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  1. I was a bit hesitant about posting this but I can’t see a copyright or and sensitive legal content. I don’t think Royal Caribbean should mind as it is in the interest of their customers. I was suggesting some packages for Australians to travel to Singapore.
  2. At this point in time we can’t cruise out of Singapore as it’s Singapore passport holders only. And as you said it wouldn’t be much of a holiday because of all the tests not to mention the expense. What did you have to do to get into the U.S. ? From what I can work out it’s a test before the flight in Sydney and that’s it.
  3. That’s strange,they must have back pedaled. I emailed RC in Sydney yesterday ,suggesting cruise packages to Singapore. They said only Singapore passport holders can cruise out of Singapore. So much for the travel bubble.
  4. How was your adventures to the US ? Im getting desperate,apparently only Singapore passport holders can cruise out of Singapore.
  5. Do you think Gavin Smith would be back at work? I want to suggest that Royal offer all inclusive packages to Singapore for Ozzie’s. I can’t see anything happening this year with the lame ducks running the place. And with spectrum possibly doing port calls , I think it would be a good relief for us poor Australians. All inclusive,air,a few nights before the cruise,transfers and possibly pre arranged tests.
  6. Wasn’t Quantum supposed to be going to Alaska about then. There was speculation who was going to replace it.
  7. It’s definitely a venue and not a pressure vessel for fuel. Thinking of 270 and the robotic screens it’s something along those lines.
  8. It’s a bar in the promenade! The new robotic bar with LED screens on the inside and outside.
  9. You are on the money,a pressure vessel to contain the pineapple’s. But there’s no window seats to fight over.
  10. It’s certainly big,they will probably build the ship around it.
  11. At this stage of construction it would have to be something to do with the mechanics .
  12. I’ve just had a alcohol induced wild idea also. People are hesitating travel because they are worried about get stuck or negotiating COVID protocols. I don’t know if Royal offers it but what if they offer all inclusive packages from point to point that is covered by their` we will get you home deal.‘ So ,just say for Australia for example. Flights from sydney to LA ,a night in a hotel, shuttle to San Pedro and a flight home. All including insurance , tests and paperwork. Nothing to think or worry about. Would that work?
  13. The dry dock was a joke , I still think about the ceiling in the suite lounge wasn’t painted properly and there was still masking tape hanging off it. All they did was put more cabins in and increased the revenue. I would hate to see the condition of voyager after floating off Singapore for 18 months. Do you remember Olha ? She made up for everything,the best Gin martini’s that you could blow a stump out with.
  14. I was on the one that went up the QLD coast, voyager is getting very tired looking.
  15. I can’t understand for the life of me why they would put a old small ship like enchantment in a big ticket destination like Alaska.
  16. You got some rumours going. Enchantment has 2023 open for bookings in Alaska. I wonder if she comes down south?
  17. I don’t believe they would have a oasis class in Alaska but If a oasis class went through the Suez Canal to got to the pacific, I believe it has to have retractable funnels? Is that correct?
  18. I don’t think Harmony has retractable funnels,only Oasis ,Allure and wonder have .
  19. I couldn’t see Harmony but Enchantment is there
  20. It was 2 years ago I was in a grand suite on voyager, I need a cruise. NSW is predicting a big wave,Im wonder if October will be a goer?
  21. It’s not a lot older and that wouldn’t bother me. I believe Quantum started it’s life in Florida ? but I’m not sure about that.
  22. That’s strange,they are basically the same ship. I thought it may have been Brisbane being a smaller market and a ugly port,which is basically a industrial port. If we ever got a oasis class,it is supposed to be a toss up between Sydney and Brisbane. I don’t think Brisbane would fill it especially if they are having trouble with quantum.
  23. I don’t know if anyone has noticed that Quantam’s sales out of Brisbane are very flat. Ovation and Radiance out of Sydney for next season are filling up and prices are sky high.Where Quantam is about 30% cheaper and there seems there is plenty of cabins available. Someone said you can get a JS on quantum cheaper than a balcony on Ovation. I know Brisbane has a new cruise terminal but it’s still pretty ugly. What happens if you can only get a early flight,you would be hanging around half the day.
  24. yep , Melbourne and Sydney have some of the highest vaccination rates in the world. The thing is ,there’s predictions of a 4th wave around February as a result of the silly season and the vaccines waning . So we should expect our fearless leaders to panic again in February.
  25. Yeh ,weren’t we supposed to start living with this virus. The pore old agents are working for nothing ,you have to feel for them.
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