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  1. Blue Lagoon is beautiful - I really enjoyed my time there.
  2. Check prices frequently - there's no rhyme or reason as to how prices fluctuate. I snagged an Oasis Lagoon Cabana for $317 when there was no sale going on.
  3. Yes, prices on the drink packages tend to be more expensive the shorter the duration of the cruise. I'd grab it now, and then watch daily (seriously) for a price drop. While prices may drop on Black Friday, I've seen weird deals pop up even during times that weren't advertised sales. I've gotten some great deals that way.
  4. You can show up any time. They will likely begin boarding around 10:30-11:00 and The Key guests will be called near the top of the list (on my Mariner sailing they boarded us with Pinnacles, Diamonds, and Suite guests, but I think that was because there were only about 30 of us in the terminal that early.
  5. What a perfect ship on which to do the crossing. The wrap-around Promenade deck is my favorite part of that class of ship, and your photos just reinforced how much I love them. Thanks so much for always sharing fabulous photos and information about your amazing cruises.
  6. My heart is with the older ships that have the Viking Crown Lounge - what a spectacular space that is. Our first cruise was on Vision, our next was on Jewel. I guess I'd pick Jewel over Vision, but it's a small margin. We're kind of small-ship people. That being said, we had a wonderful time on Ovation and cannot wait to sail Symphony. I like the size of Mariner/Navigator - I'm just not a fan of the Promenade. But there's not one I wouldn't sail on. They all have their individual charms.
  7. Anyone know if travel agents have this ability? @AnnetteJackson or @michelle?
  8. Hello fellow Minnesotan! I don't know about Symphony (I'm also waiting, but for Feb), but for Ovation the entertainment didn't become available until 30 days out. Patience is, apparently, a virtue (not that I'd really know, since I have none).
  9. The site seems to be glitchy (shocking, I know), as I've checked every Anthem sailing and they don't give me an option of any suites that aren't Junior Suites (no Sky or Star class options showing up on any of them).
  10. Yeah, I got it a few weeks ago at $175 and grabbed it - it's back up to $215, so I feel like a winner, LOL! Plus this is one of the $18 Unlimited Drink Package sailings that I nabbed.
  11. We're really looking forward to it. We'll be on Symphony, so tons of choices. Mr SpeedNoodles calls it "The Eatin' Package". It'll be our first Oasis Class ship!
  12. Wow, ok. I don't recall picking a time when I bought the package, but I have a crappy memory, LOL. I guess I'll recheck my cruise planner. Thanks, Ashley!
  13. So I know that they assign your first night for you (restaurant/time), and I know you can change it, but where and when do they tell you what they've assigned? Is it by email?
  14. https://www.marketwatch.com/story/this-is-the-no-1-cruise-line-for-your-money-2019-11-12
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