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  1. On Oasis now. We left port Canaveral and made an unexpected stop in Port Everglades on our way to Nassau. Does anyone know why?
  2. Do they still the breakfast menu cards that you fill out the night before and hang on the door for the continental breakfast.
  3. If my check in time is 10:30 am. What time do you suggest we arrive and are allowed into the terminal?
  4. How has your cruise been. We are on the next sailing. Hopefully you can please answer some questions. How was the staff did you feel they were understaffed? How was the seas (was it a smooth ship)? Were you at full capacity ? How was Coco Cay with 2 ships being docked there? How were the shows and what stood out? Thank you for your time.
  5. Does RC accept On-Point testing?
  6. Has anyone used Med Express for their rapid antigen tests or their full PCR tests?
  7. I’m going to be going on Oasis next week, and I have been hearing that they are under staffed and are turning guests away from the main dining room who have my time dinning. I’m wondering if any past guests can confirm this or is it just a lie? Thanks.
  8. Where did you get the 3 yr olds PCR test done?
  9. Where did you get the 3 yr olds PCR test done?
  10. Cruising next week already checked in and took the pictures of are COVID vaccine cards. I’m wondering do we still need to take the card itself with us for boarding?
  11. Do you know if there was any 80’s Rock cover bands.
  12. Can you access iMessage’s if you have an iPhone ?
  13. Cruising June 24th on Oasis. Wondering if anyone knows any entertainment information for the sailing yet?
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