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  1. Fortunately, I'm blessed with a wife who is a horrible cook. They can feed me anything and I'm happy.
  2. I've always enjoyed the MDR and I think the food is fine. It's just a perk that comes with suites. When I don't have a suite, I'm just as happy.
  3. I agree, the filet is fantastic. It wasn't the first night on my last cruise. Has this changed?
  4. Can you make reservations in advance? I believe that suites have first choice. I don't see it on the cruise planner but was thinking the concierge could make them when they contact you prior to sailing.
  5. I checked with Allianz and you all are correct. It is not necessary. Thanks
  6. I'm sorry for this silly question but I never thought about it. I have an annual Allianz all trip policy. Do I need to notify them before I take a trip? Thanks
  7. BB1


    Thanks for the helpful information.
  8. BB1


    Let me know what you think. I booked this cruise because it was the only one that worked with our schedule and I still need to take a redeye flight, which, I'm not thrilled about, to go. I love cruising so I'm sure we'll have a good time. Thanks.
  9. BB1


    Thank you very much. I have gotten most of my questions answered. I didn't know how Luminae worked but I guess you don't need reservations. I appreciate your response.
  10. I have never seen anyone expecting to have a bad time have a good time. The bad news is, you will have a bad time, you will be unhappy and you will have wasted your money. The good news is, you know what you like and what is important to you so the next time, you can find something that matches your criteria and enjoy yourself. Unfortunately, that's how we all learn.
  11. Does anyone know if any construction has started in Galveston or the estimated completion date. This and west coast cruises would be huge for us out west.
  12. BB1

    Jet Blue

    I haven't been able to confirm one way or the other. Does anyone know, if you use Choice Air and it's an American flight and you use am American credit card, do you still get your free bags? Thanks.
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