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  1. I got a FCC from my Feb 2020 Anthem Cruise. I can’t find it on my email anymore. What do I need to do?
  2. There is a Ruby Tuesday’s there and also The Mills at Jersey Gardens which is a huge shopping outlet.
  3. I booked a cruise when I was on my last cruise in Feb. I was wondering if I can get my $200 deposit back and cancel all together?
  4. What about the June 21 oasis sailing to Canada ?
  5. Do you guys know if they refurbished all of Oasis cabins?
  6. Just wondering what’s there to do in Bermuda in the month of Feb? How the weather is? How rough will the seas be?
  7. I hope they just cancel this cruise and refund everyone. This is very poor on Royal
  8. Called Royal trying to get a full refund for this anthem cruise today and they are giving me the runaround. I got 4 families in my party with children who are very upset including the adults and royal just keeps pushing the sail time back and even left out the Nassau stop. They are waiting to hear from the CDC about the results from the tests. Problem is the the virus results take 48 hours. Test was done Friday morning. Basic math! Results won’t be back till Sunday morning, so it just shows how they are playing a game. Very upset with this whole situation. Stuck in a hotel room in New
  9. Ship isn’t sailing today. It is postponed till either tomorrow or possibly the next day. Very disappointing that Royal has yet contacted any of us. Terrible communication. Found out from a porter.
  10. Anthem is postponed today, and RC still never sent us a notification.
  11. What is the difference of just Voom and Voom plus streaming? I only need something so I can text My friends on board either using imessenger or the ship mate app. Please let me know what to get. thank you
  12. So technically, those is no way to communicate with each other on a royal Caribbean cruise shit unless you all purchase the full boom package?
  13. Do any of you guys know anything about the shipmate app. Are you able to communicate with each other on the ship using their messenger part of the app?
  14. Weather in jersey on Friday is going to be 50. That is beautiful for this time of the year. Lol. I was on the same cruise last year and I’m going again next week. Usually it’s about the second day at sea is where it starts getting warmer. Need to be down by the Carolinas. On Monday when we are in Orlando forecast is saying 80. So we have something to look forward too.
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