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  1. Yes, people lie. That's why they have to cover themselves. On what other planet can someone drop a baby out a window and blame someone else. Damn those video cameras.
  2. I can almost see it now. The traffic jam of golf carts (because they lost their licenses because they're unsafe to drive) coming from the 55 and over, no children allowed community, going to the court house to file their age discrimination law suit. Sounds reasonable to me.
  3. I just love that cat Gears, that's an even angrier looking cat that mine. But I have to agree, it's either a fake post or a lot of pertinent information was omitted.
  4. I think that is highly unlikely but maybe your crystal ball is better than mine.
  5. That's the problem when you copy click bait sensationalized headlines. They misrepresent the situation. This seems to be big cause of the exaggerated hysteria right now.
  6. Sorry, your topic states Royal Caribbean borrows to stay afloat. That didn't seem to match the situation. It has an air of desperation that may or may not be warranted.
  7. I could be wrong but my understanding is that they are expanding their line of credit. That is not the same as borrowing the money, although potentially they could. Interest rates are at historic lows. It might be a good ideA to use that credit line to pay off more expensive debt. That's what I would do.
  8. If that was the case, anyone who wanted to cancel last minute would claim to be sick. That has never been the policy and my guess is it never will be since it would be too easy to abuse. It would be very helpful if people would actually read what they were paying for and agreeing to. Than it wouldn't be such a surprise.
  9. There seems to be a lot of Corona virus in Iran. It's interesting that you can learn a lot about geopolitics from a virus.
  10. Maybe that's why in Canada they're climbing up pallets at Cosco to get the last of the supplies. It was in reference to a previous post.
  11. Remember the Iranian jet that was shot down by the Iranians that was filled with Canadians? There obviously are a lot of people going back and forth. Maybe that's why they're concerned
  12. Just my opinion. This is going to be like a slow train wreck. I believe that not only is the virus in the US but it is wide spread. As they test more and more, they will find more and more. The reason it seems to be spreading so quickly is that they're just identifying it in pts who were assumed to have the flu or a cold. In my city, it has been one of the worst "flu" seasons in history and hospitals have been full for months. If it is very wide spread it would exaggerate the apparent death rate as most people recover without seeking care and so hopefully it won't be that virulent. Thousands of Chinese were traveling all over the world before the Chinese government even acknowledged the virus. How could it not have spread. This whole situation has never made much sense to me and this is the best I can come up with.
  13. I'd also like to add, you obviously weren't in a plane that fell out of the sky in Y2K, you weren't killed by terrorists at Disneyland after 911, you skated by Anthrax, and even survived the H1N1 flu. Either you're very hearty or it's true, the media does keep us safe.
  14. Wow, so you have had twice as many colds in your life as their have been documented deaths in the entire world outside of China any you're still alive to talk about it. That is impressive.
  15. I'm sorry if it's difficult to read but these were the figures sent out from my local hospital. That's the source so I can't guarantee their validity but they don't seem so catastrophic to me. I know it's spreading but at least at this point it seems that the risks are overstated.
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