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  1. Oh no...sorry to hear this news. Take care of yourself and her.
  2. You're pictures are amazing....very excited for my January cruise. Thanks for posting and safe travels
  3. Safe travels home and thanks again for blogging for us! Great job
  4. Great pics! Thanks for sharing and keeping her in one piece for my January cruise 😉
  5. Following along....great so far. Thanks for sharing
  6. Downtown Hilton here. Staying in January. Pros and Cons to all. I went with brand loyalty tbh. I did upgrade my room to a Bayview Junior Suite.
  7. Cold pancakes.....that sounds so (un)delightful. Beautiful mornings are always a great thing. Enjoy your day!
  8. I'll be sure to look my best for the retake...oh wait they make you look like a prisoner anyway.
  9. OK when I check in I did upload pics for both of us but typed in our passport numbers. I know Matt's article stated not to enter the information manually but you can not scan the passport from the webpage. So looks they will have to scan them at check in? Thanks everyone.
  10. Sailing on the Oasis in January and when I go to cruise planner it says to check in on the app. Now I have already checked in but can't seem to find anyplace to check in on the app. What am I doing incorrectly? Should I be able to see check in on the app for Oasis? Also I received my edocs and it has all the info prepopulated except my name is not there, do I write it in? No big deal but seems so simple and I would think it would automatically be there. Thanks for all your help!
  11. Thanks for sharing a pic. Beautiful couple! Hope you are having a fabulous week and thanks for taking us along!
  12. What a room! Thanks for sharing and taking us on a tour. I hope they get your hot tub fixed to enjoy with a few glasses of wine. @JohnK6404 thanks for the link. Impressive to say the least.
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