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  1. It said nothing about that in the email. Just we could switch to a different cruise or get a refund.
  2. Just received an email that our cruise on Jewel of the Seas out of Barbados in Feb of 2024 has been cancelled. Here is what the email said: "Our original plan for Jewel of the Seas was to offer a Winter 2023-2024 season with sailings departing from Bridgetown, Barbados December 4th, 2023 through March 25th, 2024. However, we’ve recently been advised that due to United States Customs and Border Patrol operational requirements, we’ll no longer be able to sail from Barbados. Instead, Jewel will continue offering sailings from its homeport in San Juan, Puerto Rico through March 2024. Unfortunately, this means your cruise has been cancelled." We are super bummed b/c this was going to be a no kids trip with two other couples. Us three husbands all used to live in the Southern Caribbean for 2 years and we were excited to go back and show our wives. Oh well. I guess we will look at other options and book a different itinerary.
  3. Hello! The Sip Tour Brunch just became available for our cruise and my wife and I think it sounds really fun and interesting. We are wondering if anyone knows what is typically offered for brunch. We would be doing this with are 9 and 6 yr old who are sometimes picky eaters. Would this tour be better suited on a future cruise with older kids? Thanks!
  4. Hi everyone. Last night we just booked an excursion through the planner for our first Royal Caribbean cruise. I've seen people mention on here if you see a sale on an excursion you have booked that you can cancel your reservation and rebook it at the lower price. My question is how do you do that? I have looked around the site and can't see an option to cancel the excursion. Do you have to call to do it? Just wondering about the process in case what we have booked goes on sale for black Friday. Thanks!
  5. I don't know who told my daughter this but she just told my son this. "Did you know on a cruise if you don't use good manners your food isn't free?" Hahaha definitely going to run with that when we go on our first cruise next summer!
  6. We were able to select My Family Time Dining. I just went through the selection process for our cruise to double check and when I get to that page it is showing three options for dining: Traditional Dining, My Time Dining, and My Family Time. This is the June 12th, 2023 7 Night Alaska Glacier Cruise departing from Seattle.
  7. We have our first royal Caribbean Cruise booked for next June. It is an Alaskan cruise. When we booked it online we were able to select My Family Time dining. That would stink if it's actually not available.
  8. My wife and I have a cruise booked out of Barbados with two other couples. The two other husbands and I lived in the Southern Caribbean for two years on a church mission. We all lived on Barbados as well as the other ports on the itinerary. Yes it will be expensive to fly there, but it is worth it for us to take our wives back to the places that was such an important part of our lives nearly 20 years ago! We can hardly wait!
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