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  1. We went with Allianz also based on a recommendation from our MEI TA. We like the fact that Allianz just moved our policy from this years cruise to next years. A little different from some of the stories I've heard about other travel insurance companies out there. I hope we don't have to find out how they handle a claim!
  2. Join the club. Went from 93 to 460.
  3. Glad to hear it all worked out in the end. You have a TA to be an advocate, not an adversary. Although this is our first cruise with MEI, I have nothing but high praise for them to this point. Short example. Found out on June 20th our TA was leaving MEI. Contacted our new TA on the 25th requesting a Lift & Shift. Lift & Shift completed on the 26th. How's that for service?
  4. My wife says I do that on every cruise. I like people in moderation.
  5. Waiting to here the same info since out Greek Isle cruise was Lift & Shifted to next Oct. Happy Cruising!
  6. And on top of that, you can always throw in that you are going to tell everybody you know that they are giving you false information, which they are and threaten to call the BBB. With what's going on these nobody what's and bad PR. I'm a pretty easy going guy myself, but some times you need to be a "Richard" to get what you want. Good Luck and Happy Cruising!
  7. I agree about social media. One example of a good idea that's got out of hand.
  8. And don't forget those heathen kids with their Jitterbugging!
  9. I agree with you @SpeedNoodles. I've tried other sites before and have found, even if they have been accurate, the info always lags the RC site.
  10. I also use the RC site as @sk8erguy1978 said. What better place than the source. Also, as in my case, if you have a good TA, they will notify you about price reductions and do the work for you before you know there is a price reduction.
  11. Kids are going to be kids, but it's the parents responsibility to protect them from themselves.
  12. Is that where the "swingers" hang out? 😉
  13. That's a deal breaker
  14. My wife and I really love the Solariums on RC. So much that that may be one of the determining factors on picking a ship and cruise, as silly as that might seem. With that being said, which RC ship has the best solarium and why? Happy cruising!
  15. I totally agree with @WAAAYTOOO. Not sure why you would want to rebook with a TA that you have been unhappy with for a long time. As @sk8erguy1978mentioned, there are a lot of happy people here with the service they have received from MEI. Happy cruising!
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