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  1. I haven't received a paper copy since the eary 2000s. I always get one emailed to me the morning of debarkation (usually around 10am).
  2. 2 of them will be for My Time. It should say which ones if you look at the app. You can go to either of the 2 MTD rooms. They all serve the same food.
  3. It occurred to me on the Icon Inaugural that not one staff member even mentioned the survey once to us.
  4. Back in the day of having a different comedian come on board half way through the cruise was December 2023 for me
  5. It might be but it might not be, either. I've experienced both. You can check previous cruise compasses, but in this case you might just want to keep an eye on the app. Entertainers like comedians have different kinds of contracts and will sometimes get on board/off board mid cruise and be replaced with a different one. It's no big deal to cancel once on the ship, imo. https://www.royalcaribbeanblog.com/cruise-compass
  6. There are sales all of the time. Waiting until Black Friday could be a huge mistake, as prices could still go up enough that a sale would make it more expensive than it is now. The Black Friday sales used to be quite good. Since Covid, all sales (that occur about every 2-3 weeks) are basically the same.
  7. Boarding Icon is easy. If you complete all of the steps on the app ahead of time you will probably get Express Boarding and not have to wait very long, if at all. https://www.royalcaribbeanblog.com/2024/05/20/royal-caribbean-express-boarding-review
  8. Let your travel agent know immediately. The names must match your passport.
  9. On Wonder you will need to make reservations for the AquaTheatre show, the main production in the theatre, and possibly the comedy shows. You can do this on the Cruise Planner or app. As for dining, you will have either two choices of traditional dining (early or late, possibly a 3rd if they have implemented that yet - you will have the same time/table/wait staff every day) or MyTime dining, where you can choose different times every night if you wish. You should still make reservations for those as the stand by line can be long.
  10. And a lot of people likey absolutely hated it but enough maturity to just not say anything.
  11. For me it wasn't just that there were no backs. They are at a height that, if the seats were flat, would be fine. But the seat is higher in front and dips a bit, which made it impossible for me to sit in the seat. I had to sit at the edge (I am 5' tall, and many chairs are problematic. Most benches are fine for me - these were simply so painful).
  12. Other than just doing the math (gratuities add 18%) no. I keep a spreadsheet and write down the base price that I pay for everything on the Cruise Planner so that I can tell when there's a price change. #nerdalert
  13. I think they mean any small bags that you have with you. The luggage is stored under the bus in a locked compartment, but they do not want to be responsible for purses and backpacks.
  14. You'd have to check previous cruise compasses for similar sailings on Liberty. https://www.royalcaribbeanblog.com/cruise-compass?ship=277
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