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  1. Latest sale has some decent repricing potential. We spent an extra $80 but went from a Promenade interior to a guarantee balcony - I'll consider that a win, as we're still under $2k total for myself, my wife, and our 3-year-old.
  2. Yes, they all had a tag or sticker telling who hid them / where they were from.
  3. Our 2 1/2 year old daughter had a blast duck hunting on Wonder - I began to wonder if there were more ducks than passengers onboard at one point. This was the final haul once we got home - planning on taking some to hide on our next cruise in September.
  4. Looks like there's a handful on eBay for fairly reasonable prices.
  5. When my prescription meds run out, I always try to hang on to an empty bottle to use for travel. I put however many pills I need for the trip in that bottle and leave the rest at home in the other bottle. That way I don't have *all my meds with me in case of a theft or lost bag, but I still have the bottle to prove what they are and that they're mine just in case.
  6. That'd be awesome, if you could! Much appreciated.
  7. I feel like this is the case with a *lot* of companies these days, frankly.
  8. Having never been to or sailed out of the UK - if I decided to try and make the inaugural work, what's the best (cheapest) airport to fly into?
  9. We normally don't do specialty dining either, but since we weren't planning to do any excursions on that sailing, we used the money for the dining package instead. I agree, with all the free options, it's not something I typically find necessary, but it was a nice change of pace for one sailing.
  10. Oof. Yeah, flight cost to SEA is part of why we're waiting to take another Alaska trip. Cruise was cheap, flights not so much.
  11. If you booked flights through Royal I would expect at least some compensation, but I wouldn't guarantee anything. Would love an update once y'all find out more.
  12. Ah, yeah, I forgot about that. Could still cancel the dining and Coco Cay stuff though, I'd think.
  13. I believe so, but if you already know they're going to be a no-show, why not go on and cancel the purchases now?
  14. If it's a cruise during off-peak season and you only want to eat at one restaurant... maybe worth the gamble? But we did unlimited for $200/pp on Wonder and it gave us a way better deal than if we'd somehow gotten 35% off at every restaurant every time.
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