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  1. @RWDW1204 & @S0nny thanks, that is all awesome information! He’s had a brief chat with a stoma nurse, but it was not very in depth as it’ wasn’t certain that he had to have one. He came out of surgery yesterday and it did end up going that way, so these are all great points to bring up with the nurse. We’re in Australia, so I doubt we’ll have much to do with the stoma companies directly, it will all be through the hospital, but this is certainly a great source of information. @Momof4crazytocruise Thank you! This is exactly the sort of feedback and opinions I was looking for! Look
  2. If you must know, it’s not an ‘unhealed wound’ it’s a stoma bag. I was simply trying to be delicate about it. And as most people in the world do not own their own private pool, the majority of people who swim with this condition (and as mentioned, the nurse has said it is perfectly ok to do so) will be swimming in public pools. @twangster & @GrandmaAirplane thanks for the advice on the type of water in the pools. Is this for 100% of the fleet, or do some have chlorinated water? There is about 50/50 chance he’ll end up with this, so just want to be prepared for questions to as
  3. Hi all, This might be a weird question, but I wanted opinions on the hygiene/sanitary rating of the pools on board. My partner is going in to surgery shortly, and will be 7 weeks post op when we go on our cruise. His incision site will likely be well closed at this point, however he will possibly have a temporary drainage implant type thing, so he wont be fully closed up. He is unsure as yet whether he'll be comfortable swimming while he has this (though the nurse said swimming shouldn't be an issue) but I was just curious about the hygiene aspect of things. Any feedback would be app
  4. Interesting info on Lelepa itself. The island has 2 towns, churches, and a population of 500. Wiki says that RCI will be creating a 'private resort' on the island, so there is already a big difference between Lelepa and Coco Cay in that I don't believe Coco was inhabited at the time RCI took the lease? I wonder if that means guests will be restricted to the resort area, or if service will just be restricted to the area. Lelepa is quite a bit larger than Coco Cay as well, at 5km long vs the 1 on Coco Cay. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lelepa_Island
  5. No need to think about it, the press release says specifically that it will be different from Coco-Cay: I do however hope that they keep the dual elements of 'Chill" & 'Thrill' when developing Lelepa. I like to option to do both, and commercially this diversifies the customer base the island will appeal to.
  6. YAY! I am so excited for this! Wonder if it will be first half 2022, or second half 2022. Also, how do you reckon you say that? Does it rhyme with 'day'?
  7. Also Australian! And while I’ll certainly admit to having done some moaning, my comment was mearly a statement of likely fact. Do you not agree? The timelines all meet up. Voyager is going back for second round amplification (a program which does seem to be linked to the Caribbean market) in 2021. Wonder is going to be doing Asia full time from 2021, leaving the question open about whether they need so many very large ships. Also I believe that someone commented on an unnamed quantum ship moving to Aus at some point (somewhere in this thread actually), perhaps it was 2021. Therefore it se
  8. Yeah, and they'll probably take Voyager back after it gets its 'proper' amplification.
  9. Also, someone posted a letter from Royal in the Singapore cruise society FB page explaining that their April 21st 2021 cruise on voyager has been cancelled because they want to start the dry dock earlier than was previously scheduled. So it does indeed look like they are rectifying their mistake with regards to cancelling the full amplification.
  10. Could this be another move to do with the Asian market? If all the ships stationed there are Quantum class and have a blue hull, then this would aid them in presenting a more uniform fleet to the Asian market, and have Voyager stand out less from the other ships.
  11. I wonder if this is in response to feedback the have received on this current 'amplification'. Also, dang 2022 is ages away. I'm sure the ship will be lovely and fresh when she is out of dry dock, but if I book another cruise it wont be on her when there are ships like Ovation going from the same port.
  12. @bretts173 I feel like you explained the comparative disappointment in the Voyager AMP perfectly in the Oasis chain. They have sold the Amplification Program as a certain style, and they have not only not delivered on that style for the Voyager, but have fallen far short. If they had simply said that the ship was going in for a refresh/refurbishment, then I don't think we'd have a leg to stand on for being disappointed. But the fact that they are trying to sell this as the same improvement program as Mariner, Navigator, and now Explorer just leaves me really confused.
  13. Some of you may be interested to know that Royal doesn't allow smoking in the casino already for cruises out of Australia and the U.K. In Aus we have pretty strict smoking laws. You can't smoke inside of any public building (as in any building that isn't a house). You can't smoke in any outside area that also serves food. You can't smoke on the grounds of public building such as courts and hospitals. I guess that as we're already used this there isn't any outcry in this situation when applied to cruise ships, but people will always be perturbed if it is different to what they're used to.
  14. Hi all, I’ll be sailing this December with my partner, parents, siblings etc. all together we are 10, possibly 11. We all have My Time dining, and as it is a Christmas cruise I’ve gone ahead and pre booked dinner for us all together in the main dining room for 3 nights of the 9 night cruise (one of which is Christmas night, plus night 1 and night 9). Now that our cruise has started to get closer, we’ve been talking about schedules, meeting up, how to stay in touch. And my mum has mentioned that she wants to just make a MTD booking in the MDR for every night of the cruise for al
  15. Thanks heaps for this! Helpful to see all the changes clearly laid out. Curious about the removal of the Arcade. They are still selling arcade credit on my cruise planner for December. Do you think they will put the game machines somewhere else, and if so where? My Sisters kids will be on this cruise, and I'm sure they'd like to play if there is an arcade available.
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