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  1. Please let the TA Oct 30 from Barcelona happen! We were also on the Allure that was supposed to leave Barcelona on that date heading to Galveston. When they moved us to the Wonder we were sooooo excited, so we are crossing our fingers that our good fortune comes to fruition.
  2. Any updates on the 2022 Presidents cruise? I reached out to my TA, MEI, but haven’t heard back.
  3. Doeweb, We are on the Harmony Oct 24 so hoping for better weather than you described. How has the temperature been in the Med ports?
  4. I agree that Royal could have done better on scheduling the Harmony back into the US, however they seem to be trying to compensate us fairly well. I agree that extra points we loose could have been included and made folks happier, and at no expense on their side.
  5. DanielB - Thanks so very much for this excellent information.
  6. We are on the Harmony out of Barcelona Oct 24 and will be leaving Texas on Oct 20 for a few days in Barcelona before the cruise. How can I get our tests done under these circumstances?
  7. Has there been any recent news about this sailing? In Matt’s Newsletter it was mentioned that any ship returning from other countries back to the US has to quarantine 14 days. The concern here is after the last Med cruise out of Barcelona the TA from Barcelona to Port Canaveral is exactly 14 days. If she sails without passengers she would be ready to resume sailings upon arrival back in the US. I certainly hope that’s not the plan as we are booked on the Med cruise and the Transatlantic. Just a bit nervous and not wanting to get too excited yet as we all know about “cruise disappointment”??
  8. Hummm we have 10 upcoming cruises, starting Aug 22 and haven’t received one yet.
  9. Morten Anderson, which Norwegian ship are you considering out of Barcelona? We are booked on the Harmony in Oct but as Royal keeps putting more and more restrictions on their ships, we might want to switch to Norwegian to a 100% vaccinated ship Originally Royal stated the cruises on the Harmony would be for vaccinated passengers only! Then they threw out the exception for kids, now masks required??? Really isn’t fair to guests that booked feeling secure due to the protocols at the time of their booking. Royal must stop trying to please everyone and trying to cover every possible scenario
  10. There are no “dumb” questions here and I think you will find these folks both helpful and gracious. You should make it a priority to book your specialty dinning as soon as possible once onboard. Basically as you choose your desired dining place and time there will be options on availability and time slots. You will find they will be very accommodating and work with you but I’m not aware if any guaranteed reservations. You will have a complimentary dining reservation for your first night onboard which you can change if it’s not to your liking. I think it will be easier than you think, so enjoy your first cruise, the Harmony is an amazing ship, and WELCOME to our message boards. ?
  11. We have stayed at the Holiday Inn Port of Miami on 340 Biscayne Blvd. it’s usually fairly reasonable and it’s a 5 min drive to the ships. It’s across the street from Bayside Market which has numerous Restaurants and shops right on the bay. It’s a nice option pre or post cruise and also has Bay Tours on several boats there.
  12. Fortunately I did not cancel our wonderful arrangements for this cruise! ?The Cruise Gods we’re finally with us? Realistically there’s a lot of time before sailing date so keeping my fingers crossed that things in our crazy world start getting better all around.
  13. Yes I see her schedule out of Port Canaveral starting Nov 14, 2021 which was the date the TA was supposed end there, however, no confirmation has arrived from Royal stating that the TA is cancelled and what options we have at this point.
  14. Right Now You Can Go On Royal’s Website and Book This Cruise! Outrageous If They Have Already Cancelled It. Obviously The Marketing Dept Is Working Well Even If The Rest Of The Company Is A Wreck!
  15. Like everyone I’m sure, but this hot mess is wearing thin on me. It’s concerning that no one seems to have the slightest idea how to either restart the business or just punt for the time being. Yeah yeah they appreciate our understanding blah blah blah but continue taking bookings and $$ and serving up one major disappointment after another. It’s exhausting and just not worth it anymore.
  16. Please please please say it isn’t so . . . I just made our air reservations to Barcelona and booked our favorite hotel there as well. We are also booked on the cruise before the TA and they were both announced as vaccinations required cruises so we were really looking forward to the sailings.
  17. I’m really comfortable with the vaccinated status for the Transatlantic but I agree that the mask protocol makes no sense. Surely that will change by Oct but otherwise it just may be too much for 14 days which are mostly sea days.
  18. We received that same email from Royal stating specifically that the Transatlantic on the Harmony in Oct 2021 will be vaccinated passengers and crew only.
  19. Question about the Unlimited Dining Package - when I booked it required selecting a time, does that mean that’s the only time we can make reservations at the various restaurants? Also can we make reservations for the various restaurants now online, or do we have to wait until we are onboard?
  20. We haven’t heard anything from RCI on our Aug 22 cruise being moved from the Indy to the Odyssey. It’s kinda aggravating as we are traveling with friends who got notification of the change and even have a cabin assignment. By having to wait so long, I fear our cabin may be right under the pool, or worse, maybe our cruise will be cancelled in lieu of reduced capacity. Not even our MEI agent had been able to help!??
  21. Well we leave in 10 days and frankly the fun of cruising is about to hit the bricks. No matter how excited you get and how much you’re looking forward to your cruise, you know deep down if there’s a way for the cruise line to mess things up they certainly will do it. Of course they always seem to have a good reason and we loyalists keep supporting them. Hummm, it’s not that this is such a terrible change (not good);but it just keeps piling up. So they have 10 days now to cancel or otherwise wreck another dream.
  22. Just singing RCI blues today! I hate even checking my email these days as it usually has some kind of run around about my upcoming cruises. We are the unfortunate ones that got the crappy itinerary change for June 19 and God only knows what they will do on our B2B June 26. The thing I don’t understand is their statement blaming this on the CDC, hello we are not sailing from a US port so where does their input come in here? Just saying, after all of this last year this seems to just be an extension of the aggravation they are willing to heap on the heads of their customers. ????
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