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  1. My first cruise was to Alaska (Vancouver, closed loop) on Vision of the Seas in 1999. Our most memorable thing from that sailing came on the last sea day. We're basically out at open sea (no longer in the Inside Passage) and we're enjoying lunch in the MDR. Someone on the starboard side yelled "Dolphins!" The entire MDR started moving towards the windows. Everything in the dining room STOPPED. EVERY waiter, headwaiter, assistant waiter, and a few people from the kitchen came out to look. Because it wasn't a few dolphins. It was hundreds and hundreds of dolphins, moving in the same direction of the ship, nearly at ship speed, for as far as the eye could see. Staff were commenting on how they'd NEVER seen such a sight while working in Alaska (including the captain). I have a crappy memory for things, but I"ll NEVER forget that day.
  2. We'll have to agree to disagree on this one :) I think the description of the views as well as the photos make it pretty obvious. But I am VERY glad for everyone affected by this Royal snafu (see what I did there?) that they can now make a choice that suits them best.
  3. In this information age, I have little sympathy for people who don't research their ships/sailings prior to booking. There are so many ways to see different category of rooms prior to booking, whether it's the cruise line's website, YouTube videos, multiple cruise related forums, etc. Personally I've always thought it's pretty clear that they are balconies that face the interior of the ship.
  4. So weird. I've tried 4 different browsers. But awesome for those who can - certainly worth a try!
  5. They'll price them at whatever rate they can reasonably move them, I would guess.
  6. I can fill out the page with my name and reservation number, but then I submit it and it goes to a page that no longer works. It's been that way for me since last December. Matt also said it's no longer available, so your experience is unusual. Definitely if you CAN do it, why not, but it appears for many it isn't an option.
  7. They are no longer available ahead of time online.
  8. Check prior Cruise Compasses to see if they've done them.
  9. There was no Quest on Ovation. I've never been to one, so I was kind of disappointed.
  10. I would think they'd just go back to their originally scheduled programming - so this one is pre-hurricane https://www.royalcaribbeanblog.com/cruise-compasses/navigator-of-the-seas/mon-2019-08-05-0000
  11. Wait, so are you saying that even though it reflects only 1 point for the old cruises they will recalculate back to 7 points for an old 7-night cruise if you talk to the right person? Or am I not understanding (cuz that would be a huge difference).
  12. Not a chance we won't know about a price drop. I always post when I find something, and I'm confident others will as well.
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