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  1. Wow @WAAAYTOOO! That's quite a commute! 😁
  2. Sorry, that would be a no to both. They are prohibited as potential fire risks. You can check here or on line at Royal Caribbean for a complete list of prohibited items.
  3. A place for everything and everything in it's place. Sounds reasonable to someone who once told their family during a Disney trip there was no time for pictures! What? We were on a schedule! 😂😂😂 They will not let me forget it.
  4. With all the talk by some of the demise of the MDR as compared to what it used to be. Is there a favorite dish that you miss from days gone by in the MDR or other restaurants? What dish would to start a revolt over if they ever got rid of it? @Matt? Spaghetti Bolognese? I always enjoy the escargot, but I'm not so sure I'd start a mutiny over them.
  5. I know some people don't like to pre pay tips ahead as they fear poor service if people are pre-tipped. But with everything and the number of people involved with three meals a day, bartenders, cabin stewards, etc. How far does $14.50 pp a day really go? We always pre pay and then tip also as we go as we feel necessary. You'd be surprised how a couple of extra bucks here and there gets you service beyond the normal great service on RCCL. Just our experience.
  6. Buy it when you can and if it drops, you can always rebook. It's quick and easy.
  7. And Chicago! People that don't live here, don't realize how big the Great Lakes are! 😂
  8. The only one I've seen sails out of San Diego and ends in I think Vancouver. Also there is only one cruise a season.
  9. I do the same. It's a carry over from my over planning and cruise planner stalking for the previous year plus!
  10. What a system. It seems like you guys have done this a couple of times before! 😄
  11. It's a good deal for those that only want an occasion drink.
  12. People wouldn't be forced into it. it would be an option that you choose. Hopefully you would know what you would be getting yourself into.
  13. It's just a discussion of what people want and what they don't want, I'm happy with the ways things are now. I'm just curious about what others have to say. Some people vacation at the Motel 6 and some stay at The Four Seasons.
  14. True, but then why don't they charge more for the cruises, employ more people and service would be even better?
  15. Ok, so for you , leave out the housekeeping portion. What about only being able to eat in the WJ? Current discussions, have left me with the opinion that many people prefer it to the MDR any ways.
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