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  1. Found mine. Looks something like this. My cruise was for Feb 5th and I redirected something similar for onboard credit a couple days after the fcc came in and a couple days ago got the refund for port fees and taxes on my card. Actually Reviere 4 different credits total, one for each person for the cruise credit and one for each person for the onboard credit.
  2. Signups have been going on for a while. However from my understanding they are going to select people from the Crown and Anchor society before all others. Considering they will likely run with a ship of around 1000 people for these test cruises and over 100K signed up it's going to be tough getting on the ship for a free cruise.
  3. Multiple sales happen all the time and it may be worth tracking changes. I make purchases through out the time before the cruise based on the lowest price I have seen and track high low and last current seen in a spreadsheet as well as the price I purchased at. Another thing is that you CAN also get a 125% onboard credit for those purchases as well if you request credit vs an automatic refund if the cruise is canceled by rccl. I'm still waiting on mine to come through but turning 400 into 500 is worth it to me.
  4. Never going to take a pain med when rough seas are forecast and maybe not at all. They always make me a little nauseated but no matter what I did I couldn't get it under control. And I had some motion sickness stuff but had left that in Jamaica with my dive gear. Had two pretty I miserable days heading back to Galveston.
  5. Cruise's out of Galveston that don't always go to Cozumel and other Mexican ports. Grand Cayman Aruba Bonaire CuraƧao Cruise would be nice. Jamaica Haiti and something else would be another one to add. Seems like everything from Galveston heads to Cozumel at some point.
  6. An outlet near the bed for device charging would be good. But casting to the TV or some sort of in room streaming option would be good for times when you just want to chill even an in house movie channel or two or some popular TV shows. And have to agree about a larger shower. I honestly would be willing to sacrifice a little space in the room for that.
  7. Well, the Feb 5th 2021 Adventure of the Seas is dead. Rolling the FCC into a Liberty of the Seas Oct 24th 2021 instead. Basically the same route but adding Roatan Honduras as well. Deposit is paid and here is hoping they get the FCC issued before July 2021...
  8. There are a few who will go 100% solo but I would imagine a larger majority will take a friend since the fees for solo crusting are about the same as taking another person. If you have a friend along then you probably won't be too interested in a singles event either. As far as the studio cabins that all sounds great but starting to add them doesn't yet make them readily available and until they are the singles events will probably not be well attended outside of the ones arranged by a travel agency.
  9. I think it's more of a if they do something for one group and not another then someone ends up offended. I know they listed some meetups for singles and a LGTBQ etc etc group but where do they end it? I also highly doubt many singles go on to ships searching for a relationship especially with cabins sold with dual occupancy in mind. If I was going to do a relationship search on a cruise I would probably find something that is hosted. I know a couple travel agencies offer them on dient lines.
  10. I didn't actually go to any of the events but walked through one. Anyway I would say there was about 30 people and a good chunk were in the 30s or so. My wife had passed away 6 months before so was not really something I paid much attention to.
  11. Can't say much about the tours exactly but from my understanding a lot of areas are not super wheelchair friendly due to stairs and such. And it will also depend on what you are planning to do. So I would say more detail on planned excursions is needed to give a better answer. I do know that on the ship things will mostly be pretty accommodating. The bad thing is that some doors are smaller than average so a chair may need to be collapsed and she will need to walk/shuffle in unless the room is larger or designed to be accessible. I can say that if tenders are used there will likel
  12. The thing is there will also be people who are unable to have certain vaccines. Now those people also will often be immune compromised and shouldn't be sailing during high incidents of sickness anyway but there will have to be some small loopholes for certain things but I'm guessing the main point is to get past the herd immunity threshold. Once comfortably beyond that point those who are unable to be vaccinated will be at minimal risk. I just have my doubts about the one that had to be stored at such low temperatures and the odds that multiple people will mess something up giving people
  13. But remember that "per guest" part. If you have children or grandchildren and are willing to treasure them along you can potentially increase the number of credits used and if the kids sail free is still on the only thing you will have to cover is port taxes and fees. And let's hypothetically say you are intending to take a child and at the last minute they are sick? Will the credit be removed? Always something to ask.
  14. I agree they are being given a whole lot more hoops and conditions to deal with. Some of it is due to the outbreaks that have happened but when I was on Liberty of the Seas in October 2019 I didn't see that as being a problem. Staff standing at the entrance to the area's with hand sanitizer and multiple sanitizer stations around the entrance of eating area's. And from what I have seen about their recent run in Singapore they are doing things pretty well. I am not a fan of the "contact tracing" since the bubble size is unknown and honestly if you play 7 degrees of separation on a ship with
  15. Actually already found the information so in before the mobs take the site to a crawl but thanks. It's linked above, but here is the post.
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