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  1. The survey is not in-depth and quite generic IMO. They doesn't seem they want true opinions. I do not buy that they are having the highest ratings ever.
  2. Just off Symphony with a COSTCO reservation and when I used the NextCruise desk I filled out the paperwork and had the 2 new cruises moved to MEI and my agent Beth. The cash card is not worth it for never getting ahold of them and Beth is so responsive to calls and emails.
  3. They have a new cast in rehearsals, this cast was to go until June. I’m sorry but I disagree with you as they are doing the best they can and more than likely the next cast had signed contracts in place before they lost so many cast from the current show. Entertainment cast is not just plug and play and it doesn’t happen overnight.
  4. Yes, the remains of the cast. They said they lost a lot of cast but still are able to do Flight.
  5. Spoke to some of the current hairspray cast and their contract is until June so they do not anticipate the show restarting much before that date as the new cast will come onboard toward the end of their contract.
  6. It is not currently open. Sailing on her currently.
  7. I like to call them billboards....they are certainly proud of them and it is quite an accomplishment but silly IMO.
  8. And the prices are extremely high, and many rooms types are sold out. Good for them....looks like a fun time.
  9. My March 3, 2023 7 night Navigator was also chartered. Seems charters on Navigator are popular in CA.
  10. Knew it would happen sooner or later....I personally loved the crew serving but I did miss finding that perfect crispy bacon.
  11. Sorry you are experiencing this and hope it gets better for you. We sail on Symphony in a few weeks, we will enjoy our selves regardless and make the most of it. I know when I was on Oasis in December the staff was overwhelmed with the guests, but always doing their best. Now not only is Royal rebounding from COVID and staffing the ships but also putting Wonder into service. Not giving excuses but the drain is real. Enjoy the rest of your trip.
  12. Wow, pay for a cruise but screw the Uber driver. It's an easy ride, just do Terminal A and you are all set. If the driver misses a turn you will get an intimate tour of the port.
  13. It does show sold out for our sailing....weird that Odyssey can purchase it though. Not sure if calling would help or not. Good luck!
  14. This also happened to me in Feb 2020 and I just gave up fighting for the extra point. Crown and Anchor was no help either. I posted my experience here but it was quickly shot down that Royal was wrong.
  15. I absolutely love working with my MEI agent Beth Dickerson. Even though she is my agent and controls the reservation(s) I feel we work as a team. There are times I find a lower price and just send an email and there are times she surprises with an email saying she found a lower price. She is currently on vacation and I emailed her with a question, received an automated email back with contact info of another agent if needed. It was not anything earth shattering so was just gonna wait until she returns on Friday and low and behold she replied to the email from vacation. I have used travel agents in the past and they never work out as they are not prompt. That is certainly not the case with MEI and Beth.
  16. Conrad still shows as available to book for my December stay. Shame as the Hilton Downtown is a poor example of a Hilton IMO.
  17. I love the Conrad but unfortunately received email last night that my December stay was cancelled as the hotel was sold and no longer a Hilton/ Conrad. https://loyaltylobby.com/2021/10/07/conrad-miami-exits-hilton-system-on-october-18-2021/ Thought a few others here may find the info useful.
  18. I sail Oasis this Sunday and got my upgrade email at 11:50a this morning. I see others on FB have posted that they have received theirs as well. I am no expert at all just sharing.
  19. Oasis worked for me but did not work for Symphony last week. Part of the slow down in Miami seems to have been taking all the vaccination card photos.
  20. Left hotel at 1130 and at port around 1145 for a 12p boarding time. 3 lines of people 12-1, 1-2 and 2-3 with long lines in each. Our line started moving promptly at 12p and we walked on the ship at 12:45. Outside the doors is a cluster and the check in was slow. Check in agent scanned passports and retook all photos…she was training someone and said she always does that to ensure they are correct. IMO this really slows the process down. I heard from many that shortly after the wheels fell off and the check in process was terribly slow with many noon check ins not boarding until we’ll after 1. All in all for us all it wasn’t horrible and but certainly areas of opportunity.
  21. I know I have seen several people ask about the Key onboard as they are currently still selling it in Cruise Planner. I have a buddy sailing next week who purchased the Key and received the following email that he shared with me. I asked earlier in the cruise about the Key and was told that it was cancelled through 2020 but it appears to be starting again next week on Symphony. Hope this info helps someone.
  22. Brian Leavitt- cruise director onboard currently posted on Facebook just today that they were doing show install for Flight. Not sure how long that takes but should be added soon enough. I am amazed at what they have been able to do with the restart…usually they practice at the studios in Miami for months before boarding. I love Flight myself!
  23. I have a cruise leaving this Saturday (Symphony) and one in October (Oasis) and neither were updated to ask for a picture. I keep checking almost daily and still nothing and my app is the latest version.
  24. I have, I used it in Chicago. Very easy to use, book online and drop off the luggage....usually it is in another business and you would never know they also store luggage, sometimes it is a hotel even. We were going to do this after our cruise this coming week as our flight is at 8p but I just asked the hotel that we are staying at pre cruise and they will keep for us, so I will just tip generously.
  25. https://luggagehero.com/?lh_expID=Kv6a4vdUQgWwD6SHo-TNmg&lh_varID=0 Not sure where you are cruising from but this is a cheap option if you have a desire to do some sight seeing.
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