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  1. Yep. Very close indeed! I wonder if they'll expect incoming cruise lines to do local test cruises as well? Also, one argument against cruise ships returning to Aus that I keep seeing is 'where are we going to quarantine 1400 crew members!?!?!? We can't give them HQ space over stranded Australians!!!' Like, maybe on the floating hotel they've brought with them....?
  2. My thinking is that the 98% & 95% is to cater for the small percentage of people that are unable to get vaccinated for legit reasons?
  3. Was in a forum discussion on another site where a topic came up about P&O cancelling 'Select' cruises through December this year. I did some snooping and it appears that they have cancelled any cruises that go to international destinations (i.e. South Pacific and New Zealand). All Australian based cruises and NZ cruises that only visit Australian and NZ ports respectively are still available on the site to book. What do you reckon the odds are that this is a sign that there might be a resumption of local cruises second half of the year, with a goal of resuming 'International' c
  4. I went on a holiday sailing from Sydney in 2019. It was nice but we had a port day on Christmas Day so it was strange to be out doing things rather than sitting around and eating way too much (not that we didn’t over eat). There was less festivities going on on the day, however again I think this was probably due to being in port. They had themed drinks, presents from Santa, lovely decorations, and some singing, and a Christmas show from what I remember. My mum loved it because she usually does the bulk of the work on Christmas Day and everything was taken care of for her which was great. We a
  5. You have inspired me to create a spreadsheet. I've input everything I want, the original price, the best price I've seen it at, and the price I've purchased something at. I can't afford to buy everything I want, but with like 8 or so months until I sail, this keep track of stuff I'm probably not going to remember and will hopefully allow me to buy everything I want at 'Best Price'.
  6. Stupidly I hadn't thought of doing that until you suggested it haha. I have now called them, and they advised that the higher price is the correct price . Said that sometimes this happens, so they must be having issues with whatever system calculates Aus prices for that product. It still works out heaps cheaper than buying individually so I still bought it, but will be keeping my eye out for price changes!
  7. I’ve been tracking the price of a dining package for my cruise and almost pulled the trigger the other day. When I add it to cart it also adds gratuity. Which is especially weird because this is an Australian site/cruise/pricing and gratuities are always included in the price for us.
  8. I’ve only experienced MTD so far, however I would say that my experience was actually closer to traditional dining in the end. We had a family group of 11 sailing together, and we did not choose traditional as neither of the times were amenable to us. So MTD is was. I booked us in advance as I knew that with such a large group we couldn’t just rock up. I had to personally contact RC to do so as through the planner you can only do 10ppl. I initially requested a variety of times depending on the day, however when boarding it appeared that they had amended our booking to just be at 7pm every nigh
  9. Fingers crossed. What confuses me is the terms ‘international travel ban extended to June 17’ which apparently automatically includes cruising, yet travel to NZ, which is technically international, by plane is ok. Like it seems weird that we have a bubble but the means of travel to the country matters. Either way, happy to see they’ve started the discussion. Here’s hoping that P&O gets the go ahead from June 17, leading the way for the full season to begin as usual in October.
  10. In theory I have no problem with that. However given the announcement from last night, and that we only have enough Pfizer to cover 40% of the population the numbers don’t actually support cruise companies even coming to Australia for the season. If vaccines are mandated for cruising I’m afraid that cruise lines will look at the likely percentage of Australians that will be covered at the start of the season, compare that with the cross over of percentage of Australians that cruise and just decide to skip the season if there isn’t enough overlap.
  11. I also have this fear. I reckon our opening will be based on the success of others resuming cruising in the next few months, and that data will mostly be coming from fully vaccinated cruises .
  12. I don’t know, I’m in two minds about this. Firstly we don’t need to be vaccinated to go to travel interstate as it is, nor for NZ when it opens up this month. Additionally there is just so little covid in Australia, NZ, or the South Pacific that it seems kinda ridiculous to implement a no vaccine no sail rule here. It makes sense where covid is still fairly common in the community such as the UK and the US, but not here. The real threat to Australia’s current covid free status are overseas/returning Travellers, not unvaccinated locals. However I don’t see Australia removing it’s hotel quara
  13. Can’t advise on your first point, however have some insight on the second. Not sure where you’re from, but for explanation purposes I’ll assume not from Aus? We have 3 lots of 2 week school holidays in Aus (in addition to the 6 week summer/Christmas holidays) one of which occurs over Easter. In my state it looks like the term 1 holidays begin on the 6th of April that year, however that is Victoria and RC departs from Brisbane and Sydney and not Melbourne. All of the states have different holiday timetables and therefore some might start before and some might start after that. As a teacher,
  14. Hi all, I'm curious about whether anyone has any info on whether royal and presumably other cruise lines are taking bookings to capacity or if they are capping their bookings to a certain percent? I’ve booked a Jan 2022 cruise, and it already seems pretty full. So I am wondering if when cruising finally get the go ahead, will it be those that booked are good to go, or if cruise lines are offering bookings to full capacity in the hopes that by the time it resumes or gets to that specific cruise (for later cruises) they will be able to sail with more passengers. Which if they aren’t will
  15. Yay! Finally. Surely is land/air travel is allowed cruising to and from NZ for Australian and NZ passengers would a sure thing.
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