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  1. I am soooooo jealous, but happy for you guys too....I would do anything to be in the situation of moving to Florida.....
  2. I will mis the early check-in!...I always always at the port by 10ish and on the ship before 11....one of my fav times for the excitement and also to explore the ship and get some good photo's.....but I would take a cruise with a late check in at this point over no cruise so
  3. Great to hear this...hopefully another option when we fly from Portland......as soon as the US/Canada border opens!!
  4. Very Interesting....I am hoping that very soon Royal and the rest can get back to starting up some cruises and be successful....going to be a much different experience than we are used to but at this point I think most of us are ready to do whatever we need to in order to take a cruise again!
  5. I would recommend the airport....although any driving in Miami isn't fun.....and even the parking garage being off site from the airport can be confusing..the last time our Uber driver couldn't figure out how to get us to the proper drop off spot.....we now avoid rental vehicles at all when staying in the Miami area.....
  6. Sometimes there are some good OBC offers..like $250 which would allow a good portion of the drink package to be "free", but they aren't as common or easy to get...good luck!
  7. No...we were able to get one each for our cruise in Nov(that got cancelled and lost out)…….but I think technically it's one reward per booking.
  8. I grabbed one yesterday...….3 nights on Navigator…...Jan 29th...lets see what happens.....if it doesn't work out for some reason..just out a few gold coins at this point..lol
  9. Don't tease @twangster!!...if only I had been cruising back when that was the case....there was a short period of time in 2008 as well
  10. It's never worth paying more in USD of course.... But very often …..every time I have booked in USD its been a been a better deal..even when it was about 40% exchange rate......just need to look and shop around. We get robbed here in Canada with the prices we pay for most things and the taxes we pay....cruise prices and deals are no exception to that!
  11. Yeah...way off....on both my posts on this topic..lol
  12. Interesting...like I said, never heard that before from any cruise company but first time for everything I guess....they wont get me on something like that....that's pretty dirty imho...50% sale, but limited so we dont know how many and imagine if any other business did that or a store....%50 off but you dont know till you get there if you get the deal..and its not cause they ran/sold out....
  13. I have ALWAYS saved money booking in USD for flights and cruises(and usually flying from the US)...you must not be looking in the right places..I think I have booked once with Costco for the gift card in CAD..lol...and you dont need a US bank account or credit card either..lots of ways around it.. our dollar has been on the up swing as well.....I hope no one on the CERB is booking cruises anyways..wait till their tax bill hits next spring..lol…...
  14. I know all that quite well..but I can drive there and save myself thousands in airfare....and I am not going to quartine for 14 days....so yes, once the land border opens I will head down.
  15. Great news..really going to try to get down to do a cruise on her once the borders open for us...dont want to miss out on the chance!
  16. I wouldn't count on any Canadian travel agents having jobs soon...I would look to book and deal with a US company 100%!!!!! I deal with a few from a cpl different sites that offer the best pricing but no one that I am buddy buddy with or have a working relationship with to recommend.
  17. Dont want to ruin it for you..but if they wont let dying people see a family member...they aren't letting 3000 tourists off to explore the waterfront...they have just started now making masks mandatory in some provinces where they have ZERO active cases...so yeah...dont count on Canada for vacation plans any time soon!
  18. Sold out???!!!..I have never heard of a drink package being sold out....7 months in advance.....that doesn't make sense....they upped the price which makes much more cents....lol I would be booking NOTHING at this point..I am not giving any travel companies my $$ to sit on and then wait mths to get it back.... good luck!
  19. Nothing yet...but our medical chief officer has stated 2-3 years to expect shut down and restrictions…..some of our provinces have had ZERO deaths and ZERO hospitalizations or like 2 ppl and we still cant do anything.....I predict a huge spike this winter in Canada which will push us back another year or two....it appears the US is getting ahead of us now when it comes to testing and equipment and vaccine trials..... But yeah, if I was a betting man I would defn say 2021 is a write off...I thinking 2022 before they start to allow Canadians to travel and tourists to come here....an
  20. Wont be any coming to Canada for the next few years for sure.....
  21. Careful...Canada is very restricted and closed right now...and even though Americans can drive through to get to Alaska..be prepared to be harassed at the very least and have locals call the police on you and follow you through Canada. Then you have to deal with lots of rules about masks, social distancing and many places closed as a result of Covid…..I would be way of making ANY plans that involve Canada for the next 2-3 years as our chief medical officer has essentially said Canada is closed and will be closed for years to come, even if a vaccine comes out.
  22. Wouldn't surprise me....Our chief medical office stated it could be 2-3 years before things get back to normal in Canada..till then expect masks, social distancing, business closed, borders closed and travel restricted…...I wouldn't book a damn thing that involves Canada for the next year or two at least... its crazy and insane...but seems like most sheep, I mean people in Canada are on board...…..
  23. Saw some pics/vids ppl had posted..seemed pretty quiet and dead...must be operating at a greatly reduced capacity?!
  24. Its one of my fav things that Royal does....every CD or ship has their own spin on it.....now some are doing 80's and 90's too.....those are always dont miss items for me on the Cruise Compass!
  25. Cant.....wish it was that easy....not allowed....perhaps If I went to Mexico and snuck in that way..lol If anyone knows a way to legally get me down there...sign me up!....ha
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