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  1. I haven't been on a smaller ship in quite a while. The cabin i'm looking at is all the way forward. How rough would a forward cabin be? My wife tends to get seasick. Thanks.
  2. Y'all? Does that mean your packing for Liberty Sunday? I'll be on that one too.
  3. I've used the emed tests for 3 cruises and they were wonderful. 1000 times better than going somewhere to get tested.
  4. Maybe not but I still think that following the CDC guidelines gives them a much stronger defense.
  5. I would expect all the cruise lines to opt in strictly for legal protection. A lawyer sued RC after his client negligently dropped a baby out of a window. Ironically, without having the CDC as a defense mechanism, unethical lawyers would come up with all kinds of bogus claims.
  6. I can always hope. I remember hearing that there was no way an Oasis class ship would ever come to Galveston and that was wrong.
  7. Doubtful it's a crew issue. Most cases are asymptomatic or resolve shortly. Even with current guidelines they wouldn't be quarantined that long and some sailings are canceled through April. Just my guess.
  8. I'm wondering if the cancelations are due to ports rejecting ships. Why else would they cancel?
  9. Someone please correct me if I'm wrong, but when Florida won their lawsuit against the CDC, didn't that establish that the CDC didn't have the authority to shut down the cruise industry. Maybe someone has that authority but i don't know who that is. If anyone knows, please enlighten me.
  10. Also, if I remember correctly, part of the argument against the CSO was it singled out cruising and created many double standards regarding other industries. That doesn't seem very defensible.
  11. I guess I'm unclear who would order cruises to stop. I'm pretty sure the CDC can't. If anyone tried there would probably be more lawsuits and any argument they made would apply to airlines and other venues that I think will never stop operating. Maybe he's a Senator with poor popularity and he is trying to grandstand or divert attention from his poor popularity. Time will tell.
  12. Personally I feel that it's very unlikely. The people cruising right now had bad timing. Things hit so fast that they didn't have time to evaluate their options. I am cruising in 3 weeks and if we have no shows or stops it won't bother me or deter me at all from going. My point is that I know this beforehand and I can cancel if I choose. The current cruisers were not in that position and disappointment is inevitable for many of them.
  13. I think Uber from Hobby is about $50 and from Bush about $65. I could be off but you can go to an Uber estimator web site and find out. They also have shuttles but they charge by the person and are less convenient.
  14. I also don't things will be shut down. The state of New York is imploding yet the politicians repeatedly say there will be no lock downs. The numbers on ships are far lower then the numbers in the community. If people are concerned, they really shouldn't be booking or going on cruises as there will likely be many incidents on ships, just because of the overall prevalence. They would save themselves a lot of disappointment and angst.
  15. It seems that this whole tirade was basically a ploy to get something for nothing. Very sad.
  16. Just got home after cruising on Millenium. We had a fantastic time and the entertainment was some of the best we've seen. I'm keeping my fingers and toes crossed that Celebrity will move a ship to Galveston. It would just be much easier for us but if we have to fly to Florida, we'll just grin and bear it.
  17. Is there any place to wait outside the terminal?
  18. I am arriving at 6am in Miami airport Thursday morning before a cruise from Ft. Lauderdale. I know, I would prefer to come in a day early but it wasn't possible. I figured that by the time I got my luggage and took an Uber to Fort Lauderdale it would be around 8am. Will the terminal be open for us to sit and wait that early? Thanks.
  19. We'll be on Millennium over Thanksgiving, that is if our flight doesn't get canceled. Thanks for your review. We're really looking forward to going.
  20. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. I remember asking at Next Cruise if they would ever get an Oasis class ship in Galveston and for a long time I was told it wasn't possible. Who knows?
  21. I was just reading how Carnival and Norwegian are both moving their newest, nicest ships to Galveston in 2023. I love Allure and already have bookings but I really like Celebrity and hope they move a ship to Galveston as well. Any rumors?
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