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  1. It likely you are correct. I just made assumptions based on knowing very little about ships
  2. hi! I can try to answer some of your questions, however I’ve not yet been on Ovation. I’ll be going for the first time in December! 1) this depends. If you are prone to seasickness then the best place to be is center ship in both length and height. In terms of port/star board I don’t think it matters. Obviously port you have the port view when docked, bus otherwise I can’t see why it would matter. 2) I haven’t tried the spacious ocean view but my last was an ocean view and my next is a balcony. I did visit a spacious ocean view on a voyager class and it was quite nice. Keep in mind the cabin you’re referring to being ‘forward’ will be the sort of place where you’ll feel the most movement. 3) I believe what you say is correct however I’ve never done it so not 100% sure. Recommend booking refundable fares just in case. 4) I was under this impression also for my first cruise, however this advice was specific to North American cruising and was never applicable in Australia. When I checked in they let me join the queue 30 minutes ahead of time, but wouldn’t let my sibling and family as their time was 1.5 hours away. Now that the pandemic has hit royal is being very strict with boarding times everywhere, so you need to stick to the boarding time you choose. Do not arrive early.
  3. I suppose that it's possible they've all sold out, but the RC site is no longer showing 21/22 season dates. Nothing until the start of the 22/23 season.
  4. Just wondering, do we know when the 2023-24 season will be released? Although we've had our upcoming cruise cancelled and our next wont be until Dec 2022, I'm pretty sure that I've solidly got my fiancé onboard with cruising being a pretty solid choice for our preferred holiday style. So to that affect I want to be on top of the next release of cruises! I'm keen to potentially try a suite for our next booking (potentially with family) and I know the best rates and room combinations will be available at release. Thanks!
  5. Nothing of interest to me unfortunately. They’re mostly short cruises and I really prefer the longer sailings. It’s not really valuable for me to spend $300-500 on return flights and accommodation to Sydney when the cruise is only 5 nights long and only visits one port. Happy to see the cruise industry getting a restart though! I wondered if some announcements might be made following the release of the road map, so I hope it all goes smoothly! Fortunately I already had a back up cruise for December 2022! Unfortunately said cruise is still 506 days away ?
  6. So someone that is a part of the FB group for my next sailing on Ovation on 08-Jan-22 just posted this to the group. The originally had a 4 day booked immediately before the 12 night NZ cruise. That 4 nighter has been shortened and re-named. GUYS! WHAT DOEA THIS MEAN!?!??
  7. This is not technically and on the ship thing, but I will never do a ‘resort for a day’ excursion. You leave the ship where you have a pool, free flow drinks (if you’re like me), all inclusive food and great service to pay to go to another place that has……a pool, free flow alcohol, all inclusive food, and great service. I just don’t get it! It seems like you are paying for something the ship already provides. Sure, sometimes there is a beach involved, but surely you can go to beaches without this pay charge. And if you don’t like beaches then why not just stay on the ship? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  8. See that's the way that I read it, but they've really not said it in a way that it's super clear. I can still see Ovation sailings available from late October on the site.
  9. The thing is that it doesn't explicitly say that the whole 21/22 season is cancelled for everything, which is why I am confused. Additionally, from Matt's post below: Kinda makes it seem like only sailings within this period are eligible.
  10. I'm really confused, so is the whole season cancelled or are they still holding on for some? Eg. Ovation or Radiance?
  11. Anyone else super surprised that they haven’t just thrown the towel in for the whole season? Like, that’s exactly what I was expecting. Not sure if I should be taking this as a hopeful sing that my Jan cruise has a chance of going ahead, or just that the cruise lines are dreaming and trying to keep our money for as long as possible ??
  12. Hi all, Next time I cruise I’m wanting to try the Windjammer for dinner, which I never did on my last cruise. I hear there are different themes each night, and the offering changes each night along with the standard crowd pleasers. My question is, how do you find out what the theme is for the night? I don't recall seeing this highlighted in the CC, and therefore didn’t know until later in the cruise when all my dining was already planned. On my next cruise we have the 5 night package, plus I want to try Solarium Bistro, and I’m a big fan of the MDR. So hoping I can find the info to plan everything around what we don’t want to miss in the MDR/what we want to try at the buffet. I feel like planning food is the biggest planning burden for this cruise ?
  13. Agreed. I think it will certainly make the return to cruising faster and easier however let’s not forget that even before covid the media and those who didn’t know better vilified cruising as a dirty ‘petri dish’. Cruiselines have always done as much as they can to protect passengers from sickness and avoid that stereotype and they will continue to do so for covid.
  14. When is your cruise? I haven’t gotten that one yet.
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