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  1. I've used both the ship's shuttle and private shuttle companies without any problem. One time, I believe it was May, the cost of Uber was over $300 to get to Bush and something like $180 to get to Hobby. That uncertainty caused me a lot of stress and so that is why I've since used both the ship's shuttle and private companies. When Allure arrives with all the added people, all bets are off.
  2. The atmosphere is nice but the menu is very limited.
  3. How about considering just the logistics. How many ports can accept a ship that large? I don't know anything about the layout but it could also be just too crowded. I know a lot of people live in very large cities but many people really don't enjoy such crowds.
  4. Don't shoot the messenger but Grand Suites on Liberty don't get free internet. They have a strange way of giving out perks.
  5. Sorry, Suite lounge is for Grand suites and above. The last time I was on Liberty in January, they weren't even letting Pinnacles in. That may have changed but Junior suites have never had access.
  6. We stayed in an Owner's suite on Grandeur which is essentially the same ship. We were under the Windjammer and yes, there was a lot of noise, both early in the morning and until it closed around 9pm. I was surprised that they put the best suites in such a noisy spot but they did.
  7. I definitely understand your frustration, but don't get too carried away booking all inclusives. We went to 3 different all inclusives during the shut down and for us, cruising is more enjoyable. Also, beware of the timeshare pitches. They can get aggressive.
  8. WRONG! My next cruise leaves Sept 11, so it will almost certainly be Sept 12th.
  9. I think you have all the answers to my questions. Thanks.
  10. If you have both refundable and non refundable obc, does the non refundable get used first? Will the refundable go back to your credit card if it was an RC credit card that the refundable obc came from? Thanks.
  11. Thanks. That's exactly what I needed to know.
  12. I just saw that my Celebrity Cruise next March is now the Schitt's creek fan cruise. Does that mean the ship is chartered and I lose my room or will there just be a lot of fans onboard?
  13. I'm trying to make things easier and smoother but it has definitely become more challenging. Thanks.
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