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  1. I would love to know how many were leaving, all he says is a lot. Knowing how many were leaving would really give an idea of the future plans.
  2. I thought the same thing....hopefully it is not a large amount of staff being sent home. Maybe the Oasis had additional staff onboard after the Amplification???? If this ends up being widespread on all ships then we will know more. Hoping for the best.
  3. I had an ocean view Gty and was assigned Deck 6 aft. I read where this room was undesirable as it is so far aft. We LOVED the deck and location. I can't imagine any room being bad on the ship though. Enjoy
  4. Correct, it states that in the new release I posted above. Crazy times right now.
  5. WDW and DCL is not suspending operations. Wow this is crazy!
  6. Good luck getting double points for a no show at the port. I just did this on Symphony (unsuccessfully) and did not get double points. Was told that this changed in January and if the other person is not cancelled at least 2 days prior to cruise then you will not get the additional points.
  7. Thanks Annette, I do appreciate it, but it is just one cruise and it will work out. Thanks for your support of the boards and all the valuable services MEI provides.
  8. Sorry to hear, I also have to do the same with my MEI agent. My agent went on vacation and I worked with another who was very responsive and great to work with....night and day to be honest. So not all are bad, most here praise their agents so I think that speaks volumes of the company.
  9. I have called twice and spoke to a supervisor as well. My friend just went through this a few weeks as well and did not get them. Apparently the change happened the first of the year from what I am told
  10. but you no longer will receive double points. I just sailed Symphony and the other passenger was a "no show" and I did not get double points. I called in and was told that I would no receive as it was booked for 2 people and the other was not canceled off. I gave up
  11. Here is Brian Leavitt's schedule, really enjoyed him last week on Symphony. *BIG news* For 2020 it looks like I’m trading in my current model, Liberty OTS, for these newer, bigger models. Happy to announce that I’ll be floating between the Symphony and the Harmony OTS. (Dates Below). The Liberty and the wonderful Texas guests will always have a special place in my heart.Symphony: 2/1/20 - 4/4/20, 7/11/20 - 9/5/20Harmony: 9/6/20 - 11/15/20
  12. It was great! We had a Junior Suite Bayview on the 17th floor and it was amazing. Now in all honesty the rooms are a little aged to Hilton standards but clean and was worth the price we paid. I tried to get a room there for my cruise this weekend but with the boat show in town the room was over $400. I also plan to stay there in December with the family before our cruise. The free MetroMover is right beside the hotel and takes you many places free. Very simple to use and FREE.
  13. Same thing here with my mushroom allergy
  14. He still can not get a resolution to this and has called 3 times and spoken to numerous people. An email was sent 2 days ago as well and no response. I am in the same situation as I sail on the 15th with a cancellation in my room making me solo, I am hoping for double points.
  15. On the Oasis there was a "nightlight" in the bathroom that stayed on all the time. Do the interior rooms not have that light? I asked how to turn it off and was told it was for safety.
  16. you can also turn on wifi calling feature on your phone (I know iPhones have this). I was able to make and receive calls while onboard the Oasis a few weeks ago. However make certain the phone is in airplane mode to prevent additional charges.
  17. @steverk please update here if you get a resolution. Thanks!
  18. I have tons of wiggle room and with it being Saturday morning I don't anticipate much issue. I see the MSC has a package with them and they take your luggage directly to the ship, that would be awesome.
  19. I am staying in Wilton Manors before my cruise in a few weeks and traveling to the Port of Miami using Brightline Train to Port Package that includes free Lyft to and from the cruise terminal. I know I have read of others using Brightline but has anyone used the Train to Port Package from FLL and back? I arrive at the Miami Brightline terminal at 9:53a (give or take) and should be a quick trip to the port. Thanks gang!
  20. Thanks, I will find out and tell him to keep pushing. I know he spoke to a supervisor yesterday...Frank was his name, no clue why I remember him telling the name. LOL
  21. So I had a friend that just did this and did not get the additional point per night for sailing solo. When they called the Crown and Anchor desk to have it fixed they were told that they show that he sailed alone but the additional person was not cancelled off the reservation so he would only receive 1 point per night. Any suggestions? I have invited him here as well since this site is great info.
  22. And me the 15th on Symphony 🙂
  23. I called to ask this and was told that no shows at the port would still just get single points. I know I have read on here many times that is incorrect so I will call back tomorrow. Any other suggestions?
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