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  1. Hey Beth! We're also looking forward to this cruise. I hope we can get some more people in this roll call and get the conversation going!
  2. Yes! So glad that RC actually still let's you use your package!
  3. I understand why Royal serves a reduced amount due to paying the state liquor tax... I guess I was looking for any recommendations people drink. Something fun or new people have tried or different concoctions they've put together with what's available! I don't drink much in every day life so I typically find one or two signature drinks on the ship I like and stick with that. I struggle with a limited menu and was looking for a good list of options!
  4. Hey! The first time we cruised out of Galveston I completely forgot that they don't offer a full bar service while still in Texan waters. We'll be leaving out of Galveston again soon and I want to be more prepared! What's your favorite drink to get while still in Texan waters? I prefer something sweet and typically get the Pretty 'n Pink specialty drink while on the ship. Ideas?
  5. Hey everyone! I've been on many cruises before but I've never been on a cruise in the summer months. Mostly I've cruised Oct. - Dec. Am I going to die of heat in June? Also, do we think regulations will be different at all in the summer? I have a 13 month old who obviously isn't vaccinated. I'm really hoping we can all just get off the ship in port and walk around.
  6. Has anyone used the Optum at home covid testing for any other sailings? Thinking of trying it out this time!
  7. Hey RC Community!! I've noticed that a lot of RC cruises stop in Nassau. I've been there once so far and a few of the cruises we have booked in the future also make a stop. I'm looking for your suggestions on the best things to do there. We did Atlantis last time ? Are there any cool local lesser known places that we should check out?
  8. Hey all - I just had my daughter earlier this month and we're itching (along with everyone else) to get back cruising! We have a cruise booked for December for just my husband and I but with the new announcement of double points through September 2022 we'd like to add another cruise in and bring our daughter. We're thinking a cruise in April/May of 2022 when she'll be 15ish months old. What tips do you have for cruising with a baby? Preference of ships? Things to pack? Stateroom category to book? (we're typically balcony people) # of nights? Itineraries? Give me all your tips!! Thanks!
  9. Hey all! My husband and I have been looking into the RC Credit Card. Our goal would be to use the points to put towards our drink packages. I'd love to hear from all of you who have the card - do you like it? Don't like it? Feel it's worth it? P.S. we're super responsible with our credit cards and have many for points/traveling etc. Don't feel like you need to warn me of the dangers of credit cards ? Love RC and just looking for a way to use what we already pay for to get us some points towards those expensive drink packages! Thanks!!
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