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  1. April 24, 2019 A week ago we (a family of four) were fortunate enough to visit Sint Maarten (Saint Martin) for a third straight year. And for a third straight year, we hired Leo Brown to be our private driver. Three years ago, we looked into booking a tour through the ship's excursion office. Now, there's nothing wrong with booking an excursion through RC but we wanted more. What we got was a lot more. We decided to research a few months before on how to hire a private driver. We found Leo Brown on the internet. He was recommended by previous travelers. We called him up and
  2. good to know... I'm on the same boat (literally) with 2 kids. They still don't know they are going until we are at the dock. They think we are just going to FLA from Massachusetts to get away from the cold during school vacation. I booked this family trip Feb 2016. Its been a long 13 months and these last 22 days seem like a lifetime... for me!! Good to know they can board the minute they see the ship and not have to wait until 1:30.
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