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  1. This video may (or may not) help. It's from a Jr Suite on Deck 9 of Adventure. About halfway through the person steps out onto the balcony for a view from his perspective.
  2. All of the Quantum-class ships have a deck 13 (maybe because Asian cultures doesn't hold such a superstition, and most of the Quantum-class were designed originally for the Asian market?).
  3. I'll be there with ya! And, nope, I won't notice it at all, either.
  4. One of my friend's got very sick after the 2nd Moderna vaccine (although she agreed that it was a small price to pay). Mr. SpeedNoodles had zero side effects ... ZERO ... from either the first or the second dose of the Moderna vaccine. So there's just no knowing (and either way, I look forward to my turn).
  5. Well, I can even find April cruises that, at least to a certain point, are available to book. Not sure I'd trust their website, since another part of it says that all of April is cancelled. I got to the point where you'd put your personal info in to book, but just didn't want to take it any further. I'm not sure at what point they'd say "Hey! We canceled this cruise!".
  6. Symphony is a fantastic ship for the Unlimited Dining Package. If I were you, I'd for sure do the UDP for one leg and CK for the other leg!
  7. I don't know if anyone knows what the exact protocol will be yet.
  8. Yes, you can still get it. But, even in Canada, the vaccine prevents severe disease. If it eliminates severe disease then it's a positive thing. Even in Canada.
  9. Also: CDC: Vaccinated people won’t need to quarantine if exposed to COVID-19 virus https://www.actionnewsjax.com/news/trending/cdc-vaccinated-people-wont-need-quarantine-if-exposed-covid-19-virus/AKLZWXA43BDJ3O3IAUR5W5MBGI/
  10. The point is that it prevents severe disease, hospitalization, intubation, and death. That's reason enough for me.
  11. They pay Royal Caribbean direct with your credit card information. They do not hold the funds. Like @Fairlynew stated, the response is quick. @michelle always responds quickly. I'd be lost without her!
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