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  1. Jan/Feb cancelled....March/April will be the start of test cruises and by May/June right in line with my predictions all along we should be getting back to some cruising...albeit with some restrictions and problems for the first few months yet. I wouldn't feel sure or confident of booking a cruise that sails before Sept/Oct to be really sure.
  2. Doesn't surprise me at all..I suspect it will be at least May or June..by then the US will have reached high levels of vaccination(according to their plans currently) and the #'s start to drastically go down as a result. By then, hopefully we will be on our way with vaccinations(although I predict it will take us about twice as long to get it done) and things will start to loosen up. Going to be a long winter and spring for us Canadians!
  3. Great news for our UK friends and possibly cruising from the UK restarting....
  4. No surprise....I think most will do this....and based on discussions here on other threads, I think its going to be alot longer till any type of cruising resumes....I have been sticking with May/June but the more I heard and see about how they are going to try and roll out "safe" cruises, I really really am starting to have my doubts
  5. SO if tests don't work, then why let people on the ship...because masks and social distancing works? If so, then why bother with the cost and time of tests that apparently don't work.....and if masks/social distancing work, then anybody should be allowed on the ship sick or not based on that logic. If this is the case moving forward, then vaccines wont mean a damn thing...masks and social distancing and faulty tests will be the norm...good luck cruising with that kinda system in place. They had to do all this for a country that has ONE case?.....how in any world would anyone
  6. If nobody is allowed on the ship with Covid(and the tests that they use actually work like they say they do) then why all the masks and distancing..... I guess till vaccines are widely rolled out that will be the case...but you cant catch something that isn't there.... That being said, its nice to see a cruise happening..but still a LONG way to go before we get to that point in North America yet I feel(5-6 mths at least)
  7. $330/person to go from a Junior Suite to a Crown Loft?..I don't think there should be any questions as to whether its worth it or not..there is NO comparison between the two!!! The room alone...plus all the extra.....hands down its worth it...and I haven't stayed in either.
  8. Yeah..I had read that in regards to Qantas...have heard hotels here in Canada may require it as well so I am pretty sure that will be the norm across the travel industry in the near future and for some time to come!
  9. Not sure if that is an issue...because I think vaccinations will be required to travel, fly, cruise etc...so those who choose not to can stay home and let the rest of us enjoy life again....much the way it should have been handled from the get go
  10. Well really hoping by November its all set for my cruise on Brilliance....but again, it seems like June is when things may start to pick up for the cruise industry.....like I have been predicting for awhile.
  11. Yeah...we had hoped to book a 2nd one for 2021 for double points..to Bermuda...but the prices are now double what they were a couple weeks ago...and we are Covid weary and tired of it all...so fingers crossed for our Nov 2021 cruise to work out but thats it at this point. As I stated here before..I suspect June is when we start to see cruising resume on a small scale in the US..I think by the fall things should be much more easier and dare I say somewhat back to normalcy......but that can all change very quickly.....
  12. I believe Canada has purchased(future dated) doses form this vaccine as well. With 3 vaccines so far that look like they will get approved and another 3-4 more i believe that are doing well in testing I am confident that 2021 is looking better. It will all come down to how quickly to get these rolled out.....here in Canada, we have no confirmation of anything yet...while in the US, sounds like vaccinations start on Dec 12 and 70% of the population to be done by May which will reach the heard immunity level and allow things to quickly open back up. IF these things happ
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