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  1. And Starbucks coffee beans are not something to get excited about. They are notorious for roasting all the flavor out of them.
  2. This is fascinating. I love reading health inspection reports for local restaurants. Does anyone know why there aren't any RCI reports on that site after the pandemic? February 2020 is the most recent one I can find.
  3. It depends on when you are going, Lyft and Uber raise prices when demand is high. Right now (10:30 on a Sunday morning), Lyft charges between $50-$200 to get to Hobby. $50 is standby, $200 is premium deluxe. Lots of options around $100.
  4. Guilt, the emotional response, may not be logical. It's true, we are all potential vectors all the time. But going on a multi-day cruise is different from other activities. The evidence right now suggests omicron BA.4 and BA.5 are eluding some of the antibodies produced by the current vaccines, so just being up to date on your shots may not mean much right now. Given that, I want to know if I'm carrying Covid before I get on a cruise. I don't want to infect other people, and would feel very bad if I did.
  5. For a November Adventure of the Seas five night cruise, I bought the DBP plus VOOM for $89/guest/day during the July 4th sale. I just checked and that's still the price, after the July 4th sale ended.
  6. If I decided not to test, not knowing would be my fault. I would definitely feel guilty.
  7. About 60% of the spread of Covid-19 comes from people without any symptoms. Maybe you didn't know that. Now that you do, you know that a 15 minute test can let you know if you're infected, and the US government is making a lot of those tests available for free. So there's no reason to go by how you feel.
  8. So you would roll the dice and maybe infect other people just so you could go on vacation? You wouldn’t feel horribly guilty if you found out later that you may have been the vector?
  9. That depends. If we're in the middle of a big outbreak, like we are with omicrom BA.5 right now, and I'm going to be indoors, close to a lot of people, then yes, I will test myself. I don't know if I'm contagious without a test, since Covid-19 can be asymptomatic. I don't want to harm other people. Because it's a pandemic on a scale not seen since 1918 and has killed over 6 million people.
  10. This is the bit I don't understand. Regardless of the cruise line policy, wouldn't you cancel if you were contagious? And wouldn't you want to know if you were contagious?
  11. If sailing out of Galveston, I would feel safe if this viral load percent was below 5% and steady. Right now it’s 843% and rising. Houston Wastewater Viral Load
  12. I don't know if I would cancel my cruise, but I feel better knowing we all have to get tested before boarding.
  13. In the Android app, I see three night cruises for one million, four nights for two million, and five nights for two point five million. I’ve been letting the app run during breakfast for about a month. So far I’ve accumulated 150,000 loyalty points. So if the reward prices don’t change, I can have a free five night cruise in less than a year and a half with minimal effort on my part. Seems like quite a deal. It’s too bad none of the reward cruises leave from Galveston.
  14. I got a $100 OBC for 50,000 a week or two ago. I just checked the reward again and it’s still 50,000 points.
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