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  1. When all this craziness is over, what is the one thing you look forward to most on your next cruise?
  2. I bet that's what the said to the passengers of the Titanic and the Hindenburg!
  3. Scheduled for Greek Isle cruise out of Venice in Oct for our 30th wedding anniversary. If that doesn't happen, we will be sailing out of Venice in Oct 2021 for our 31st wedding anniversary!
  4. My guess is , that If Super Mario wanted to be in Star Class now, he could definitely afford it.
  5. Everything for our Oct Greek Isle cruise has already been purchased and paid for. If Rhapsody is still cruising at that time, we plan on being on it. Currently in a JS corner aft. Might splurge to move up to a GS or OS if the price is right. Both categories have only come down a little since Jan and the same amount of cabins are still available. We are still 6mos away, so we will wait and see what happens.
  6. What about the stigma about people flying again? How many more people are exposed to God knows what from flying everyday compared to cruising? What about going to a concert or sporting event? When all this is said and done, if people refuse to fly and/or cruise, that just leaves better cruise and flight selections for me.
  7. Ham by any other name, is still ham.
  8. I plan on going back to business as usual as far as travel is concerned. I still plan on cruising and flying, using the same precautions I did before all this craziness.
  9. Canadians are awesome. Bacon is awesome. Canadian bacon...not so much.
  10. What about the dispensaries?
  11. I could be wrong, but I feel that the state of Illinois keeping liquor stores open has something to do with the amount of lottery tickets purchased at liquor stores. Just saying. We need to shelter in place, but not if it effects lottery sales.
  12. Here in Illinois, it's kind of been a mixed bag. My youngest, a HS senior is doing e-learning. Schools are closed for the near future. Only essential businesses are supposed to be open, but in Illinois that includes liquor stores? All restaurants are only, pick up or delivery, with many of they doing curbside and not allowing anyone indoors. They don't want you to gather in large groups, but you can stand in line at the grocery stores, trying to find essentials like tp that for some reason is being hoarded. One day at a time. That's all we can do.
  13. My guess would be that they aren't going anywhere to this all blows over. They will have plenty of time to reposition when the time comes. Hopefully, sooner than later.
  14. I think only time will tell. I think this will change the way we do and look at a lot of things after this. Some of which may be even hard to imagine right now.
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