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  1. For our last cruise I was very impressed with the cabin steward. She seemed to be a magic fairy that was never in the way and had everything we asked for without any delay, like wine glasses, etc. She was exceptional and I felt deserved more than a minimum. We didn't ask for a lot but for everything we did, she was on it.
  2. I took a shoe organizer with metal hooks on Grandeur in March 2019 (packed with the checked luggage). It was not confiscated. I put the metal hooks on the inside of the bathroom door and the hooks on the door and the organizer lined up almost perfectly. I did not try to hang it over the door itself, I can see how that might scratch the paint or jam up the door in the door frame.
  3. We did the same thing the last time at Labadee which surprised me. We prefer a pool to a beach, but I still like the private islands we have visited. We planned on a later start but after considering a lackluster BBQ lunch versus the Windjammer and searching for a comfortable beach spot, staying on the ship won out. So relaxed on board. No crowds and it was great.
  4. We had a stop in Labadee on one cruise and stayed on the ship. There were two reasons, We're not beach people. And the food available to us on the ship was better than the last time we were there and ate BBQ. Then on a trip with an overnight stay at Nassau I mostly stayed onboard. After we had completed 3 ports I had a snorkeling trip purposely set up for the 2nd day. I wanted a day in between the port days but it was cancelled due to low interest. I could have rescheduled for the first day in port but I was tired of running around. Other than a quick walk down the shopping area I stayed on the ship. I didn't think I missed out on anything. I'll just go another time. It is super relaxing to be on the ship when in port. The only thing that is any kind of irritation is some of the things that might be shut down, like bars or towel stations.
  5. On grandeur they offered a plate cover in the Windjammer if you needed it. Similar to room service covers. It probably avoids cleaning up a spilled mess.
  6. Good idea. I didn't realize there was a Solarium bistro on Adventure. I thought they were on bigger ships. Thanks to all. Windjammer is fine except the first day when everyone is there.
  7. Sailing on Adventure in Nov. I didn't book any speciality dining. I tried a 3 day dinner package on our last cruise and didn't think it was worth extra expense. The thing that I would like to know is if the windjammer is overwhelming on that first day, can i do a walk in lunch in Chops? I don't really want to prebook. If the windjammer isn't nuts I'll just go there. I have never seen a discount on Chops lunch. I assume the on board cost is the same as prebooking. I think walk ins are available on other days but I'm just not sure if they are also available on embarkation day. Ok don't want the key so that isn't interesting to me at all.
  8. Billy sells them too if you want to support him. https://shop.cruisehabit.com/collections/frontpage/products/magentic-hooks-hang-wet-clothes-or-other-items-from-your-ships-stateroom-ceiling
  9. The family wants the longer sailing? I would say go for what they are asking for.
  10. That's what I thought. An idea whose time has passed. I'll stick with cash
  11. Back in the day I used to tip a little extra and hand out phone calling cards to the servers. Sometimes I would give them out to bartenders or a favorite Johnny Rockets servers. I assumed I could buy them in bulk cheaper than they could. And that would allow them to call home. I remember getting this suggestion on another website That was before the rise of intenet calling. So I didn't think there was any value to them any more. But someone brought them up on a Facebook cruise ship site. Either I'm wrong or this person is behind the times. Is there still any value to these cards?
  12. I always worry about someone outside of the allowed circle of covered people in the travel insurance getting sick. My father in-law was very sick just before my final payment and we decided to cancel just in case. Obviously we wanted to spend time with him and we are a 10 hour drive from our former hometown. He passed before the cruise would have occurred. But I don't think I would have been covered if we cancelled and he was still 'just' sick. We would have elected to stay back and cancel just to be on the safe side. We made the right decision and ended up rescheduling a few months after things had settled down. So not everything going to work out depending on the coverage. Cancel for any reason is quite expensive in comparison so I still have not used that option. I'll stick with fully refundable fares and assess the situation before making final payment, then buying insurance. My primary goal with the insurance is medical and fly out coverage.
  13. My agent secured an OBC for the confusion. It was a crazy mess and had me watching everyday to make sure my reservation was still active and not inadvertently cancelled. If I was a new customer I would have had a terrible first impression. I am so looking forward to this cruise so hopefully with this behind me it will be smooth sailing from here on out.
  14. I had multiple odd value refunds from Royal for cruise planner purchases and OBC adjustments due to a canceled cruise. The last one occurred near my final payment date and was an over credit to me. But it was so confusing they couldn't get me a value for the final balance due for almost 4 weeks. My travel agency kept thinking each time I talked to them it would be resolved within the phone call. So I had several calls with 1 hour+ waits on hold. About 5 hours total. Finally I received a final balance number but they didn't sound confident. I paid it. Then on followup call I got another final balance number. And I paid that. Crazy. I now have a final invoice but since I was past the final payment date by weeks I was a little concerned they would cancel despite the issue being their fault. You know like the right hand not knowing what the left is doing. The travel agents couldn't believe it was so complicated and frankly RCCL had me confused as well.
  15. Thanks. On Allure I never went there even though I planned to go. So I wasn't sure of the layout. To many places to explore on Allure in a week. No worries about the lack of smoothies on Grandeur. All of that is just window dressing for the main attraction of the cruise.
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