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  1. @2Beeze I had seen that thread mentioned previously and when I checked the link that someone else had posted it showed that it was deleted... 😧
  2. @twangster I will be on Adventure of the Seas. Which ships have you had trouble on?
  3. @twangster Being a travel router novice is there password protection to gain access travel router? I have been looking at purchasing the RAVPower travel router you mentioned in a previous live blog. What were your thoughts on this router? Ease of use? Would you recommend that one or do you have a particular preference. I am somewhat tech savvie, but by no means an expert
  4. I have seen a few posts that have mentioned travel routers. This is not something that I am familiar with. https://www.royalcaribbeanblog.com/boards/index.php?/profile/13328-twangster/ seems to be the person that knows a fair amount about them. Any insight on preferred travel routers and how to set them up would be greatly appreciated.
  5. The process of cancelling and rebooking by calling would be beneficial in instances where they cannot make more of something available like a bungalow or cabana in places like Labadee and CoCo Cay if there is a price drop. I got a beach bed for Labadee for my April cruise and would have to go that route if there happens to be a price drop since they are currently sold out. I also keep looking on cruise planner hoping that someone happens to cancel a bungalow or cabana.
  6. I am going to be on that cruise as well
  7. You just cancel and repurchase on cruise planner. No need to call RC unless you are concerned that there may be limited supply of said excursions, or whatever you are trying to buy. Then you would want to call have RC and have them rebook for you to ensure that you get the lower price. It can take a few days to weeks to get cancelled charges refunded back to your card. I did this process for drink package and it was an easy process.
  8. We have the Key for our sailing so we have surf and stream internet package. So we will have access to our streaming services.
  9. That's what I recall seeing in other posts about having difficulty accessing the USB ports on the stateroom TVs
  10. I know how to install and use it. I just don't know why she would want it while we are on vacation and trying to "unplug" haha
  11. My wife was curious if our firestick would work on TV in our stateroom? Not sure why she would need it since we're on vacation, but I figured I would ask anyway.
  12. @Wilmsta I am going to be on Adventure in April as well and look forward to trying these too! 😆
  13. @bhageerah My thoughts exactly about the ER trauma bay. Just got home from working the night shift in the ER and can't wait to be sailing away in April!
  14. @Yo2slick Yes they limit the number of people that can buy the Key. That number is unknown, but once it sales out it is gone.
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