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  1. During our port stops last week, the casino did not open until 11:30 pm (1 hour after we left Aruba) and at 10:30pm (1 hour after we left Curacao)!!!
  2. Just sailed on Mariner. In my opinion, the RC singers are not that great so after their first performance, we decided to skip their performances for the rest of the 8 day cruise. However, we very much enjoyed their Headliner show which is a tribute to Elton John. They also had a magic show and a juggling/comedy show on the other evenings.
  3. Yes. 2 points per night for 2 or more guests; 3 points per night for a solo cruiser.
  4. Thanks. Walgreens said they have a system glitch. They printed the test reports for us too! Enjoy your cruise.
  5. I’m also waiting for the email from Walgreens. Got tested this morning at 11:30.
  6. Agree with above posts. The chicken wings were also tasty and crunchy.
  7. We enjoyed the train ride when we were there in March.
  8. I also tip $2-$3 per drink when using my Diamond voucher and when I get my free drinks at the Casino bar.
  9. @wordell1 and @Pattycruise - the C&A status conferred to my children is consistent with what you said
  10. Off menu and only at Schooner Bar- Lychee Martini!!!
  11. The aft balconies are larger but not by much. The aft view though is something else. However, be prepared for a long walk to the elevators.
  12. I have been denied despite paying for the upgrade.
  13. You can’t reserve. Just show up and wait in line
  14. If you cancel because a member of your party tested positive for Covid, then you will get cash for anything you paid cash for and you will get the original value of your FCC back in the form of a new FCC.
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