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  1. Cruise planner was open with most pkgs for our Oct 2020 cruise when I booked it in April of this year. 18mos out.
  2. Sorry, didn't see you were on Empress.
  3. One piece of advice I would give anybody about excursions in general is to choose one or two activities that you want to do and book those. The big full day excursion seems great, all these great places to see and things to do. In actuality, you will be spending a lot of time on a bus getting from one place to another.
  4. We have basically the same cabin, starboard side on Rhapsody next year for our Greek Isle cruise. Looking forward to it! No balcony like it for the price!
  5. That will start when RC realizes there is a market for it and they can charge for it! RC Fast Pass. Coming soon to a ship near you!
  6. Like others have said above, it really is a personal decision. If the big reason you would get the key is the internet, I would suggest doing the math and figuring out what the difference between purchasing the key and an internet package is. At that point, decide if the addition cost is worth the additional perks you get with The Key. Happy Cruising!
  7. It is a very good deal. The only thing I would be cautious of is that there have been different reports, ship by ship, about having more than one "punch" taken for additional shots or larger sizes. Each "punch" is good for a standard size drink. One of the nice things about the card is that it is one of the add-ons that can be shared between people.
  8. Bought this for our Greek Isle cruise next year on Rhapsody, but the second choice was either Giovanni's or Izumi, not the Brunch or Sushi class. I'm not sure if those are new options. I don't recall seeing those choices before.
  9. I know sometimes pictures can be deceiving, but the bridge seems tall enough to accommodate ships, larger than I would think can travel through the canal?
  10. I guess I never noticed it before. As always, you learn something new here all the time.
  11. Doesn't this seem kind of unusual for a standard 7 night cruise?
  12. And everybody gets off in Rome at the end?
  13. Oh, gotcha. I see. I didn't know it was date related, I thought it was just revolving around the ports.
  14. Starts in one port and ends in the other, and then just reverses for the next cruise?
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