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  1. funny is RCI still publish the advertisement about the perks still available on their own website when they are not giving anymore http://creative.rccl.com/Sales/Royal/Oasis/19068750_Where_in_the_World_Oasis_of_the_Seas_Trade_Flyer.pdf?fbclid=IwAR0upPzapwOxvXAb8Rboekv-W0KVJSnlAczxEOvRu04T6bUJZUvPCzmTNCg http://creative.rccl.com/Sales/Royal/Oasis/DDD_Flyer.pdf?fbclid=IwAR2ftS8aOZ-2-aCSSThSjBfrAfb_qQIvxfadeA-V6mKWTgdhmSGvliuXZ6M
  2. Me too. I really hope the media pick this up and show it nation wide so people knows about this scam. I tell you I felt really sick in my stomach, not because I lost the benefit for what I paid for but because I expected more from the cruise company that I love and sailed with them for 19 years. It possible cost them a real $1/day pp for those Soda packages. A few days ago I was so excite that I will be on Symphony OTS in 24 days. Now I felt betrayal by Royal with my future cruise on Oasis. It ruin my excitement.
  3. I also sent this to them through my facebook message I cant' find anywhere in the "Cruise Ticket Contract" that permits RCI to do this. RCI can change the itinerary without notice but that's about it. The Dine - Drink - Discover flyer has no expiration date and just mentions that the itinerary could change. RCI can change my accommodations or cancel activities or confine me to a stateroom, but that's only if I am thought to be a danger, security risk or be detrimental to myself or the health, welfare, comfort or enjoyment of others. But it still doesn't say that RCI can cancel my package that what included with my original booking. At that time of my booking in July the contract stated my stateroom includes Eat, Drink & Discover experience. The contract has been breached by RCI. I suggest RCI to contact your regal department again for this matter. (I actually got the quote above from CC. ) I not capable to write this kind of fancy message but I think this message might wake RCI up a little. 16050977_DINE_DRINK_DISCOVER_Trade_Flyer.pdf
  4. I sent message to RCI Facebook and this what there reply Me: OK I have 2 booking with RCI one with Symphony which will be in 24 days and Oasis of the Seas in August 2020. Just find down that my Oasis room perk will be removed. Why? I booked when it was included and that is one of the reason we book this room Boardwalk Balcony for the Soda package. I need your explanations. RCI: I'm very sorry for any disappointment this has caused, Susie. We're always re-evaluating our offerings and after reviewing feedback from our guests, we’ve made the decision to discontinue this program. Many guests weren’t even using the features, as they have other items they selected that overlapped with the few benefits. Since you booked this stateroom on Oasis before we made this announcement today, we'll be issuing you a $50.00 onboard credit as a gesture of goodwill. -Yami Me: The soda package for 2 people is around $140 and not even include other perks we supposed to receive burgers meal for 4 at JR and rock climbing wall session. This is false advertisement. Wow $50 not even enough to pay for one Soda package. RCI: I understand where you're coming from. Please know it wasn't our intention to make you feel this way. Me: This room cost more than window view so I I were know that will not include perks I will just book Ocean view stateroom. RCI: You can definitely change your stateroom. Please keep in mind, it'll be at the prevailing rate. Me: Funny when I booked the price of every staterooms was cheaper. If RCI can give me the price shown the date I booked then I will change. Why don't stop giving the perk today the announcement come out. At the time of booking, RCI offered the room with perks. RCI: Unfortunately, we won't be honoring any previous rates. I'm really sorry about that. I did not go further at that point because I really upset and might regret for what I will send.
  5. How RCI think they can get away with this? I really hope some lawyer out there class action lawsuit RCI.
  6. I am not a lawyer but they offered these peaks wit the at the time of booking. Does this even legal just to take it away?
  7. Yes, we get the discount for balcony because we are diamond members. However, at that time of booking RCI advertise that this perks included with this type of balcony that why we choose this Boardwalk Balcony. If we were known that they will take away the perks then I will choose the ocean view Balcony. Yes, I have to pay more but it is not much more at that time I booked. Right now, if I want to change the room I will have to pay way more because the price right now is way more that when I booked it. I cannot cancel because RCI will take my non refundable deposit. Deadlock.
  8. Lucky you that you have a law firm to back you up. I do not have any lawyer so not sure I can do anything. I would join if someone will do a legal class action. It isn't much I lost but isn't right RCI does this. It is so wrong in every way. I think I might stop cruising for awhile after this. I might just book land vacation instead. It takes more time and energy to prep but at least I don't need to deal with a greedy company.
  9. I can change the room but the price is way way higher now than when I booked.
  10. If I not wrong the Carambola located at South Friars Bay beach and sand is volcanic sand. It is not totally black sand but you know is volcanic sand. Really unusual for Caribbean.
  11. I would say $200+ for the boardwalk Balcony. I not include the rock climbing wall session to the value because I don't know the value. So $50 onboard credit is a slap in the face really. 😫
  12. We booked on Oasis Boardwalk balcony for August 2020. This is really mess up. Soda package for 2 alone is $140. Not even count on the the meal for 4 at JR and the rock climbing session. It should grandfather the one already booked before the date announcement come out. This is definitely false advertising. This is sad from loyal customer.
  13. St Kitts: I went to the beach that has a volcanic sand mix with white sands really unusual beach. The water is really calm on the Caribbean side and it was the best beach break we have done. The name of the beach is South Friars Bay and the place we rent umbrellas and lounge chairs is it called Carambola Beach club. The place has beers in the bucket, mix drink, Sushi and the Whole Pizza. It also has a little area that you can snorkel.
  14. So this is a group cruise or it is not. MEI rate is different than book myself or just the same.
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