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  1. They usually do it in 2 cruises,both are about 17 nights each. This is enchantment in February / March 2024.
  2. It looks like we get Vision of the seas for the 24-25 season.Darwin has a booking in February 2025 ,it’s probably doing a around Australia.
  3. I haven’t looked at a hire car, good thinking 99 . We will probably go to Hahndorf for a couple of beers,a tour would be good though.
  4. I think the biggest problem our cruise industry has, is getting workers . If you have any local cruises booked you will notice the lack of shore excursions. I have a Ovation Cruise and it goes to Adelaide and cruise planner doesn’t have any excursions. I called Adelaide scenic tours which usually do the ship tours but the said they can’t get staff and at the moment won’t be doing any. So I don’t know what will happen in Adelaide as there’s not much at the cruise terminal.
  5. Celebrity edge has some good prices at the moment.
  6. NO , I just come of P&O pacific explorer just out of sheer desperation. What a bad experience,bad food ,the same every day unless you want to pay $20 for a pizza,$8 for a hot dog,$14 for a burger,$50 for a steak,ice cream on the pool deck $2 a scoop and the list goes on.
  7. That would be Utopia,some have suggested it could be a kind of a Oasis/Icon hybrid.
  8. Pretty gaudy but not as bad as carnival spirit.
  9. NZ is open so I think Ovation will be coming but Quantum May be a bit unknown. I don’t know how Quantum will go if the islands aren’t open for business.
  10. I’m currently on pacific explorer and we are doing the first Anchorage and tender in Australia since the lock downs. And what everyone says about P&O Australia is true ,what a wreck. Come on Ovation,give me Royal Caribbean any day.
  11. No next season but I can’t see ovation or Quantum there for this season. https://hawaii.portcall.com/#!?tab=2 Heres ovations schedule for next season.Could they get around the PVSA if they did some Hawaiian cruises?
  12. What do you think of this? It looks like Ovation is doing some turnarounds in Honolulu October ,November next year. https://hawaii.portcall.com/#!?tab=2
  13. My sister booked a P&O in a bit over a week and wanted me to go ,I’ll tell you. These crazy RC onboard prices are a worry . I don’t know what’s going on ,finance problems ? Have they sold the Ozzie season to cheap?
  14. Lloyd Marchard has asked people to stop sharing photos off his Facebook Icon group. I believe his contacts have a issue with it ,he does a lot of work. So unfortunately I won’t post any more photos in respect to his hard work.
  15. It’s going to be impressive on embarking, a real jaw dropper.
  16. That ball or whatever it is ,is big.
  17. It has jumped up but the booster shots are just about none.
  18. Here’s a article in the vanuatu paper,it seems to conflict with smart traveler. https://www.dailypost.vu/news/vto-preparing-for-tourism-market-opening/article_fb256bb1-c32b-5467-817f-7245f421dee4.html
  19. I think Vanuatu main problem is it’s low vaccination rate. But with NZ open Ovation and Quantum should be able to make the coming season work . Also I think noumea should be OK as the French have a fairly high vaccination rate there.
  20. Here’s a good shot from CC. It looks like infinity cabins and a mix of standard balconies. Love that promenade, how about some outdoor dining areas like Jamie’s on Quantum class ? Wouldn’t that be nice?
  21. Am I ok posting a few pictures I find here and there Matt? They won’t have any copyright.
  22. It’s a bit hard to tell ,it looks like it has a nice outside promenade. Does it look like it has cabins like celebrity infinite cabins?
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