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  1. My September cruise was cancelled on Friday July 17th. Again doesn't help much but if monthly then I would think next Friday August 14th. However there is a conference call for business update and second quarter on Monday August 10th at 10a. If I was a betting man (which I suck at gambling) I would think further cancellations would be announced during the call. Best of luck and here is to hope we can return to cruising sooner rather than later!
  2. I know I have seen the website shared here to request your lift and shift. My September cruise has finally been cancelled and I would like to see what options I have. You would think RCCL would send this with the cancellation notice, but they did not. Can someone share the website please? Thanks
  3. https://news.yahoo.com/cdc-bans-cruises-u-waters-195654080.html Looks like CDC order has been extended....
  4. https://news.yahoo.com/cdc-bans-cruises-u-waters-195654080.html
  5. Our Lift and Shift for both rooms were moved to a new date in 2021 and the other room with the KSF remained price protected as well. My great nephew will be sailing under this offer and he will be 13. Thanks to MEI for making this happen.
  6. Still hoping we are sailing in a few months. I know this is less than 2 weeks after the CLIA suspension announcement and with so much speculation out there I made a back up reservation for Walt Disney World. Florida appears to be a mess with COVID, can someone just push the reset button on 2020 please???
  7. Wow I wouldn't use that TA again! Does the TA not process payments directly with Royal?
  8. Thanks Annette and all the hard working TA's at MEI. I know Stephanie submitted the request for our 2 rooms yesterday.
  9. The request to Lift and Shift was sent by our TA but she was not sure it would be accepted. Guess time will tell if they honor the KSF price or not. Thanks everyone
  10. wow, my niece asked me this as we are sailing 12/6 and her son turns 12 while on the cruise....I told her no. We are gonna contact our agent at MEI @StephanieH and change to next year. That is a very generous offer for sure.
  11. I hope they will allow me and my family to cancel and move to another ship without a penalty. I booked with MEI so I hope they have some pull to make this happen. I know Allure is a beautiful ship, but my 11 yo nephew was looking forward to so much of the new stuff. He has only done a Disney Cruise and the new stuff (slides/escape room) is how we sold him on going on Royal.
  12. I have always loved inside staterooms and prefer them. However on our all our upcoming cruises we did upgrade to a balcony in case of being quarantined.... I had 14675 on Symphony last time and it was quite nice.
  13. Yea I think I am going to book a cruise in September/ October out of Miami and wait for RCCL to cancel the October cruise and get the 125% FCC or I will do the Life and Shift to next October.
  14. Thank you all. I knew where to turn when I needed some great advice and insight. You guys ROCK!
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