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  1. Was this on an episode of the Love Boat? 🤣
  2. The one piece of advice from our first cruise is try not to do everything. It's all overwhelming but try and take time to relax. Remember, it is vacation. Happy Cruising!
  3. As @Matthas mentioned numerous times, he always requests some Indian Curry during his MDR dinners as a special request? What off menu dishes or items have you requested and received? Any requests denied?
  4. It's probably the only thing you guys don't put that on! 🤣
  5. I love me some good Maryland interstate talk! 🤣
  6. I think the parents are trying to push the narrative that it's RCCL fault to lesson the prosecution of the grandfather. That's my hope and that they are not just doing it for the money.
  7. It's always about the money. Especially when people say "It's not about the money!" I don't think RCCL should be held liable in this case. If for some reason, judgement goes against RCCL and they are ordered to pay the family damages, how about the family making a statement by donating their portion of the settlement to charity? That would make a truly show, it's not about the money! No amount of money can change what happened. Just ask @tiny blondeif she had millions in the bank if she would feel any different about her loss. Thoughts and prayers go out to all that need them.
  8. Why do you think all those XL t-shirts and above always seem to have pockets?😃😃
  9. We have a corner aft JS on Rhapsody next Oct. It's one of only two like it on the ship. I booked it 19 mos out though and I think the other booked shortly after. The other aft cabins booked booked up not to long after that. It has an extra large balcony, deck 8, below the spa. Should also be very quiet. Happy Cruising!
  10. Everybody involved in this tragedy had a better chance of getting hit and killed by a car on their way to embarkation than being killed in a volcanic eruption. Any day could be our last. Live like it is and enjoy your life!
  11. We're happy with what we have, being it's our first time in anything above a ocean view. We will put in a bid if it seems reasonable. Not sure on suite availability last minute. There are still a lot left, but it is still 9mo months out. We'll see. Happy cruising!
  12. My prayers go out to all those effected. Nature is going to do what it wants, when it wants.
  13. We'll be on Serenade next Oct. What kind of bid did you put in. I'll probably put one in when it's time. We're currently in a JS aft corner. Really looking forward to the extra large balcony, but might want to take a flyer on a GS or OS, for the right price. Whatever that is.
  14. I only gained 2lbs last cruise. Guess I wasn't really trying.😞
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