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  1. It’s important they have a positive test from a lab with proof of the positive test. So if the just did a test at home they should do a “official “ test just in case.
  2. Hi there! very curious where you found this sheet
  3. Hi Ampurp85, Just curious why you think that the moment of bidding could be a factor.
  4. Strange we’re on the odyssey and can still buy tickets. Make sure you’re not looking at thrill park with the cabanas
  5. Call royal Caribbean and tell them you want to do a price check.
  6. Do they still have wrist bands for unvaccinated kids?
  7. I love to arrange stuff. I even have a degree in event management. So you reply just gave me the push I needed. Thank you so much for this, very helpful!
  8. Thank you!!! I have no idea which should be better RCL or TA…
  9. Hi everbody, Has anybody booked for a large group (8 staterooms or more). I’m found a lot of information and it’s a little confusing for me. So maybe I can ask some questions here. Is the deposit amount lower? What are the best benefits? Could everybody pay with their own credit card? If so how is this arranged?
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