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  1. I asked this question in another post. I couldn't figure out why the $50 Casino credit was double the point cost from the $100 OBC. I thought after reading the rules that this was the case. That the application to a given cruise had less time restriction.
  2. What are the Red tickets? I have accumulated some but I don't know what they are for. I see them in the game currently running Konami Slots
  3. The OBC rules implies that the cruise has to have been booked through the Casino. But I think the actual experience is that it is being redeemed through the Casino Royale. Is that true? Also, I noticed the casino credit was a higher redemption cost than OBC. And the casino credit seemed to be sold out. Why would anyone pick casino credit over OBC? I must be missing some thing.
  4. How do i find out the very basics about this program? Probably specifically game play to achieve points. i played last night and didn't understand what was going on. i used to play an MGM program called Wager works so i understand the concept but didn't know when I was getting points with any value. It's very busy with bonus games and locations.
  5. I was the OP and used the rowing machine regularly on Anthem of the Seas (but still put on weight surprisingly enough, HAHA). I am now curious about Enchantment of the Seas. Is anyone familiar with the fitness center on Enchantment that would know the answer about whether there is a rowing machine? I'm seeing 2013 comments in my search that say it does not.
  6. I'm looking at deck 10 10226 or 10228. We prefer the sofa closest to the balcony. Does anyone have an idea about these locations? I've seen a method to figure it out but these are surrounded by suites so I don't think it works for this location.
  7. I saw somewhere that some of the crew wanted salty snacks and they couldn't shop in ports. I've got some care packages to take and I wanted to know if it was worth bringing microwave popcorn.
  8. In other related news. I took a Covid PCR test yesterday for unrelated reasons (had a guest stay who later came down with Covid). I took the test at ~9 am. I expected to wait 4-5 days for the material to be sent to the lab, processed and posted. I had the results today ~11 am. Just about 26 hours later. I was stunned. I wish I could count on that response time. The location is about 1 mile from my house.
  9. Wow. That's quite a mix. Based on the responses, I'll just order 3 for now and have (1) backup just in case. If I get lucky maybe it will be good for the future Jan 31 2022 sailing.
  10. I remember hearing Matt talk about an Dec 2021 expiration date for at home tests being sent out recently. I don't know if that changes with new supply or if there were a lot manufactured at the same time. So I was going to order tests for a Nov 2021 cruise. I also have a Jan 2022 cruise booked. I saw on the Optum website (RCCL home test kit supplier) a letter about an extension of 3 months for the tests granted by the FDA. https://store.optum.com/shop/products/abbott-binaxNOW-COVID-19-ag-at-home-test-kit-3-pack Based on additional studies, the FDA has granted a 3-month expiration extension to all lots. Please refer to this letter: FDA Approval Letter. https://www.fda.gov/media/147409/download. It appears I would be safe to over order just to be safe for the upcoming cruise and should then be able to use them in the extension period for the Jan cruise. What expiration dates have been noticed by those of you who purchased tests?
  11. Out of curiosity I just took a quick look at the CVS site. Despite the fact that there are several CVS store in our area, the closest offering a test is 45 minutes away. We would be driving past 3-4 on the way to the closest test site. I have a cruise in Nov 2021 so no immediate concerns but I can see I will need to take a harder look when that time gets closer. Planning continues to be important.
  12. Is there a comparison site for annual policies? I've typically booked after making those comparisons to buy the short term policies. I have a few things booked so far in the coming months, (YOLO Book it) so an annual would probably be the way to go. Haha
  13. I am Platinum level and get small discounts on balcony rooms. It's been enough to make the difference between window and balcony rooms be somewhat negligible. (Can't wait to be diamond which should be early next year) Would I be able to book for my sister and her husband to join us on a trip I have booked already and get my discount on that 2nd room?
  14. I saw something about a UK 10/20 sailing being cancelled but no follow up on the comment. I was also booked on this 11/7 sailing but was nervous about it happening because of the 14 day guideline. Yesterday I changed to 11/28 sailing with the WOW sale pricing. So hopefully 11/7 sails but if not I'm covered (at least I think so).
  15. Dinners I know are higher but I've never paid attention to the lunch prices. Right now chops is $24.99 and Jamie's is $22.99. Is it really higher on board?
  16. We are sailing on Anthem and I would like to have lunch at Jamie's and Chops. Are the pre sailing prices different than on board prices. The lunch prices never seem to change.
  17. Are you on this sailing? I have this booked.
  18. Are there any day pass resorts in the Port Canaveral area or anywhere within a reasonable drive of there (1/2 hour north or south)? All inclusive would be best. I've only done one daily resort pass in the past but it was outside of the US. I enjoyed it and wanted to find something similar for this Port stop from NJ if it exists.
  19. With all the extra tasks the ports seem to be doing for health protocols, especially home ports, I wonder if port charges might rise. Maybe spread among all the passengers it wouldn't be noticeable for passed on. But they are doing something additional with most passengers so it would seem the extra expense would need to be accounted for somewhere. I don't know if anyone is in tune with port charges, but I think it's an interesting question. I find the behind the scenes business interesting.
  20. I saw this with my own kids on cruises, join early to make friends when everyone is the new guy. But I wasn't sure what was done with teens. Their programming seems to be a lot less structured.
  21. I would like my granddaughter to cruise with us. I think she would do really well with the teen club but hasn't been on a cruise before. She would be 12 or 13. She might be a little shy at first. Do the counselors start out the week with any icebreakers or organized activities? We would be either on Anthem or an Oasis class ship. When I read the cruise compasses it looks less structured than younger kid programs but initially I would hope for some group activities.
  22. The PM is for tracking workouts. Nothing extra is needed to operate the rower. You can just start rowing. The PM connects with Bluetooth to my phone. The data from the wprlout is stored on a temporary log, then when wifi is available the log can be transmitted to the web based Concept 2 logbook and my Garmin account.
  23. That's better than my times so far but I'm getting better. Any idea about monitor models? I think PM 4s can be used to load data onto some kind of medium but I do not know how to do that process. I only have experienced the PM5. Specifically I have upcoming trips on Anthem and Oasis.
  24. I have recently started rowing on a machine at home. I would like to continue while cruising. I think there are Rowing machines but I can't get any confirmation. I have a Concept 2 (which is the most popular) with a PM 5 (Performance Monitor). That allows me to log my data so if the PM model is known that would help also. Anyone know what ships have them and what brand / model?
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