruises official....excited to possibly check out this ship and class!!
  5. For ziplining in Haiti, you can rent a locker for $8...... If I had to do it again, I would have just left our stuff on a beach chair to be honest... Cant speak for the other tours you're doing..
  6. Average for me is 10 pounds....last cruise on Harmony I was up 12 pounds after 5 days(according to the weigh in for my ziplining)..... Most of that would be from the drinks I am sure...
  7. While I feel sorry for any loss of life, I always wonder why ppl would do this. To each their own..but if you choose to visit the most active volcano in New Zealand on an ISLAND....what's the escape plan?..hmmmm
  8. Defn sounds like a great service.....hoping to experience that once it is completed!
  9. Those numbers seem off....I haven't heard or seen of a $400 or $1000 deposit. usually the short cruises are $100 each and the longer ones $250 each.....
  10. Pretty sure I saw some of this clearing happening when I was there a Cpl week ago along the 528. I am curious to see once its up and running what the experience and cost will be like. We are taking a bus from Orlando to Miami for our cruise coming up in April. A train option would be better I would think....from MCO to Port of Miami...yes please!
  11. Perhaps cause its an inside room and you have an inside room that its an issue.(even though a different category) If those prices have dropped that much, perhaps look at an ocean view or balcony. You maybe able to upgrade for very little if the interior rooms cost has gone done $700 since you booked...ouch! I wouldn't pay $700 for an inside to start with..never mind now its $700 cheaper than what you paid..
  12. Define break the bank...hotels will range from $100-$1000 ......imho almost all the hotels in Miami near the port would break my bank.....when they hotel is as much as my cruise, that's a problem...lol But sure, there are some nice hotels with great views.....
  13. I didn't use it, as I was able to book better/cheaper deals on my own. However, I did use the shuttle for the ride back and it went smoothly. I am too anxious to get on board to use it, as I think the "early" departures get you to the port around 11:30....I am usually already on board and enjoying my drink package by then.. But for convenience, you cant beat the package they offer for sure. Hope it goes well!
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