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  1. Hopefully you got 4 points per dollar on your final balance since you get 2 for 1 points on RC purchases.
  2. You're probably right but the logic totally escapes me.
  3. Right now there is a promotion to get 4 points for every dollar spent on RC purchases. The fine print says it doesn't apply to onboard purchases. Does anyone know if that would also apply to Next Cruise bookings made onboard. Kind of complicated but I don't even know who to ask. Thanks
  4. Now if Celebrity would move an Edge class ship there, it would really make things interesting.
  5. The stakes are really rising in Galveston, Carnival's and Norwegian's newest ships , and who knows what ship MSC will put in their new port. It will be interesting to see how things play out.
  6. Star to The Lone Star State. Kind of catchy.
  7. It will be interesting to see what ship they move to Galveston. Norwegian and Carnival are putting their newest, nicest ships in Galveston and MSC is building a new port. I would think it would be a nice ship.
  8. This is not new. Yoy can book either Royal on Celebrity or Celebrity on Royal and you will get the same onboard booking bonus as you would get if you booked onboard the same line.
  9. Just got off Allure. They still have the free bag of laundry.
  10. Just a follow up. We just saw blades. I totally enjoyed the show. If you like the music, which I did, you will really like it.
  11. We have seen Ice Games many times and I see they have a new show Blades. How is it?
  12. Thanks for the info. It's very helpful. The flights I was looking at were actually post cruise. It's strange to me but a lot of the connections for American are in Charlotte and they schedule 30 minute layovers. I've never been brave enough to do that.
  13. Thanks for the info about ATL. I was looking at some Delta flights that connect there. I didn't know it was so bad.
  14. I have several cruises coming up, both out of Miami and Ft. Lauderdale. What would be the earliest flights you would suggest out of Ft Lauderdale Airport for cruises returning to both ports. We can do walk off at both ports. Thank you.
  15. It seems to me that the logistics would dictate fissionable material being used all over. Sounds like a possibly bad idea unless you believe none of it would get in the hands of terrorists. That could be overly and dangerously optimistic.
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