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  1. I booked Thrill Water park and I'm on the fence whether I want to keep the reservation. It's just my wife and I and she is not into slides. I got a decent price but I don't know if I want to run off and spend part of the day there. The other thing I noticed is some of the cool slides are multi person. My other option is taking an hour and doing some snorkeling. I have my own stuff. But I have seen conflicting reports about snorkeling there. Has anyone else faced the same dilemma? How long can I wait to decide? Can I wait until the day before to get a refund? The
  2. If doing slides in the Thrill Waterpark, what do you do with sandals/flip flops? Do you just leave them with your other stuff? Or is there a place to put them near the slide entrance? I don't like to walk around too much in bare feet on hot pavement. Or really anywhere. I assume water shoes are not allowed on slides?
  3. I am sailing Feb 7th. Probably the same sailing as the OP. I was trying to avoid lobster night. So I booked on the Nassau day. Also have early dining.
  4. Is it possible to pick up a driving tour from the dock in Aruba on a walk up basis? Trying to play it by ear and not overbook our time. Prefer an A/C van or bus and a 3 to 4 hour tour of the island. Doesn't need a beach stop. The official ship excursions seem to be open air buses. I don't really want to go a pre-planned tourist trap shopping market stop. I've had some taxi tours in other locations and really enjoyed them.
  5. I have been following these boards for a while and I have seen questions about favorite drinks, favorite food, etc. But other than random mentions in trip reports, I really haven’t seen a summary list of favorite entertainers. Not the big production shows themselves, but the rotating bands, headliners, lounge acts, etc. I’ve seen good ones, but some just seem to be on a different level. I’ll start out with some standouts for me with my limited experience on my most recent sailings of Allure and Grandeur. Centerpiece - On Allure of the Seas last year the rock band named Cen
  6. I called this hotel and the person I talked to said their lot is too small. They don't offer a park and fly or park and cruise option. You might want to verify this with the hotel.
  7. Which one was it? I enjoy watching ship tour videos. It gives me tips on what to see and subtle differences between ships.
  8. Saw this on another site 'Sean and Stef Cruise Buddies.' Appears that the storm isn't centered on Coco cay.
  9. Not for embarkation ports but RCCL is getting into the hotel business. https://www.caribjournal.com/2019/03/31/bahamas-royal-caribbean/
  10. Mainstays 24 Pocket White Shoe Organizer Walmart # 554949152 This is what I bought for the door based on a recommendation. It was perfect in size and matched the hooks to the bathroom door hooks perfectly.
  11. For our last cruise I was very impressed with the cabin steward. She seemed to be a magic fairy that was never in the way and had everything we asked for without any delay, like wine glasses, etc. She was exceptional and I felt deserved more than a minimum. We didn't ask for a lot but for everything we did, she was on it.
  12. I took a shoe organizer with metal hooks on Grandeur in March 2019 (packed with the checked luggage). It was not confiscated. I put the metal hooks on the inside of the bathroom door and the hooks on the door and the organizer lined up almost perfectly. I did not try to hang it over the door itself, I can see how that might scratch the paint or jam up the door in the door frame.
  13. We did the same thing the last time at Labadee which surprised me. We prefer a pool to a beach, but I still like the private islands we have visited. We planned on a later start but after considering a lackluster BBQ lunch versus the Windjammer and searching for a comfortable beach spot, staying on the ship won out. So relaxed on board. No crowds and it was great.
  14. We had a stop in Labadee on one cruise and stayed on the ship. There were two reasons, We're not beach people. And the food available to us on the ship was better than the last time we were there and ate BBQ. Then on a trip with an overnight stay at Nassau I mostly stayed onboard. After we had completed 3 ports I had a snorkeling trip purposely set up for the 2nd day. I wanted a day in between the port days but it was cancelled due to low interest. I could have rescheduled for the first day in port but I was tired of running around. Other than a quick walk down the shopping a
  15. On grandeur they offered a plate cover in the Windjammer if you needed it. Similar to room service covers. It probably avoids cleaning up a spilled mess.
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