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  1. Nah....I would be there if I could be...doesn't bother me at all. Lockdown and loss of rights and liberty bothers me more.
  2. Well all this uncertainly as made us decide we are done with cruising....for now. Hope to be back in 2021 or 2022....
  3. Thanks....another nail in the coffin for cruising for us...way too much to move and lose and the unknown makes it even harder so done for cruising for now. Sad day today is for us....
  4. So I have $200in OBC that I am going to lose..if I book an excursion now...would I get the 125% FCC?...looks like I can still book stuff in my booking as of right now.
  5. About time...and still annoys me that they waited this long..to cancel cruises on her till almost a yr from now..they knew all along..just didn't want to make it official...... Annoys me....booking cruises is done for awhile for us now...we aren't going through all this hassle till this delay and cancel and shift crap is over.
  6. Sucks..., the new ships, the deal, the perks, the cabin....was going to be a great cruise... We are done booking cruises now till this is done.. its absurd that 2 weeks ago Royal wouldn't tell us...and now its like 6 mths of delays..come on.....not very cool in their part....
  7. Dont say that..I didn't see that and cant imagine the devastation economically that would have.....they wouldn't predict something that major that far out..they just keep renewing 30 days at a time right now...
  8. It would be if true..and if I can ever get back down to the US and if cruising ever comes back.. That's a lot of "IF's"......
  9. On one hand it wouldn't make sense as they probably want/need the bigger ships if social distancing and Covid-19 is going to be around for awhile yet... yet I still say the demand is NOT there yet for cruising(even though Royal says 2021 is like normal??!)…..so not sure those big ships are worth the cost if they are half empty or less... We are in unknown times..anything is possible.. We still have a 2nd wave to worry about with this..plus they already say there is a new SARS virus that at any time could become the next outbreak/pandemic......seriously worry for the travel/tourism industry worldwide.
  10. Too bad there was another fire.....my cruise is defn doomed and not meant to be.... Hurry up and cancel it already......
  11. Sorry to hear that.....hope he will be ok. There was a similar situation on the news...older parent lived in NB, kids lived in the US...there were able to come here somehow had to quartine for 14 days in a tent in the back yard...so there are ways around it in some cases I guess.....but its not easy any more to say the least
  12. Land borders aren't open...air borders are....lol And our flights are out of Bangor and Portland...so we have to drive there..unless we want to pay $2000 to fly their first..not realistic.
  13. Not surprised...and I expect more to follow...the longer this goes on..even the "big guys" are going to have some issues...... And its going to take a few months more to really feel the financial effects of Covid here in Canada..ppl can struggle for a Cpl mths with bills and less pay...but I suspect this fall is going to be brutal for business bankruptcies, business closing and ppl claiming bankruptcy.... And if there is a second wave, I really fear for the whole travel/tourism industry as a whole.
  14. That's where we are at...looks like it will be a Caribbean vacation on land in the fall(if our borders are open by then)...there is WAY too much uncertainly and Royal is NOT being forthcoming with information in my opinion..we are not giving them thousands either(plus flights and hotels to figure it out etc) to sit on and let us know at their convivence if the cruise will happen.
  15. I would be pretty confident that it will NOT be delayed past your sail date.....that's 5 months after the expected arrival time....its not that far behind at this point. I hope we do hear something soon...final payment date is coming in 5 weeks....we wont pay the balance if we dont know if its sailing so...
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