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  1. Upon reading a topic about sea sickness I thought about after my first cruise and how I got land sickness. God it was horrible especially in the shower, it felt like I was in rough seas in the damm shower hahahaha. Even a week after the cruise! What was yours like and do super seasoned cruisers still get it?
  2. I get motion sickness and sucks big time! I find that the good old phenergan really helps me, I take one the night before the cruise and one every night of the cruise. Just one pill and I'm absolutely fine and I can drink with it too and not feel drowsy!
  3. Not sure how you americans folk feel about lobster on a pizza? In oz we have prawns-shrimp on pizza but not lobster tho @ $120aud per kilo for southern rock lobster lol. Tomato base, garlic, herbs, onion, lobster, chilli and not sure about cheese tho. Hmmmm.....
  4. Good point! Imagine getting a pizza base and walking around putting whatever on it within windjammers and then getting them to cook it. Granted some odd concoctions may occur lol
  5. Bacon, cheese, red onion, tomato, sausage, mushroom and egg pizza with maybe a swirl of maple syrup? On a side note I need to visit sorrento's more often because it seems from what iam reading there is rotating options.
  6. I was just looking at the dinning options on my next cruise and i thought about sorrento's pizza? It seems they still have the same old pizzas and there's nothing wrong with that, god nothing like a 3am drunken stumble to sorrento's! but I feel that a new pizza wouldn't go astray. So I would like to see a escargot pizza or even a Coastal kitchen menu inspired pizza lol. What pizzas would you like to see????
  7. Yes, that's one of selling points for us is the priority tenders and yes the wife buys the voom.
  8. Coastal kitchen hands down lol. However UDP's are good for the variety and $$$$. I did UDP and Coastal kitchen on Ovation and found the food much better in Coastal.
  9. Yeah I paid for them and will rebuy if cheaper. The biggest reason for the key is the ports and also if key activities times suits. You spend half the cruise waiting in those damn lines lol. Fingers crossed that this cruise dows happen so I can report back hahaha.
  10. Thanks Matt, really good advice on the key vs your C&A level pros and cons! The wife and I are platinum and are in jr suite. What's ur view based on our info above?
  11. What's your guys opinion on a 9 night south pacific cruise 2022 Drinks package $79.46 aud per day The key $38.35 aud per day Don't know if I should buy now or at wait for a better deal?
  12. Hmmmm, I hope for the "best" when it comes to the whole getting it "right for the future covid19 " stuff! I will be watching for myself on shiptracker, when or if VOTS comes down to SYD by let's say mid FEB 21. If not...heaps craphouse for me!
  13. Yes I agree, However I do think the Australian government is over protective because of the Ruby Princess dramas, also it doesn't help when you have a lot negative nancys when it comes to cruising. I must say too on a side note I get really pissy when I hear folks saying cruising won't happen till the year 3000AD, might be because I have a 11 night cruise booked for 23rd of March 2021 hahahahaha!
  14. Just an update https://cruisepassenger.com.au/exclusive-australian-government-studies-ways-to-restart-cruise/
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