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  1. Thank you all for all of the great suggestions! Melski94, that's what we'll try to do. Great suggestion and thanks for the pictures of the rope next to the public part. I was having a hard time picturing the layout, but now it makes sense. Honestly, the kids (aged 7-13) don't ever sit down anyway, so that's a perfect suggestion.
  2. Hello, I am traveling on Harmony in April in a group of 11 (6 adults/5 older kids) and one of our ports is Labadee. I booked a beach bungalow (for up to 8 people) with the intent of the adults using it while the kids play in the water all day, as they typically do when we go on vacation. The RCL representative who booked my bungalow assured me that the beach area near the bungalows is not private, so as long as the kids are not actually using the bungalow, they can pull up regular chairs near us and use the sand and beach near us. In addition, on the shore excursion description of the bungalows, it explicitly states that the Columbus Cove area, where the bungalows are, is not a private area. However, after reading reviews online, many people have mentioned that the bungalow area is roped off and one needs a wrist band to get in. I couldn't find a review past 2017, so I'm wondering if this is still true? Has anyone been there recently and can you confirm that the kids will be able to play in the same area as our bungalow? If they can't, I am thinking of cancelling the bungalow, but all of the beach loungers are sold out and we would really like shade for the adults. I've read (again, they are a little older) reviews that mention locals setting up umbrellas on the beach for around $20. Can anyone confirm this to be still true in 2019? Thanks for any and all input!
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