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  1. Was that the bridge that restricted the height of cruise ships another one
  2. I think serenade was on the world cruise . Ovation is just passing through Singapore and has a short season in china .It might be going to Europe???
  3. I just searched and they where there.A interesting thing was Ovation. It’s got the Mediterranean available.
  4. Serenade hasn’t been to Australia,it was supposed to but there was a little thing called a pandemic. The lack of any southern Australia itineraries might suggest another smaller ship is in the equation.
  5. A local agent that says their the biggest cruise specialist has just overhauled their website. Anthem and Voyager have their cruises there and they now have Enchantment in their search engine for Australia. Could it be one of the Radiance class from Alaska???
  6. I don’t think they even do a trip to Adelaide or Melbourne. Voyager can get into Melbourne.
  7. I don’t think Voyager was actually Amped ,it was just refreshed. It didn’t get the Tiki bar or the pool area overhaul with lime and coconut. All Voyager got was more cabins where the concierge lounge was and the where the gym was.
  8. A Yowie or big foot or something? Are Yowies pink though?
  9. It would be good if it does but who knows. I suppose no one else wants Voyager so we may as well take it. I don’t know where they would send it in our off season.
  10. From what I’ve heard,25-26 season will be released at 10:00 am on Wednesday. Someone on CC recons it was posted on a RC facebook page.
  11. I think we have a fairly good choice of itineraries here ,sure could be better but our biggest problem is distance. We have 3 distinct destinations, Australian coastal,north or south and they are different .Tropical or temperate. New Zealand with its fiords. The islands like Noumea with a French influence and Vanuatu.
  12. I think it’s a pretty good possibility. They could quite easily swap Adventure for Voyager and Adventure could come around the bottom of South America to Brisbane. Adventure is the only Voyager class that hasn’t been to the Pacific and I think it would be welcomed in Singapore in our off season. I reckon if Voyager turned up in Singapore they would use it for target practice.
  13. I have a feeling it won’t be Voyager but Adventure of the seas.
  14. Brilliance is mobile off Sydney, looks like it’s building up for the release of the 25-26 season.
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