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    I’m an avid volunteer for causes involving the less fortunate, youth groups, leadership development and support charitable giving. I love to vacation on the seas and found that Royal Caribbean is the way to go.

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  1. I was on Allure recently. I can say for sure that the arcade was not so so, it was terrible! I’m not a complainer and this is probably the first negative thing I’ve said about a Royal experience but the arcade really was terrible. I think they were fewer than 10 games, a couple of them were price games, a couple were games for very young kids, and then there was driving game or two. I remember the arcade being so small, that I assumed it was just an add-on to a larger arcade so I went looking for it. Turns out the closet that I was in was the actual arcade. If I remember correctly the arcade credit is something like 50 bucks. I don’t remember how much each game cost but what was available was not enough to hold my attention to even spend five bucks.
  2. It’s not a material difference but the Explorer dry dock is likely one week later than listed. She’s on a chartered cruise for seven nights starting March 1, 2020.
  3. Has anyone below Diamond gotten the confirmation they will honor it? We have friends who are emerald and they have not yet gotten it.
  4. We were able to stack the package for three out of four of our 2020 cruise‘s. However we had issues trying to add it to the last one so we called. Royal Caribbean said that it was indeed a glitch and that when they get it all figured out the website will show a balance due between what we paid and what the fair value of the passage.
  5. Agreed on this. As a shareholder this is a big miss. I can get more swag with a cheap logo of the local gas station than I can RCCL?
  6. I splurged and got the shower package so I don’t have to share.
  7. I wouldn’t dismiss it so quickly. Most of us seem to be pretty positive about RCCL so we in general like the direction they are heading, and probably assume the stock will go up. If you put in the $12K and say you cruise 5x per year and get $500 OBC that’s a 4% return regardless of where the stock goes. I’m only in the 3x per year club but I’m going to buy enough to get me to the 100 share mark.
  8. If you are going to buy an adapter go with something like this. For me it turns a useless plug into four USB ports. Multiple USB Wall Charger, [22W/4.4A] LENCENT 4 Port USB Travel Adapter, All in One USB Charger Plug with UK/USA/EU/AUS Worldwide International Travel Phone Charger for iPhone, IPad & More - White https://www.amazon.com/dp/B077VFGNYZ/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_tai_5kM.CbTFB8W4K
  9. My Perfect Day will be the day after Thanksgiving this year. We have decided to splurge on a cabana and are thinking Chill Island. Unfortunately the cruise planner indicates booking is unavailable and indicates I should check onboard. is there any way to secure a cabana ahead of time? This is a YOLO Cruise for us and I really want to lock in the cabana ahead of time.
  10. To clarify, I understand you are waiting for RCCL to refund cruise planner purchases, but isn’t it the insurance company you are waiting on for the rest?
  11. I’m too afraid of commitment to tie my spouse to my C&A status.
  12. In the same boat no pun intended. Two away from diamond. I will earn diamond on grandeur in July but will not reap the benefits until symphony in November.
  13. I’ve got the same device and love it. I use it constantly but I have one issue that I’m wondering if you know the fix @twangster. How do I forget a network without resetting the device to factory settings? I had it connected to the hotel Wi-Fi but it remembered a previous connection to my hotspot and switched there chewing up all my data. I can’t seem to find a forget network function. I know there are obvious workarounds like changing the hotspot password but would like to try to find a primary fix.
  14. In my experience the mile surcharge only comes into play when you pick up at one location and return at another.
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