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  1. Thats insane.....that's about a 150% increase in the past 7 years for drink packages.. Talk about your head in the clouds.....during or after this worldwide epidemic that is really hitting the cruise industry...so start upping prices like that. This complaints and pictures of drink package pricing at Royal is all I have been seeing for the past 2 days......lots of extra negative press for Royal and the cruise industry. Stupid move on Royals part....this is NOT the time to do anything to deter people from booking or even thinking about cruises. I can tell you here that not ONE of my friends who if I told them those drink prices would ever sign up for a cruise... In Canadian dollars...that's about $157/day with grats/….per person!!..WTH??!!…$2200 for a 7 day cruise for drinks....I wont ever be cruising with Royal again if that's what its come to....and a lot of others wont be either. Royal is going to continue to price themselves out of the market and pay the price.....I have said this before here and I stand by it when they make bonehead decisions. And I already know what some will say..."its what the market supports or if ppl are willing to pay it" etc...….. Not this time...mark my words...
  2. Wasn't there a time when the gave complimentary upgrades based on your C&A status.....seems even when I started back in 2013, this was the case and you could always ask for a cabin change at Guest services....
  3. You would NEVER see a ship registered to Canada....the taxes would bankrupt the company....lol
  4. Sorry to hear what you went through but glad you have such a positive outlook and attitude like you do. I really believe that the "cure" is actually worse than the condition, at least here in Canada......its amazing the fear and control the government has over us. No one is living normally or enjoying life, we are all scared and told to stay home for weeks, now into months...with no end it sight and no proof that anything we are being forced to do is having the effect the government told us it would.
  5. They should seek financial help from those countries too.....they avoid registering in the US..although 90%(?) of their cruises originate in the US....now they will want the US to bail them out..
  6. Have done it a couple times with no issues. But we aren't super picky about location. To save almost $400 on your booking or 25% I wouldn't think twice about taking the GTY I guess if $ is no object than it doesn't matter but....
  7. I cant see them going that far out with a blanket policy. if things got better quicker than expcted I would think it would be harder to start up quickly. I can seem some cruises being affected longer than others though..with no ports in Canda open till at least July1st..and some areas having bigger issues, it doesn't surprise me that some ports may not open as quickly as others. That being said, I just upgraded to a balcony room on Odyssey for less than what I paid for a Oceanview…...I REALLY need that cruise not to be cancelled!!
  8. Monkey see, Monkey do......no surprise.as I dont think I have ever used Royals site to a do a mock boking after they made it WAY too hard to figure out how to compare those options. Sad but not surprised to Celebrity follow in those footsteps. Be interesting to see how Covid effects everything cruise wise, even to small deceptive or confusing practices like this being reviewed as moving forward the cruise industry as a whole will have alot of work to do to get customers back and try to attract new customers.
  9. I got a feeling there will be more of these type announcements and repositioning of ships as they deal with all of this. Even once cruising does start back, we are going to see scaled back options for the next couple of years and higher prices. Not a pretty picture at all.
  10. I am guessing they want to wait for the full 30 days...they need your money!! I cancelled mine the 24th or 25th..still shows as an active cruise in my planner... I didn't have anything extra booked..no drinks, no excursions so should be a straightforward credit back to my CC....time will tell!
  11. Well Trumpo announced that the social distancing rules are staying in place till April 30th. I hope and feel that at that point, things should be getting better and hopefully starting to get back to normal...or at least heading that way! Still holding out for booking a Bermuda cruise end of May!
  12. I havent seen any cruises or ships called Emerald of the Seas?
  13. I sent mine off the minute I received the email.....about a week in so far for me.
  14. Dont laugh.....I predict a lot of increased pricing on cruises and everything else associated with a cruise moving forward..
  15. We are in a quartine here in our province....but the 3 provinces that surround us have rules in place that any visitors in or out have to self quarantine for 14 days.....no matter where from or if your feeling sick or not. So essentially that is protecting us in this case I guess. It started off with just certain provinces...but now many across Canada have implemented this. Nothing is perfect or works 100%...I would say not many people are driving from Nj to FLa right now...but perhaps the airlines are still busy down there. And that could be a first step towards shutting down the state borders even more? Either way...there are no cruises leaving Florida till at least May imho....so its moot point to worry about this in March.
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