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  1. They do in some publications. I’m still mad at them, though.
  2. I'm totally on your side, but taking a mask on and off without touching anything but the ear straps is super easy. I do it dozens of times each work shift.
  3. Ok, what was it before you changed it? I missed it and now I'm terribly curious.
  4. I got my last cruise planner refunds back (that I canceled about 6 weeks ago) less than 10 days after I canceled them.
  5. I'm also booked on this sailing, pending a) if it goes and b) if the spouse's comfort level is to the point where he'll go.
  6. @Ken JensenPlease add the year of this sailing to your title. Thanks.
  7. Moderna. I guess my arm hurt a bit, but not as bad as with tetanus and shingles, so I didn't pay much attention.
  8. I'm so sorry you are having that experience. I had mine at 2pm one day and had to work a 12-hour shift from 6pm-6am that night, so I was crossing my fingers that I wouldn't get run over since I'm the supervisor on duty and had nobody to relieve me if I got sick - my plan was to hope the crew could run itself and just lay down of the floor of my office all night. Luckily, I was spared and never had any reaction from the 2nd. Here's hoping you feel better very soon.
  9. This is going nowhere quickly. It's time to move on.
  10. I can't even open my app. When I try I get the Terms of Use page. When I click "agree" it just loads the same Terms of Use page. Over, and over, and over....
  11. Yep, it does. What's weird is that on one section it says that saliva-based tests are not accepted, and then right after that they have this disclaimer. Our saliva testing is through Vault, so I'm confused as to whether it would be accepted (hypothetically - I'm not going to Aruba). Is it only Jet Blue passengers? Vault tests are Vault tests - why would it matter who you fly with? Interesting question to ponder.
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