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  1. Yeah...based on your C&A level if I remember correctly
  2. I have never played Bingo...except when cruising....I figure whynot....usually a fun time...good mix of ppl usually too.
  3. Interesting..and good to know. Sorry to hear as well. Perhaps 2nd place is a free cruise..on NCL.....
  4. haha..another person confused by Royals math.. You will soon learn that Royal is very good at these confusing offers..welcome to the club...don't ever try to figure it out and just remember, its never really a sale at the end of the day. Just a different way to market it. The sooner you accept it, the better it will be for you when dealing with Royal.
  5. I would take a look at their website....compare seat sizes..leg room...no back seat entertainment....very basic if any amenities.....which is ok if its way cheaper....but its not...at least not in Canada/USA/Caribbean.....perhaps to Europe its different...(not the planes, the pricing)
  6. Well then here is no purpose to ever fly Rouge...why would you?..unless you're gullible enough to pay the same price for less.... But now there is pretty much no options....flying out of many cities in Canada they use Rouge now... Hence why we always travel to the US for flights..way more options but bottom line is price...
  7. What???..what am I missing here????!! No..it was never cheaper....Air Canada stopped flying their regular planes to these places....so you couldn't really compare..but as someone who travels to the US and Caribbean multiple times a year I am familiar with pricing and options. Basically..they were able to charge Canadians the same amount as always....and offer less services and room..brilliant on Air Canada's part...but that's NOT how they tried to sell it..as a cheaper flight for Air Canda but not the customer..lol.....come on now. I hope no one here would be stupid enough to fall for that. The point of being a low cost carrier is to offer the customer a cheaper flight...albeit with less options and paying extra for add-ons......the trade off is supposed to be a lower ticket price.....
  8. Yeah....it sucks too cause such a small window to redeem them....we will be booking multiple cruises next year but with like a 30 day window to cash these in, chances are the timing wont work....something is better than nothing but..lol
  9. Sea2air hasn't worked for me flying out of Canada to the US...anytime I checked the prices were the same or higher. a bonus wuld no tbe having to ay for them till the cruise is due so that is something to think about for future cruising I suppose. @raahc...I don't know where in Canada you live, but out here on the east coast flights are usually $500-$700ish for us....across the border they will range from $75-$300 so a big savings....might be worth checking out again. As for Air Canda Rouge...its a farce...started out years ago as a "discount" option to compete with charter airlines like Sunwing and Air Transat...less room....more seats...less features and options.....supposedly for a cheaper price....NEVER was...and now usually almost all flights to vacation cities are on Rouge...surprised you haven't noticed that yet if you travel at all..been years now like that.
  10. they are listed every day in the cruise compass....not sure where they are held on each ship.....never attended.
  11. So glad it will be Marc Walker for my cruise on Harmony in Nov....he's the best out of any of them that I have experienced. Good review....on one hand it sometimes sounded like the ship was large and overwhelming., but at other times not so bad. Be interesting to see how it stacks up for us in Nov. I don't do well with large crowds, long waits...patience is not a strong point with me.
  12. Marnier doesn't have food at either of those places that I am aware of.
  13. Wasn't aware of this either...Emerald drink package deals?
  14. Agree with @twangster......but in todays society that's they way it goes. Its like that when it comes to straws or paying a carbon tax on my gas in Canada. It does nothing in the big picture problem..but scores points for politicians and business's. As for the OP's question...it will make NO difference...you will not see a penny of the savings that Royal makes. You will probably pay MORE for cruises on those ships that Royal saves money on.....they are in it for themselves and the $$ they can make, not to pass those savings onto the customer.
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