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  1. this was the best I could find, from Anthem so guess it'll be a pleasant surprise if available. Either way I'm close to the stairwell so I can just go up a deck and enter if need be. Was just hoping to utilize this as I figure I'll spend plenty of time in the Solarium with 5 sea days and would be a quick way to get to the bridge wing on sail-away or sunrises Secret passageways - Anthem of the Seas
  2. Just booked the 9 nighter from Honolulu to Vancouver in April 2024 and got a good interior room forward on deck 13. In looking at the deck plans I wonder if there's access to the guest hallway from the lower level of the Solarium. I was on Anthem several years ago and think I remember that there was a door there that led to the hallway but since I wasn't staying on that deck then I didn't really pay that much attention. Thinking it'd be pretty convenient to go out and enjoy a hot tub soak. if not, just a quick trip up to deck 14 will get them there.
  3. Yeah a TA is a dream cruise for me too. Love my sea days! I think I may have to retire in order to do one right though. I'd love to be able to make the long flight up front, spend a few days to explore the departure port and then sail on back to the states. If I dream big, I'd double up the TA with the last cruise before it made the crossing for an epic B2B. Closest I'll get before I retire is probably a Hawaii to Vancouver repositioning. Had one booked for this year but it got cancelled
  4. If one person in the cabin gets the drink package, the other person has to as well. You can call and pinkie swear the other person isn't a drinker and get the ok to purchase the refreshment package. The requirement is in place to prevent 2 people from using one drink package. Of course, how strict they hold you to that probably varies from ship to ship and from bartender to bartender
  5. With those self tests though there's really not a day or time stamp as I understand it. Have a couple teens in my group in December that will need to show a test result just trying to figure out the easiest and most efficient way of doing it so we're not held up boarding.
  6. Probably wondering why the suitcase he left outside was gone when he woke up
  7. I mean as long as you have a swimsuit on underneath, who cares? Unless of course you have your C&A pins attached to the robe and then.... OH THE HORROR
  8. I have a cruise hat that I've decided to decorate with pins from port stops that i visit and I put my RCL loyalty pins on there... but don't feel the need to wear them constantly on board. But whatever someone else does with their pin really doesn't affect me at all.
  9. Going on Allure in December with family. My parents are taking all the older grandkids on their first cruise and have booked a block of rooms. One of my nephews is booked in the room with me but we're thinking it'll probably be more fun for him to bunk with his cousin who is now in a room by himself since one of my nephews couldn't get time off. Both are 21. My question is should that be something we address at check-in or just check-in as we are and then have new cards made at guest services once we board? edit to add: We are past final payment
  10. yup, if you've pre-purchased it will be tied with your info so you can stop as soon as you board and show your set sail pass and they'll know you have the package
  11. I also don't recommend the RC gift certificates. You have to redeem them prior to sailing but they're not available until you get on board and there's really no way of knowing for sure that they've been credited to your account until you get on the ship and check your folio. You can't use them for pre-boarding purchases in the cruise planner. If you haven't already received them or bought them for someone my recommendation would be to give cash or even the Visa pre-paid gift cards then you can make your pre-cruise purchases in the cruise planner with them.
  12. Kinda surprising that MGM went with Carnival since they've had a relationship with RCL and Celebrity for awhile. Would be nice to see Caesar's sports book get on board with Royal since that is my preferred players club anyway in Vegas (at least on the strip)
  13. My last 2 cruises have been shorter solo cruises, 4 and 5 nighters and I absolutely love them. You get to do what you want when you want and for me that included a lot of reading. Between the 2 cruises I read 5 books which I never have time to do at home or when I'm sailing with friends and family. Made for a really relaxing trip. Just what vacation should be! I've done solo land based trips and roadtrips and really enjoy them. I could easily see myself doing a long transatlantic or Hawaii cruise solo and not have any qualms about it.
  14. Just looked it up, average high of 91 in July with a record high of 100 a few years ago.... so on average it's cooler than Dallas, but the humidity will be high as always and probably a decent chance of a brief afternoon shower. Plus the sun always seems more intense in the Caribbean
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