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  1. Portland is a great walk around town. If your hungry, check out Standard Baking Co, The Holy Donut, Duck Fat or Eventide Oyster Co.
  2. It's not a dress code, if it's not enforced. It's a suggested dress. Just saying. I don't really care what people wear. It doesn't affect my dinner or enjoyment. You be you and I'll be me.
  3. That will have to be something I need to get used to when we are in Italy, Montenegro and Greece next year.
  4. I agree. My example is really the extreme, but does happen. Even when service has been poor, I don't leave less than 15%. I also know enough to determine whether the tip deserved is service rather than food related. I've seen people not tip because they didn't like their food. The servers fault? Probably not, but they are the ones to suffer.
  5. I would be all for it and I'm in the industry. I'd be all for it for everything. I want to know what the final price is. What's it going to cost me? Don't give me a price and then add tax, and gratuities and this and that.
  6. This concept has actually started with some in the industry, where it states on the menu, that prices have being increased by X% to compensate service staff. I think the general public would be skeptical as to whether the servers where receiving all that's due to them. Being a server is not an easy job, as any of you that work with the public know. But, if that's what they choose to do as a job or career, who have to take the good with the bad. You're going to get "stiffed" some times and other times get tipped 50%. You can only hope it all averages out in the long run.
  7. Same reason you tip your server at a restaurant and not the cook. Although, the cook may have more of an impact on your meal than your server. Just the way it is.
  8. Just a different model for salary compensation. In a lot of European restaurants gratuity is added automatically or the service cost is just rolled into the menu cost. Of course here in the states, we leave it up to the consumer to set the appropriate rate of service compensation, though most restaurants charge at least an 18% gratuity for parties over 8. Why? To protect the servers from those that would tip $10 on a $300 check. I know, I've seen it. Which is fair? Which is right?
  9. One of the downsides of living near the coast. I think most people would trade that for the others benefits of coastal living.
  10. I think it's really a matter of semantics. Call it what you want, whether it's a "gratuity" or " salary subsidization", as long as the hard working crew is compensated fairly, I'm all good with it. I always tip above and beyond when I see fit, which is almost always. Being that everybody gets an equal share of the gratuity pie, this isn't always equitable. There are always some that should get more and others less. I want to let those, who deserve more, know that I appreciate service above and beyond.
  11. Does the beverage staff fall under "other Hotel Services," or do they only share gratuities from beverage packages?
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