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  1. I'm on Allure right now. App is working but not the internet site.
  2. Sorry, I had never been on Allure before. Did not know about the bar being on another level. Ended up, in the shade, on the starboard side of the solarium due to lack of tables. Did do one linkup at least.
  3. Currently on the Allure. Check in time was 11:00 A.M. They let us in the doors @ 10:30 - basically anyone who had boarding times from 11 - 12:30 were ushered in. Then security could not do anything until 11. On the ship by @ 11:10. Lunch at noon. Room ready @1 P.M.
  4. I know Celebrity and one other cruise line are not doing stops in Bermuda on the way to Europe. My belief is that Bermuda will adjust to the "norm" fairly soon. Seems to be pretty easy now: "effective Aug. 22, 2022. Previously, unvaccinated travelers 12 and older were required to apply for a medical vaccination exemption in order to visit Bermuda no less than 10 days before arrival. Now, unvaccinated visitors are required to take a COVID test no more than two days before arriving in Bermuda and retest four days later. They can also opt to take a COVID test at the airport upon arrival. Travelers will be required to test again on day four, but there is no quarantine or 10-day test."
  5. We rented a car in Curacao last time and are doing it again next week. You can explore on your own for @$100 for the car. We had 4 people and one excursion would have been more than the car. We had snorkeling gear and hit a few beaches. No car in Aruba for us. There is a bus station really close to the port. Going to a beach with a restaurant over the water.
  6. Between my wife and I, we've had @50-70 offers between Oct. 21 and now, She is Prime. I am Signature. Offers go from $200 to Jr. Suite. Majority balconies for me and interiors/OV for her. I am finally out of offers for now, but booked through March 2023. I consider all offers a nice gift and really don't feel entitled to them.
  7. Heck, I understand completely. I've jumped out of aircraft, scuba dived, graduated Ranger School, gone to war a few times, traveled the world, and lived life to the fullest. If you live in a cacoon, are you really living? At least the lady was enjoying life up until the unfortunate attack.
  8. I called RCL yesterday. Basically, you can have the UDP and then purchase individual meals with a set time and date. Once onboard, cancel the individual meals and get your UDP put in the slot. Your money is refunded sometime later. Ties up a lot of money. Usually, the ship will have a meal reservation desk manned somewhere on embarkation day. I may use this method for Hibachi, since there were only two bad time slots left on our last cruise.
  9. Sad news out of Nassau. A Harmony OTS passenger has passed while on a independent snorkel excursion. RIP https://www.usnews.com/news/us/articles/2022-09-06/shark-attack-in-the-bahamas-kills-58-year-old-american-woman
  10. Not sure of a menu. We sailed in a Symphony JS a couple of weeks ago. The pillows were HUGE. I normally use three pillows (two under the head and one to elevate my leg) and actually like the balcony cabin pillows better.
  11. There still is at least one island that the casino opens while in Port - cant remember either (never been to Bermuda, so it's not that one I'm thinking of). I think slots and game tables were open on at least one of the @10 times we've stopped by Coco Cay this year. Alaska allows gambling while cruising and not in international waters - just not in Ports.
  12. Great surf and stream 2 weeks ago on Symphony OTS. Ok service on all other Caribbean cruises. Terrible service on Alaska cruises.
  13. You can also go to any slot machine, establish a pin, do a room transfer, and cash out the vouchers for $$$. No fee.
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