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  1. TAKE.....MY.....MONEY! The only thing I hope is that it is a "full line" perfect day! Not a half assed perfect day with a few sun loungers... However with that said its better than nothing and I've been wanting royal to invest and make a impression in Australia for a long time.
  2. Only advice I can offer from my experience on OV and dining packages is to book them ASAP! As soon as we got on OV it was straight to Jamie's Italian to book all our speciality dining reservations for that said cruise. On both occasions alot of people who had UDP and 3night weren't able to book certain speciality dining restaurants at the time they wanted for the day they wanted, as it is very popular on this ship. Also why book at Jamie's? It's the least busy that's why.....easy! And yes I ordered multiple dishes and I felt like a glutton but oh well your on holidays right!
  3. On two occasions we boarded OV prior to official time and weren't obstructed in anyway. First time was 1130 but we were on at 1030. Second time was 1100 but we were on at 1030.
  4. In Australia the casinos on rccl are all non smoking, as smoking in Australia is becoming fround apon so hence the restriction. Also on my recent cruise on ovation they cut the smoking area down on the pool deck from half to a quarter! Standing room only! However as a non-smoker I don't believe a ship should be smoke-free. I see it as a freedom issue! If you want to fill your lungs with that crap so be it!, your choice. The only suggestion I might have would be to have a nice smokers area "not a dungeon", also away from kids and overzealous non-smokers....jokes 😂
  5. If you're looking for good deals on jewellery, second hand jewellery shops and pawnbrokers is the only way to go. They normally have a good range of unique pieces, a lot of them fully handmade, solid, with natural gemstones. If they show you a valuation certificate, ticket price should be no more than 50% of the valuation price and you can normally negotiate them down further. The jewellery in Regalia is nothing more than cheap cast rubbish with some coloured gemstones and/or diamonds. We did a cruise on voyager of the seas, a ring they were selling "on special" for $699 USD I could buy local, secondhand for $79 AUD.
  6. I booked at the 40% off each guest on the thursday then Friday it changed as we know to 40% off each guess + OBC. So I called them today and I asked "hey my booking was so close to the change of deal, can I get the $100 OBC deal still?" They just rebooked the reservation under the new deal, same room, same price as before even tho it was NRD..... Pretty good considering, so yes don't ask don't get I guess.
  7. Yep, just convinced the wife to a 11 night south pacific in 2021! Price dropped based on what we wanted by 350ish. Good stuff!
  8. I'm on ovation in 29 days, so I'll see if anything has changed and I'll ask the crew if they know anything. I will let you guys know!
  9. I just can't fathom how someone could even do something like this to someone they love, even in an intoxicated state. I guess iam naive lol. However it is good she is ok and he will be punished.
  10. So Ive been hearing rumors of Johnny Rockets replacing Kung Fu Panda noodle shop on Ovation of the Seas. And this, http://www.ovationoftheseas.com.au/dining/restaurant/johnny-rockets/ Also heard on facebook of a fish and chip restaurant opening? Make sense tho, With the transition to Alaska-Australia sailings.
  11. Domestic violence / attempted murder on radiance of the seas. https://mobile.abc.net.au/news/2018-10-19/man-charged-after-trying-to-throw-partner-overboard-cruise-ship/10397886
  12. Someone had passed away from what I have been hearing. Hence the delay, I guess?
  13. Hi there, My wife and I are working out plans for our upcoming cruise 23 November 2018 on ovation from Sydney to Tasmania. Now are there any tips that you guys might have inregards to getting on ASAP with RC and particularly SYD terminal Two reasons why are, 1. We bought the UDP, from my understanding I can only reserve once on board and id like dine to at a reasonable time lol. 2. I'd like to avoid the lines and book the NorthStar, FLOWRIDER and IFLY. 3. Once that the above is done we would like to greet/help our family members who are first time to cruising and RC. We are Gold C&A and we are staying in a suite and I have been told those categories get priority boarding. Also is there anyway I can book/reserve dining times and activities for other family members as they are let's say " technologically retarded" and will be overwhelmed as first-time cruisers...lol Any help/comment would be great as I've heard booking and reserving is a must with quantum class and oasis class ships....cheers!
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