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  1. This all makes perfect sense. Cost savings will be as important, if not more, until a full cruising schedule comes back online.
  2. I hear ya! I'm concerned about ours and we don't sail until Oct! The only thing we know for certain, is that things are uncertain.
  3. I'd like to see a happy median that allows cruisers the option of protecting their bookings in these uncertain times, but also allows RC to not have to take a "loss" which in the long run could hurt the company.
  4. If you have ever been to Disney, you are used to waiting in lines.
  5. It seems like this could be done anytime, in anticipation of the No Sail Order being lifted. Although, no one knows for sure what the new rules might be when it's time to cruise again, so it might needed to be tweaked before submission.
  6. Finally! Something positive coming out of Covid-19!
  7. Until the Covid-19 situation comes under control with a vaccine and such, all of the speculation as to what's going to happen is just that. Speculation. But, since speculation is all we have now, what do you think might be permanent changes to the way we cruise in the future? Temperature checks prior to boarding? Advanced health screenings? Any permanent onboard changes? Happy (future) Cruising!
  8. At some point, like owning a car, you can't keep throwing money into something older and less efficient. You need to bit the bullet and buy something new.
  9. I agree @twangster. Especially those that have chosen to purchase the key on some of the smaller ships, where the perks you mentioned above, seem to be the biggest draw for some.
  10. No wonder I haven't been able to deduct my cruises from my taxes!
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