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  1. Your information is incorrect. People with the flu do get multi system organ failure which leads to all of the other complications you describe. I went to my states government website and found that 94% of Covid deaths are in people 65 and over or with medical conditions. That leaves all healthy people under 65 having a far less than 1% chance of dying from Covid. It seems it would be a better approach to isolate the group at high risk than to quarantine everyone. Young people know this and that's why the majority aren't scared.
  2. It does look like it will be beautiful.
  3. Excellent suggestions but I have a question. I am flying in on American and have a credit card which i believe makes me able to buy a day pass. How do i get my luggage and then go to the lounge? I think the lounge is inside the security checkpoints. Thanks.
  4. The chair is a great idea. Maybe they have a 2 hour discount session.
  5. Thank you all for the good advice. Unfortunately I have to work the day before my cruise so I am taking a red eye. I'm sure I'll want to take a nap as I live out West and there is a 3 hr. time change. I'm just trying to figure out what to do. Again, thanks.
  6. I don't know the airport. I guess what I'm asking is, after we get our luggage, what can we do? Is there somewhere at the airport we can wait with our luggage, possibly take a nap?
  7. My flight arrives in Miami at 6am the day of my cruise. I'd like ideas on what to do. Can I even get into the terminal around 7am? Thanks.
  8. The numbers actually don't support the massive lockdown. We will never have no cases so that is not reasonable endpoint unless you support a permanent lockdown. Even with a vaccine, there will never be zero cases. Next year when the flu comes back, does the country go on lock down again? They won't be able to just keep printing money so all the people who don't feel safe can stay home. Just as with the flu, there will be tens of thousands of deaths every year. There always have been and there always will be until they find a cure, if ever. The main problem is this has become political and ov
  9. If you are returning from a cruise on a Monday to Miami, what would be a safe time to catch a flight from Ft Lauderdale. I'm considering a 12:40 flight. Thanks.
  10. Yes, people lie. That's why they have to cover themselves. On what other planet can someone drop a baby out a window and blame someone else. Damn those video cameras.
  11. I can almost see it now. The traffic jam of golf carts (because they lost their licenses because they're unsafe to drive) coming from the 55 and over, no children allowed community, going to the court house to file their age discrimination law suit. Sounds reasonable to me.
  12. I just love that cat Gears, that's an even angrier looking cat that mine. But I have to agree, it's either a fake post or a lot of pertinent information was omitted.
  13. I think that is highly unlikely but maybe your crystal ball is better than mine.
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