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  1. Yea I think I am going to book a cruise in September/ October out of Miami and wait for RCCL to cancel the October cruise and get the 125% FCC or I will do the Life and Shift to next October.
  2. Thank you all. I knew where to turn when I needed some great advice and insight. You guys ROCK!
  3. Thank you....We are doing the Embassy Suites...I will get my Hilton points, free drinks, free breakfast oh and free drinks...LOL Great info though and I certainly appreciate it.
  4. Well flights and hotel are booked....now we just need a ship to come get us. Fingers crossed.
  5. it all sounds so lovely...LOL Thanks everyone
  6. So is there anything to do around the port area? LOL We don't have any desire to go into the city...we are not the big city type at all. Cleveland and Columbus are large enough for us. LOL
  7. Great point about debarkation post 'Rona... Also I was looking at Embassy as I am a Hilton snob so it is booked. 🙂 SOLD
  8. Well @JohnK6404 we are on the same sailing. We were gonna drive (from Ohio) but the parking is more than 1 flight so with gas and wear and tear we figure we can fly and be about break even.
  9. Fingers crossed we are going on Oasis of the Seas (LOVE her) in October from Bayonne. We will be flying into EWR and spending the night before the cruise. Any hotel recommendations or are all airport hotels created equally? Also I know the port is close to the airport, could we make a 9:30a flight back home? I know things can happen and disembarkation delayed. We do express walk off and have made an 8:30a flight in Miami after our January sailing. There is an earlier flight at 8:30 as well from EWR. Thoughts??? Thanks in advance! Daniel
  10. YAY so excited....glad my momma can join us.
  11. Is this mandated by the CDC or Royal Caribbean's own guidelines?
  12. My mother will be 71 in September and has diabetes. Under the current restrictions she would not be able to cruise with us in December. I asked my MEI agent about these restrictions and what we should do. She stated that these are CDC guidelines but I do not think that is accurate and can not find the age restriction on the CDC website. What is people above 70 doing??? Cancelling???? I can't imagine not brining her, this is a family trip that we do with my niece and her family as well. We lost my sister to cancer almost a year ago and like to vacation together. Thanks!
  13. Well MEI was not able to get Royal to move us to another ship without the fee. I know the Allure is amazing as she is but I sold my extended family on the Amplification features otherwise we would be doing Disney. Hope they announce something soon....in all honesty I just want El Loco Fresh...my 12 year old nephew wants the slides and all.
  14. Harmony is in Port Canaveral on December 6...I am looking to go to that cruise instead of my Allure from Miami.
  15. I am also booked on Allure in December with family in 2 separate rooms. Without the amplification we do not wish to sail on Allure. We have reached out to our TA at MEI to help us. We are hopeful we can go on Harmony instead (same date). This would be an increase in revenue for them as the 2 rooms cost appx $500 more but we are ok with that but not willing to pay the change/transfer fee. Time will tell if having an agent with MEI helps with this.
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