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  1. The argument could also be made that anyone who exercises such poor judgment that it led to the death of an infant is a danger to society.
  2. There is no defense. They are grasping at straws. It was just plain negligence. People empathize because of their own previous experiences but this has nothing to do with what happened to them. This is a totally different situation. It's a totally unnecessary tragedy but that does not get people off the hook for their actions.
  3. Why are they even doing public appearances and interviews? The whole situation is very suspect. Are they really trying to make a case to sue Royal? The court of public opinion is not going to sway grandpa's criminal trial. Are they just trying to get a payday? Bizarre.
  4. I don't think there is audio. If there isn't, that whole part is fabricated.
  5. The family and lawyer probably have no idea what even happened. The initial story was that the baby climbed up on a chair. They have not been allowed to view th surveillance footage. They are making up a defense from thin air. When the footage is shown at trial, that should show what truly happened. Since the grandfather is being charged criminally, I think it speaks for itself.
  6. What ship is that? Do you think Celebrity will start a regular schedule from the West Coast? Sorry for being off topic.
  7. I hope you're right. The last time I cruised out of California was in 2011 on a brand new Carnival ship. I decided after that cruise that I would rather fly than go on Carnival again. That's just my opinion. It's good that there are different choices for different preferences.
  8. I am curious as to why Royal would be returning to California now. I have done that cruise many times in the past. People complain about limited itineraries and there is only basically one. When they stopped going, the reasons I heard were that Puerta Vallarta and Mazatlan had gotten too dangerous. There were truly a lot of reported incidents at the time. Have things gotten better? I also heard that the state of California partially was the reason because they were so difficult to do business with as well as the longshoremen. I would like it as I could drive instead of flying but I was wondering if all these obstacles had been overcome.
  9. I can't wait to find out when. I don't think construction has started on the new port yet.
  10. As I said, I personally don't go to Europe because the smoke is that offensive to me. I went many times when I was younger and the smoking truly took away much of the charm for me. On RC ships I am able to avoid the smoke for the most part as I stay away from those venues. I'm not a gambler but walking through the promenade on many ships, the smoke comes up from the Casino. I'm not saying they should or shouldn't make their ships smoke free. I do think that if they do, the hard core smokers will possibly move to other lines. This could drive more non-smokers to RC creating predominantly smoking and non-smoking lines. Maybe then everyone would be happier.
  11. All of that may be correct but when I go to Europe, I don't see them changing the rules to accommodate others. This is totally a personal position, but one of the reasons I don't go to Europe is because of all the smoking. It definitely can be difficult to accommodate everyone. Trying to accommodate everyone and often make everyone unhappy.
  12. I do sympathize with smokers. It is an addiction, but maybe they could put a smoking area in close proximity to the casino. It is difficult to please everyone. The problem with smoking in particular is that it has such a big impact on everyone else around.
  13. I would also like to add, when smoking was banned from all the bars and restaurants in my town, the businesses all went ballistic. There was all of this gloom and doom about losing the coveted smoker's business and loss of revenue that would result. What actually happened was basically nothing.
  14. It is very interesting. As of 2015, only 15% of US adults smoked. That's a very small minority. People think that eliminating smoking would greatly reduce the gambling. That doesn't seem very plausible.
  15. The grandfather dropped the baby. There is probably video of it and if there is, it would eliminate all speculation and stories. Remember the original story was that the baby climbed up on a chair.The grandfather is the proximate cause. I wonder if any of the people who witness this catastrophe and are suffering from PTSD and receiving counseling will be lining up to sue the family for their distress. They will likely have claims too. I don't think it would be in Royal's interest to just settle.
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