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  1. My MEI Agent sent me these 7 day dates about 4 hours ago....I assumed they were visible for all. Hope this helps some of you.
  2. I'm booked on Allure from Galveston December 11, 2022. Never sailed from before, seems kinda like Port Canaveral with distance from Houston Hobby.
  3. I would like a few breakfast pizzas and items for morning. Many times I went to Starbucks on the Oasis class shipped and wished I could grab something there. Also I do enjoy the rotating special daily pizzas.
  4. Fantasy is not trademarked as there already is both a Disney Fantasy and a Carnival Fantasy....well Carnival scrapped their Fantasy last July. Carnival was using the name for about 8 years before Disney named their ship.
  5. Unless you are on a recent April cancelled cruise, then you are limited to just 4 dates as the program ends April 30, 2022. I have a cancelled B2B on Navigator and had 4 dates on each to choose and only one of the dates was March so until they extend the L&S my options are limited.
  6. Thanks! I used MEI in the passed but did not like my agent so I went to Costco for this cruise. I do have 3 cruises with MEI now since my last agent left, 1 was gifted to her from the old agent and 2 additional cruises booked. Ironically I was able to shift to the one I desired and was available online even after Costco being told no. It was requested yesterday around noon and I had an email about Cruise Planner cancellations at 8p, logged in and the new requested cruise was there. I am happy to say I will be on Symphony of the Seas for my 50th Birthday in 2022!
  7. Just tried to L&S from a western with Perfect Day to eastern with Perfect Day and was told no, but the sail date is option is available at the Cruise with Confidence website. I just submitted the request online and hope for the best.
  8. 1 ship, 2 different sailings....so a 4 day cruise followed by a 3 day cruise for us.
  9. With the new recommended COVID testing guidelines will Back 2 Back cruise options go away? We are booked on Navigator in April and of course lots can happen between now and then but we are thinking for safety sake to go ahead and change to a 7 day cruise. Thoughts? Of course nothing is final yet and we aren't even cruising, figure it is better to change now and lock in a price than to wait.
  10. Thanks! Honestly I was sold on only doing Oasis Class ships but really looking forward to this....ok so at this point a dingy floating around sounds amazing, ready for a return to cruising and hope it happens sold like everyone else.
  11. Same price for my cruises and they are both bought! Figured I could always cancel but I have that price locked in. Thanks so much for sharing your passed experience and expertise.
  12. Yay, hearing this from a pro like yourself has me even more excited! The 3 and 4 day itineraries are only attractive to me for the 2 days at Perfect Day. We will treat Nassau as a day at sea and enjoy the ship while most are off exploring. I did purchase the UDP for the 4 day and should just do the same for the 3 day so we are not regretting that. Hubby wants to try Izumi, or he did on Oasis so he will be in a food coma. Drink package is a moot issue, I only drink bud light and I would not remember the cruise if I drank that many in one day. Starbucks is another story all together,
  13. Was looking for something to do for my birthday (April) and well I booked a 4 night and 3 night on the Navigator. Have only sailed on Oasis Class ships (and all of Disney's ships) so hoping this wasn't a mistake. Unlimited Dining Plan is a few bucks cheaper I guess since there are not all the options, but for $25/day we may just do on one cruise and not the other. Also noticed there is not a Sorrento's on Navigator, is there pizza anywhere else? I honestly thought that Sorrentos was on all the ships....oh I have so much to learn. LOL With the Unlimited dining plan looks like we get $
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