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  1. This is why I'm not getting it for my Alaska trip. While I really will miss it, and it would be great for me and my husband, the other couple we are meeting on the ship won't have it, so we wouldn't want to use most of the features without them. *sigh*
  2. Entertainment and Activities (but it's gone now). That's where you'll find NorthStar when it appears as well. Note that I couldn't access the section at times from my phone or IPad for some reason, but had no trouble from a desktop (non-mobile site).
  3. Ha! Before the sale, PoolsideOasis Lagoon Cabanas were running $319 (and I almost grabbed it, but I wasn't sure my sailing mates would agree to the cost) - it's now $399 during the sale. Oh, how I love a good sale 🤣🤣
  4. For the June 21st Ovation sailing: IFly opened up last Saturday (and was closed by Tuesday), and Pixels opened up yesterday. I'm anxiously awaiting North Star! I'm not sure if there's more than one show to sign up for on Ovation or not - I guess we'll see!
  5. I wouldn't wait for The Key. That one has a limit on how many they will sell and it regularly sells out. I purchased mine for my December sailing.
  6. It's not as though you can get this kind of support just anywhere!
  7. Yep - I'm in the same situation - hubby doesn't want internet, I do - we both want the drink package so I had to arrange it over the phone. Which sucks because I really hate talking on the phone :)
  8. I'm definitely no expert on Coco Cay, having only been there once, but I think the south beach is the closest to the Floating Bar, so it's my favorite beach :) It was also much quieter (being a farther walk) than all of the rest. But others would have to confirm.
  9. Put luggage tags on anything you turn over with The Key. You'll have to do it anyway, you might as well be prepared and do it ahead of time.
  10. Well, I AM pretty gullible. I guess I had better track down that blog tonight at work.
  11. I'm so glad you'll be on the ship before me so I can see what will be the best photos ever taken of and from that ship!
  12. My point being why is shorter "inferior"? You're basically saying it's not as good of a ship if it's not amongst the tallest. What an irrelevant way to evaluate a ship.
  13. It's offered on almost all ships now - I booked it for my December 2019 Navigator sailing.
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