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  1. These people that choose to schlep cases of water and soda on vacation really boggles my mind...
  2. Ugh I came to this forum to get away from the dumpster fire at cruise critic yet here we are...
  3. Voyager is one of the smallest, oldest ships in the fleet. I wouldn't sail on it for free. I prefer Oasis class followed by Freedom so that's just me.
  4. Absolutely. We always try to board first thing since you're paying for the full day and can start using all amenities right away.
  5. You lost me at driving 17 hours straight. I'd rather shell out the $600+ for airfare.
  6. Of all my cruises I couldn't tell you the name or what any CD looked like. It has made no difference in my experience whatsoever.
  7. You really need to check the website for your information. It’s all clearly outlined. I would not take advice on this topic from random internet people. More than half of it is completely false
  8. I’ll have to do the math but I don’t think it’ll be beneficial as we’re a party of 4 so it adds up quickly.
  9. Ok thanks. Seems like such a hassle
  10. We have the 3 night dining plan. Can anyone confirm- do you have to go to one of the specialty restaurants to make reservations OR can you make them on the app once you’re onboard? Just trying to plan a little. Ty!
  11. Who said anything about chasing credit lol? What I am chasing, though, is a great deal/price on a cruise for 4 that I'm solely paying for (2 balcony cabins). And I got that with a $1400 discount off of Royals price just by doing some research and pricing out with various agencies. And the OBC is just a bonus...! But everyone's needs are different of course so YMMV.
  12. I recommend using the cruise compete website. From there you will get several pricing options from various travel companies. We ended up using one of those travel agencies and got a huge group discount on our upcoming cruise as well as OBC for 2 rooms.
  13. Honestly if I were you I’d pick a different type of vacation altogether. Maybe hiking in one of our many beautiful national parks or sight seeing in Europe. These vacations will keep you (and your kids) very busy
  14. Ok thank you that’s what I figured. Ugh 8:30 is too late for us. May need to switch to MTD
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