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  1. It really all depends on what type of activities we are interested in. As far as the MDR, we always choose My Time Dining. This always us the ability to adjust what time we eat. Eat earlier if there is a show we want to see. Eat later if we are coming back from an on-shore excursion. Even though you need to select a time ahead of time, you can change it easily once you are on board to suit your needs. Or just show up at what ever time you want and wait for the next table available, like a traditional restaurant. We've done this multiple times with a very short wait. Happy Cruising!
  2. We've also used this and have had no problem getting what we've asked for.
  3. Also, I think dining in the MDR is a good way to start your cruise, especially your first one. Make sure to do the 2nd formal night in the MDR usually night 6 on a 7 night or more cruise. Also known as lobster night. They're not the biggest or best lobster tails you will ever have, but they are all you care to eat!
  4. My TA got us shuttle transfers through RC for $58pp each way through RC. Not without jumping through some hoops though. RC requires same day flight info to pre-book the service. Who is flying into Venice the morning of a cruise with a 2.5hr bus trip ahead of them? The cheapest private service I found was through Mydaytrip.com. you might want to look there. They offered private van service up to 7 passengers for 346 Euros. You'd obviously need two vans, each way, so that's roughly 140 Euros round trip per person. Good luck. Happy Cruising!
  5. They're strictly for transportation in and around Venice. And even if they did, I'm not sure you'd want to foot the bill for the trip considering 126 Euros was the cheapest I could find for a water taxi just from Marco Polo Airport to Venice.
  6. We are staying about a 5min walk from the Pizzale Roma tram station, so we will walk there and then take the people mover to Isola Nova del Tronchetto. Happy Cruising!
  7. Shuttle update. So apparently, according to an email I just got from my TA, RC will not book an airport transfer from 2 different airports in advance. We are flying into Venice, but out of Bologna. She could only book the trip from Venice to Bologna, and that we would have to book the transfer from Ravenna to Bologna once on board. She's going to investigate some more and get back to me. I'll pass the info along. If I wanted to jump through this many hoops, I would have joined the circus. Happy Cruising!
  8. Matt also likes to shop at Tar-zhay!
  9. I have not heard anything about the water taxi. Water taxi from where?
  10. RC is offering shuttle service from Porto Corsini to Venice City Center for $58pp. The drive is 2.5hrs, whether by bus or private transfer.
  11. Just got an email from my TA. She has secured us transportation through RC for $58pp from Venice City center to Ravenna. They also have service from Marco Polo Airport. Two shuttles each morning at 9 and 11. The shuttle from Marco Polo Airport is $45pp. The RC reservation system requires same day flight information to book an embarkation airport transfer. She will provide them with a same day flight itinerary, even though we will arrive 3 days earlier. This will satisfy the requirement and get us on the shuttle. I would suggest anybody booking through a TA to inquire about this. My TA Kathy at MEI does it again! Happy Cruising!
  12. Just got a quote on Mydaytrip.com for a van for up to 7 passengers from Venice to Ravenna for $326 Euros. Service gets great ratings on Tripadvisor. Sounds like great option. Happy Cruising!
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