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  1. We were on Indy last week and there was always an attendant at the ice-cream machine. I think it’s better especially with smaller kids. It wasn’t open 24/7 but that was fine for us. Indy does have its own Sorrentos and my son thought their pizza was great. I also booked MTD in advance using the cruise planner but only went 2 out of 5 nights. (Sometimes we just wanted a relaxed windjammer dinner.) Using the app, I was able to get an idea of the show times etc and booked our MTD based on that info. The cruise was our first and we also loved it! Thanks to this site I was really well informed,
  2. Last week on Indy they had a BOGO 50% off, therefore it was $60+$30= $45 per person. On the cruise planner I paid EUR40,50 pp.
  3. @twangster do you think it’s worthwhile getting the Key on Indy? We’re sailing 15April... ship might be quite full since it’s the week before Easter.. so I was just wondering.
  4. I’m looking fwd to the update... we’ll be at Cococay on 19 April and I don’t really know what to expect...
  5. April 15, 2019 Independence of the Seas ...102 days to go...
  6. Hi everyone, my name is Abi and we‘re going on our first cruise on Indy from 15-20April... so excited, can’t wait!!! We‘re flying to FLL from Germany so it’s a long haul for us, but I’m sure it’s gonna be worthwhile Thanks for a great site and all the invaluable tips! Absolutely awesome!!
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