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  1. Question about the Unlimited Dining Package - when I booked it required selecting a time, does that mean that’s the only time we can make reservations at the various restaurants? Also can we make reservations for the various restaurants now online, or do we have to wait until we are onboard?
  2. We haven’t heard anything from RCI on our Aug 22 cruise being moved from the Indy to the Odyssey. It’s kinda aggravating as we are traveling with friends who got notification of the change and even have a cabin assignment. By having to wait so long, I fear our cabin may be right under the pool, or worse, maybe our cruise will be cancelled in lieu of reduced capacity. Not even our MEI agent had been able to help!
  3. Well we leave in 10 days and frankly the fun of cruising is about to hit the bricks. No matter how excited you get and how much you’re looking forward to your cruise, you know deep down if there’s a way for the cruise line to mess things up they certainly will do it. Of course they always seem to have a good reason and we loyalists keep supporting them. Hummm, it’s not that this is such a terrible change (not good);but it just keeps piling up. So they have 10 days now to cancel or otherwise wreck another dream.
  4. Just singing RCI blues today! I hate even checking my email these days as it usually has some kind of run around about my upcoming cruises. We are the unfortunate ones that got the crappy itinerary change for June 19 and God only knows what they will do on our B2B June 26. The thing I don’t understand is their statement blaming this on the CDC, hello we are not sailing from a US port so where does their input come in here? Just saying, after all of this last year this seems to just be an extension of the aggravation they are willing to heap on the heads of their customers.
  5. Vaccines are free, responsible folks should have the wherewithal to protect themselves and not complicate the issues of restarting cruises. Yes, you have a choice, get vaccinated or find another type of vacation rather than running the risk of ruining cruising for everyone. The CDC will be standing by waiting for the first hint of COVID cases on board cruise ships, and here we go again and they will be saying “We told you so” loud and and clear!
  6. Thanks for the update! I’m waiting to finalize things for this cruise and the Med one before it. Hopefully we can get a better read on it soon and get hotels etc lined up.
  7. We’ve done several B2Bs including Transatlantics, and 24 day Transpacifics so we always utilize the onboard laundry services. The wash & fold option is great for pj’s, socks and undies. Some shorts and tees come out pretty good depending on the fabric but unless it’s beach wear you can surely repeat some outfits. Taking several shirts or tops that can go with the same pants, shirts or capris works too. The dry cleaning services work well too and are pretty reasonable. Some Crown & Anchor levels also offer a complimentary bag of laundry as an onboard benefit
  8. We used them on our Symphony 50th Anniversary cruise and they were available at Guest Services for $5 and you could choose your color. They were good for us, especially when around the pool area.
  9. We are on the June 19 Bahamas cruise and we received the email from RCI and from my MEI agent as well. So far no online check in available. Maybe something soon?
  10. With so many other ships displaced right now, why couldn’t RCI honor their commitment to Nassau and restart sailings from US ports simultaneously?
  11. So it’s just under a month before sailings begin from Nassau on the Adventures, so what are the odds these sailings will suffer the same fate as the Vision? Wow with the advanced planning for the Bahamas sailings like the Health visa process, flights etc. it would be a major let down for passengers as well as The Bahamas folks to have RCI pull out now. It would seem from a fair point of view that The Bahamas were there for RCI when the US ports were not and passengers were supportive in bookings as well so their loyalty should not be rewarded with cancellations?
  12. Wow, thanks for your prompt reply! @dswallow That’s good to know so I can lay that aside for a couple of weeks.
  13. I went on the Bahamas Health Visa site today, set up our profiles, downloaded our passport photos etc, however I could not complete the application process because the calendar would not accept June 18th. That’s only 30 days out from our first cruise (June 19) but the calendar on arrival only allows up to June 3? Anyone else having this problem?
  14. We have BTB cruises in June out of Nassau, my question is do we need separate visas for the Bahamas? Also just to be clear - there is no longer a requirement for a negative COVID test results to be attached to your application for Bahamas Health visa? Also any idea why we can’t do online check-in for these cruises yet?
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