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  1. Here's a question (I might just ask this on Royal's Facebook page for kicks). You have the Unlimited Dining Package. For some odd reason (I don't know, maybe you make friends on the cruise, you want to all have dinner together, they don't want to put out for specialty, whatever - weirder things have happened), you're going to have dinner MDR. Would the Unlimited Dining Package cover the Premium Selections (Whole Main Lobster, etc, from the bottom of the menu)?
  2. I do, too. Still waiting for them to start cruising out of the Duluth Harbor 😁
  3. It blocks anyone who is nearby who has a scanner that can read the RFID chip without your permission. Tin foil works also, but it's so unattractive.
  4. Now you have me rethinking being on deck 12 on Symphony next Feb. I may have to move down closer to CP. Loving your blog!
  5. LIkely too early - I am sailing in Feb 2020 and almost nothing except shore excursions and drink packages are on there yet. I'm watching it daily, though. Stuff showed up about 7-8 months prior on my Navigator sailing (although it can really vary).
  6. @twangster. Is the AC/DC show still on the ship, or did they leave it down under?
  7. Yeah, this is all done, Matt, but FB is dumb and often times it still takes 15 minutes - 3 hours before a notification comes. But that's just a Facebook thing, so whatcha gonna do? Appreciate all that you do and catch as many as I can!
  8. Well darn it - I'm completely out of range. But you take better photos and what a way to enjoy them, if it was possible!
  9. Hey, maybe you'll get to see the Northern Lights ? http://www.msn.com/en-us/weather/topstories/the-northern-lights-aka-aurora-borealis-could-be-coming-to-a-sky-near-you-this-week/ar-AABmuze?ocid=ientp
  10. Ok, I was watching you live scope going under the bridge. How did you do that and take such awesome photos at the same time?
  11. I watched your scope under the bridge - how fun! I'm stuck at work until 7am, so I'm watching the Ovation's progression on marinetraffic.com just thinking how unfortunate it is that you have to go through the San Juan Islands and Juan De Fuca Straight overnight - my favorite area of the world (but I guess it's just not possible to avoid it!). I never get enough of that area. When we retire out there I may just spend all of my time riding the ferries like a crazy old woman. I'll bring a dog. It'll be so much cooler that way.
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