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  1. Doesn't seem worth it to me...$44pp....so almost $100 for 2 ppl to stay on the ship for how much longer? do you get an extra meal out of it or something? I have never looked into it as it doesn't apply here....
  2. It wouldn't stop me from booking a year away....but I would defn have some flexibility and cancelation insurance built into my trip that I normally don't do or worry about.
  3. This ship and Marnier are doing the 3/4 day cruises to Bahamas and Cococay......I am sure they did the amp with this in mind .....3 day cruises are pretty short to explore any ship no matter what the size imho.... I am back on her in April for a 3 night...looking forward to seeing the changes on the ship and Cococay for myself......
  4. I saw this posted in a few places...with video and pics...sad to see this happening...would be disappointing to say the least if this happened while cruising to this port.
  5. it does take time....and some luck as well. FB Vegas used to have offers with a lot of "free" money to play with as well as really really cheap chips to buy so that allowed me to climb quickly. I also hit a jackpot on Konami of over 70 billion so that was great too(although I get locked out now really quickly of collecting gold coins on it) There are a few pages on FB too which post daily links for free chips on all platforms that can help you climb quicker. I now have over 3.3 million gold coins in less than a year playing.......good luck!
  6. inside room for 2 of course....seeing as 12/14 cruises have been inside rooms(other 2 were ocenview) I have no issues with it either way...and balcony's usually are triple the cost of the inside rooms on cruises I have done..so its a no brainer...
  7. Really?...I thought many ppl actually enjoy it..and the drinks are quite good...and strong I may add. We met a few ppl on our HOS cruise who only went there for drinks to get the most "bang for their buck" they stated... problem is....I cant remember what drinks I had there to recommend them....I wonder why....lol I will say if you want some entertainment..read the reviews on the ipads at the bionic bar about the various drinks.....some pretty funny ones and may give a good indication which drinks are really good.
  8. Perhaps that's what lead to the $0.00 specialty dining on a few cruises....
  9. Its a breeze in PC.....took us about 10 mins to leave our room to curbside...its facial recognition stuff so no wait at all...we did self disembark....so not sure if it would be the same for your situation.. that being said...driving 2 hrs each way would be taking a chance....could be done for sure but as mentioned above...maybe better to meet them in PC to enjoy the day stress free
  10. Love Enchantment..been on her many times......still looks great inside!!
  11. 270 days out from my Odyssey cruise...too far out to try and figure out what ocean view room I have at this point I guess..although there aren't many oceanview cabins so cant imagine it wil be much longer till they could have it assigned if they have sold out that category I suppose.....
  12. Still showing 0.00 for mine but not for long I am sure... Did your reservations stick?
  13. Gotta be a glitch..will they honor or compensate it is the real question here...... As much as I am excited for the specialty restaurants..I really wish it had been the drink package...lol....but I wont complain and I will keep checking as well!
  14. I booked Chops, Giovanni's and Teppanyaki.....all for $0.00...stated it was complimentary in the booking and no charge or use of the OBC I have available. I checked my April cruise on Navigator..not so lucky....
  15. I got the email confirming my bookings....so should be 100% good right?!.....lol
  16. If only the drink package would go to $0 now I would be all set!....ha I am not as sure they will honor this mistake...as these are very limited options for them and if they all fill up with people paying $0 dollars for these meals that normally costs hundreds...hmmm We will see!
  17. Sweet...looks like for the first time ever I will enjoy some specialty dining after 15 cruises..... Fingers crossed they honor the glitch...or if not at least give me 1 of the 3 that I booked!..lol
  18. let me check that out for my sailing on the 9th!!
  19. I have used them in the past with Royal...for both booking and purchasing....as stated above..there is usually a 15-20% buffer added on...so as long as the card has that room you're ok. The only issue of course is that you don't know how much of a "hold" they put on it when you check in......if there was away to confirm that amount you may have a smoother experience.
  20. Checked both my April and Nov cruises...no savings and no more OBC.. ....I sound like a broken record..lol
  21. Interesting to see how long it lasts..its seems like this winter season the seas have been rougher or more swells causing ppl who normally aren't bothered by it to even notice it. We couldn't believe how much movement there was on our HOS cruise in Nov..and there were many cases where ships encountered rougher than normal seas(I would say) for that time of year. Normally for the first day or so off the ship I can feel it from time to time....this time it took me a couple of days. There have been cruises where I had NO feelings or affects like that though.
  22. Is this the port that Carnival uses? If so, I stayed at Resort next to it in 2017..Was a Riu at the time. Not much right there, had about 10 local shacks to buy some local trinkets and arrange excurions...Carnival had it set up much like Royal does in Falmouth, Jamaica. Not much to do there other than excursions. I wasn't aware that Royal stopped there. This area of Dominican is much more rustic and scenic and less touristy than Punta Cana(been there many times in the past)
  23. its per cabin I am pretty sure....but you both pay the taxes and fees...so you really need to check the fine print.
  24. Bathroom light may work..there is a space between the door and floor that lets a little light out so that maybe an option...on HOS(and maybe other newer ships?) there were 2 settings to the bathroom light if I remember correctly.
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