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  1. I always try to buy mine within 14-15 days of putting my deposit down to ensure that I get "cancel for any reason" and coverage for pre-existing conditions activated.
  2. I always buy through tripinsurance.com . They carry three different types of insurance and you choose which meet your needs and budget. The reason I go with them is because they are always extremely helpful any time I have a question about various policies. or my individual policy. I always speak with one of the same two people, which is nice for me - I don't feel lost in a huge corporation (which it probably isn't).
  3. Robbery is typically considered a violent crime. Pick pocketing is theft. They are quite different.
  4. It's possible to avoid the news. Mr SpeedNoodles hasn't seen the news since March.
  5. Hey, they're starting to trickle in - great news, lol!
  6. And then it turns out the problem all along was mostly that their own countries kept turning them away.
  7. I reread my communication with Royal - they said "an average of 45 days". Which leaves them a whole lot of wiggle room.
  8. I'm still waiting for my May 9th refund as well.
  9. It's ridiculous that they won't let you cancel everyone's. First, I'd call and talk to someone else - escalate it to a supervisor. If that doesn't work, as much as you shouldn't have to and it would be a pain the the butt to do, you could call and say you're the other person (people). It's not as though they aren't going to know your voice, and the voice of Uncle Jim, etc. But I'd definitely talk to someone else first. It's not unusual to get different answers from different employees there.
  10. I have a spreadsheet that I use to check for price drops so that I don't have to do an actual mock booking every time I check.
  11. The alerts I get only tell me if the price has dropped or raised since the last time they sent an alert. Never once, when they have sent a "price drop" alert, has the price dropped below what I've paid. Part of the problem may be that you can't set what you paid. You only choose a category type. Well there's several different categories of oceanview balconies - you can't choose "2D", just "oceanview balcony". Glad it's worked for you, but I've found it completely useless.
  12. I have used Cruiseline.com (aka Shipmate) but never once in a 18 months monitoring 6 sailings was it ever remotely accurate. I check what I paid against current prices on Royal Caribbean's site. Since I book through Royal it's the only price that is relevant to me.
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