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  1. I'm with you @foxrunner. I'm not going to let somebody else's fashion choices impact my cruise.
  2. Those are acceptable for your guys. In the end dress for yourself, not for others. If it's allowed by RC, others have no right telling you what to wear. If others can't enjoy their meal because people are not wearing what "they" think they should, that's on them. Happy cruising!
  3. 12 is a lot, but not unimaginable. They aren't the biggest lobster tails in the world. Some that I've seen are more like large prawns. But they are included, so what the heck!
  4. I would also stop by the MDR the first day and speak with somebody about your concerns. RC is very good with making accommodations, with enough notice.
  5. I find it amusing when RC is constantly having a "sale!" It seems like RC cruises are on sale more than they are not and does anybody pay full price for a cruise anymore? You'd have to want it real bad! Has anybody tried those last minute sales? When cruises are under like 30 days out? Are the savings that substantial?
  6. Would love to do a West Coast cruise, so many great cities, but @twangsteris right. Probably once would be enough and after all the initial cruisers have done it, what do you do then?
  7. Go to your original post. Hit the edit button and change the title. Then repost. It's ok. We were all once new here ourselves.
  8. This is available on a lot of cruises I've been on! And it's free! 🤣🤣🤣
  9. @CLkif you re-title your thread with the subject matter, not your name, you will get more responses. Welcome to the blog! Happy cruising!
  10. Seems like a good idea for Giovanni's. They are just incorporating the wine bar concept of Vintages, into the new design. As @WAAAYTOOOmentioned, Vintages in the past was a waste of space. We did find on Serenade that Vintages was a nice quiet, comfortable spot to relax and read awhile.
  11. Never saw the musical. Don't plan on seeing the movie.
  12. I would never fly in the day of a cruise. I'm not a pessimist per se, but I am a what if guy. I also concur with both @twangsterand @ChessE4that travel insurance is a must. The only thing worse than something happening that causes you to miss your cruise, is too loose all your money you have already invested. Buy it and hope you don't have to use it. Happy cruising!
  13. I've passed by many of these activities that were packed and many that were sparsely attended. They do have to fill up the day with varied activities to accommodate all. Different strokes for different folks. Once again. The best part about cruising is that you get to make choices. You be you and I'll be me and let's do it together on an RC cruise!
  14. If that's the case, is complimentary dining in the WJ, MDR and such a perk of booking a cruise? Maybe we just have a different definition of a perk. I'm fine with that.
  15. This is a prime example of the difference between cruisers who use the ship as a means of transportation and the ones that use it as a all-inclusive resort. Still others pick and choose parts of both. Isn't that the best part of cruising? Choices?
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