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  1. Ok, so I've submitted a bid through RoyalUp for a neighborhood balcony, upgrading from an ocean view stateroom. My question is, if my bid is accepted will we get the perks that come with a neighborhood balcony? Just curious, I mean, if we don't, no biggie. Sure would be nice though! Crossing my fingers for a boardwalk balcony though...partial ocean view, haha! Thanks in advance!
  2. So, question for all you lovely people! We leave in 85 days, I downloaded the app and for the most part, it’s really well done. However the itinerary I see on the app raises some concerns. Our itinerary has always been St Kitts, St Thomas and Nassau. The gangway times for St Kitts is accurate, but the next day is supposed to be St Thomas and it does say that in one place, but the gangway times are listed as not even St. Thomas, but San Juan! At 12! Also the gangway times for Nassau changed in the app from 10 am to 8am. Is it possible that it’s changed with no notifications for passengers? If so, will we get a refund for excursions if we cannot do them because of this? I did book through RC, btw... I just wanted to be prepared!
  3. Actually, I was raised in Ann Arbor, but I’ve been in the South for 13 years! Northern born, Southern by default!? Go Blue!
  4. I just wanted to let y’all know that I made the decision to get myself the refreshment package and my son the soda package! Thanks for your help and your kindness!
  5. Ooooo, something to think about! He would probably feel so “grown “! Lol
  6. @mworkmanthat’s exactly how I am. Do you think my son would enjoy the mocktails, though or should I stick with soda package for him and get the refreshment package for myself like @Hoskisaid, but can I share bottled water with him? Is that allowed? I don’t want to get in trouble...
  7. @Hoski that’s actually a very good idea! Thank you! Quick question though: can I stock up on bottled water this way?
  8. @spiralqueen, I already plan to carry on my allotment of wine, so a 12 of water may be pushing it for me! Great suggestion though!
  9. @Lovetocruise2002 and @twangster, it’s perfectly ok! Y’all are entertaining!
  10. Loving the community here!

  11. @spiralqueen, I have purchased the soda packages for us both. Also the Evian package of 12 1L bottles and a coffee card for myself. I just wonder if that will be enough for us! Thank you for being so kind! This is an awesome group!
  12. @Psycho and Barb, you’re absolutely right about not enough information. I love my Coke Zero and caramel macchiatos, and my son loves mixing flavors with Sprite! I will need bottled water for port days for sure!
  13. @twangster Thanks for treating me and my question (s) with respect.
  14. So, I’m agonizing over the decision to keep our soda packages, coffee card and package of water or maybe go for the refreshment package for my son and I. I’m a single Mom with not much and I’m afraid to “take the plunge “ and spend the extra $100. Please, I need constructive practical advice to help me choose. I say constructive because I’ve been made to look like an idiot on other forums. Be kind.
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