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  1. Usps site says "ships in late January". This from the postal service, taken with a grain of salt!
  2. Central american food at the "Wet Lizzard" at the port area in Belize. Superb food.
  3. Masks make it difficult to smoke!!! They are surely thinking safety more than customer inconvenience. As others have said these are new times.
  4. Wanted to go when in costa maya but they were full. Contacted via their website prior to cruising. Hint reserve early won't make that mistake again!!!!
  5. We used phone. Only hickup was to remember to sign out of the magic site between tests if using for more than one cruiser.
  6. We did a cruise in November. Have an extra at home emed covid ag test. Expires 12/28/21. Will give to the first person who contacts me via direct message (the little envelope at the top by your name). You pay USPS priority. $10.00 to my paypal. Ps I have moderator approval for this post.
  7. Vintages bar was closest to our room, we always got a glass of ice and a can when approached for a drink. Might be different if sitting at the bar.
  8. Just back from a Serenade 5 night , and there was no lobster night unless you ordered the premium version at $29.95.
  9. Serenade this past week had two lines. One for those having reservation, and one for those without. As the week progressed things improved ,line wise, as people began making reservations. Sorry misread I was referring to main dining
  10. Just back home. Staff serving is for me. Some backup at the stations but nothing really serious. Staff serving salt and pepper packages may be a bit much.
  11. Serenade of the Seas 5 night sailing Nov 8-13. Count was 1138 guests.
  12. We stayed near st. Pete Clearwater airport as that was the airport we flew in to.. Rates in that area are lower than near TPA. Uber was 45 to and 22 returning. Can't recommend LaQuinta
  13. Just did our test for a group of four. One hickup we ran into was we did not "log out" of Navica app before we attempted to start the second persons test. Log out between each user on a phone.
  14. If one cabin has voom can the other cabin use the paid onboard WiFi chat on the app to keep in contact with each other?
  15. From cruise mapper..... Costa Maya port's current capacity is 4 berths (4 ships may dock simultaneously), with pierside water depth allowing docking of world's largest passenger liners (RCI's Oasis-Class). If more than 4 vessels visit at once, the other will be anchored and their passengers transported/ferried to the pier via tender boats.
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