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  1. On Liberty we had a tender port. Our room steward asked us if we had our tickets yet and explained we had to go to the Star Lounge to pick them up during a certain time. I wished I had gone earlier because we ended up waiting over an hour for our number to be called. Make sure you are in a public area so you can hear the announcements on the speakers when they call your number.
  2. Husband and I will be there. Sailing B2B on 12 & 17. We are from Arkansas. Looking forward to this cruise. I've heard the cruise out of port is fantastic. Any suggestions on a place to stay (relatively inexpensive) and to park?
  3. So that's what that was. Cruise Fare Casino 67 Casino 67 **TBB7-FP150** YHP5-Casino Slots Taxes, fees, and port All their abbreviations and labels are very confusing. Thank you so much for the answer.
  4. I just booked a cruise and received casino free play with it. Where can I expect this amount to show? On my invoice? In my cruise planner?
  5. I have noticed that for the past month or more that no matter what discount I enter, (C&A, Senior, State, Armed Services) none of them have been showing up on the bookings.
  6. I like the ones that give you extra games to play.
  7. I have to agree with both teddy and smokeybandit. Galveston is very organized and they have had different lines for check in every time we have gone. And getting off is a breeze. Basically just walk through customs. They never ask us anything.
  8. Don't know much about renting cars, but in Costa Maya a taxi is $4/person to the area with beaches, restaurants and souvenir shopping.
  9. We took the bus. Bought a day pass for $10. Could ride as many times as we wanted. There are less expensive options too. I heard the cabs in Aruba were expensive.
  10. You can go here and check how many points you have: https://www.clubroyaleoffers.com/
  11. Welcome. Sorry your cruise has been cancelled so many times. It should be a full ship, but lots of fun. Hope to meet up with you. We'll be in room 6550. But you'll find us a lot on the pool deck or deck 4 port side. My husband loves to smoke cigars.
  12. Has anyone been to the Margaritaville in Georgetown, Grand Cayman?
  13. Yes, I've been watching that too. It's surprising how fast the cruises sold out in the past few weeks. I am excited to be going to Jamaica and Grand Cayman. It provides us more variety out of Galveston.
  14. I have a box of Thank You notes that I keep with my cruise basics. I always write a note, addressing the person by name, and let them know what part of the experience I really enjoyed. I also include the tip in the note. Then I hand deliver the note to the intended person. I have never used the envelopes, but they are always in the room with other departure info.
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