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  1. My edocs or condition of carriage for a cruise on the weekend still says 2 bottles. I’m in a solo cabin and I will be carrying on 2 bottles of wine with a copy of my edocs.
  2. So under the new system can Diamond Plus still get a bottle of wine as a welcome gift ? If so ,with 2 D+ from the same household ,is it one bottle?
  3. It looks like they have changed their policy in Australia to only one bottle of wine. https://www.royalcaribbean.com/aus/en/faq/questions/food-drink-onboard-policy Edit Each guest of drinking age may bring one bottle .
  4. It looks like they have changed there policy. https://www.royalcaribbean.com/aus/en/faq/questions/onboard-alcohol-guest-policy
  5. Is that a new policy? Because I’m solo in a week and I’m taking 2 bottles.
  6. A few drinks vouchers like the diamond vouchers for suite guests would be a good touch.
  7. Worked like a dream twangster , like you said no response but my partner was linked with in 24 hours.
  8. Thanks twangster ,so it must be a active email. I just wanted to link my partner to my account.
  9. 5 cans for around $33 , I believe all bars have it .
  10. Who’s is the chief LA in Miami, is it Courtney Brant ? [email protected] ? Last time I emailed the chief LA it was Molly.
  11. you can get the bucket of beer in Bud ,one for free .
  12. I think you are on the money, there’s not enough ports for a Oasis class.
  13. There’s speculation Royal will be going back to Hong Kong.Forgot about Shanghai it’s still to uncertain. If they go back to Hong Kong it will be with Spectrum. The big question is ,what will replace Spectrum in Singapore??
  14. I did my first solo cruise about 6 months ago and I really had apprehensions about sitting in the corner and having no one to talk to. But it was probably the best cruise I have ever been on . First thing I did was go to the solo get togethers and I had a ball. People in groups would ask if I was alone and take me under their wing and I made so many new friends. I think I would prefer to travel solo and meet strangers,a stranger is a empty book and you have to fill the pages in.
  15. Sometimes we do things different down here but they seem as if they had never heard of it.
  16. They put in a new duel gangway about 5 years ago that is supposed to Oasis ready.
  17. We won’t see a oasis for a while ,we just don’t have the market for one. There’s a few ports that have been upgraded to take one ,including Sydney OPT. OPT has had 50t bollards installed,the birth box has been enlarged and the new gangway put in is designed for a oasis style of ship. But as @twangstersaid OPT terminal just isn’t in the race to check passengers in. Brisbane,they can’t fill Quantum so it won’t be going there. We will just have to wait for a new Port Botany terminal .
  18. I also asked the diamond concierge here on Ovation and no BOGO for diamonds ,never heard of it.
  19. The LA on Ovation said no only diamond plus
  20. I am currently on ovation and I will ask the concierge and LA .
  21. I know 24-25 season hasn’t been released,usually around March? But there where port bookings on Sydney port authority and around some Australian ports for Vision of the seas . It would have been a place holder for a Radiance class ,probably Brilliance. They have all disappeared ?? With Sydney’s congestion ,I would say it would be extremely hard ,if not impossible to replace them .
  22. I looks like Brilliance of the seas has been pulled out of Sydney for 24-25 season. All port bookings for Sydney and the around Australia cruise have disappeared. So only Ovation in Sydney for 24-25 season. Hopefully it will turn up in Melbourne port bookings.
  23. I have heard a rumour that port Denver has the baggage concierge??
  24. I think Royal will reinvent itself with China and Asia . I think they already are with the Singapore to Tokyo itineraries out with Spectrum.
  25. Some good news for Spectrum,it’s doing a second trip to Japan with a overnight in Hong Kong! It might become a regular thing, take note I think most of the ports are Oasis capable. I’m pretty sure the Vietnamese ports aren’t. Ship LNG in Singapore,Hong Kong and I believe multiple ports in Japan. Do you think Utopia could slot into this run?
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