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  1. Anthem has plenty of indoor areas, so you can be out of the cold while up north. We sailed Anthem Thanksgiving 2018 and it was fantastic. We loved it so much we have her booked for Thanksgiving next year. I will say we were one of the unlucky sailings that hit a storm on the way back. You could hear metal clanking in the 270 lounge, there were bags hung all around the ship to grab just in case, and the captain kept coming on saying "if you haven't taken anything yet and you don't feel good, this isn't going to get any better. Take the meds!" I had wrist bands on and it helped (I take no chances since getting sea sick while leaving NYC on Norwegian once in calm waters. The poor waiter was trying so hard not to laugh at me "ma'am the seas are completely calm!" But he was amazing and found me green apples, ginger ale, and crackers and wrapped it all up to take back to the room). Be sure to keep an eye on the cruise planner and get iFly booked before getting on the ship. My family didn't listen to me about booking in advance and were royally ticked off that they didn't get to do it. Also, if you can, get a slot on the first sea day. That way if they can't open due to rough seas, there MAY be a chance they can reschedule you for another sea day. A lot of people didn't get to do it on our sailing because of the rough seas.
  2. Thank you to everyone who replied. I appreciate you sharing your experiences. My dad thinks she was so sick of me constantly emailing for lower pricing that she was thrilled about the FCC just so I could be cut off (joke's on her - there are still 3 more rooms I can keep repricing!). I will push back about her removing the FCC to reprice in the future. Thank you for confirming it can be done!
  3. I have been emailing my TA frequently to get my Nov 2021 cruise re-priced. We have 4 cabins, and I watch for our group to get the better pricing. Our April cruise got canceled, so we applied the FCC to this cruise. Now the price dropped and she told me I can’t do anything because I applied the FCC so it looks like I paid very little for the first and second passengers (who are the only two who had FCC). Is this really how it works? We have never had FCC before, but looking at the invoice you would think I’m paying half the actual cost of the cruise now. It doesn’t show the FCC applied, just shows very low pricing for the first and second guests. I emailed her letting her know I’m very disappointed she wouldn’t have told us all of this prior to applying it. Since we have 17+ months until the cruise, it has the ability to cost me quite a bit of money. We assumed it was best to just get the FCC applied now since it took this long to actually get the right amount from RC. I didn’t want to wait and find out they had messed it up again somehow.
  4. 3 of us were booked in a Suite Guarantee. Total of the cruise was $1950, about $250 of that was port fees and taxes (which were refunded to a credit card). Yesterday we each got $300 FCC. That’s not even half of what we are owed?.
  5. 6562 was closer to the stairs so I liked that one. That’s the one my parents were in with 2 of my kids. My husband and I were 6570 with the other 2 kids. So either one would be great for 3 people!
  6. This happened to me on the cruise I was supposed to leave on today (Mariner). A couple weeks ago the cruise was still showing up in my planner and I was assigned a cabin (had a suite guarantee). It made not going on the cruise even harder when I saw the room we were given!
  7. We had rooms 6562 and 6570, which are Obstructed View Balconies for our Thanksgiving 2018 cruise. For that category they don’t charge more for a bigger balcony. We lucked out that the ones with good size balconies were still open when we booked. Although there were lifeboats if we looked down, I still enjoyed my time on the balcony. It was cold on the way down, and we hit quite the storm on the way back. But I still snuck out there for a little bit here and there. Not sure if you want to consider that category, but for the price difference we were very happy with what we got. We liked the location and rooms so much we booked the exact ones for Thanksgiving 2021.
  8. This makes sense. I’m sure Annette will clear it up once she’s available. I just wanted to make sure that I wasn’t misunderstanding things - I was interested in booking because of the possibility of a better rate and better refund policy. I’m not positive we can do an October cruise and won’t know for a little bit, so this seemed like a great way to possibly book one. When I brought that up to the agent I would have understood if she replied with your answer, but when she told me the benefits were meeting people and group activities I thought maybe I was cracking up.
  9. Yes it’s Brilliance. I emailed Annette last night asking for her to clarify, but the last post I saw here said she was at an airport so I assumed she’s away for a little bit.
  10. She quoted me refundable and non refundable quotes that match up the same as the website. When I questioned that I thought one of the benefits of a group cruise was a different refund policy, she responded back that the benefit was meeting people and group activities.
  11. People have mentioned better rates and a better refund policy for group cruises. I sent a request for info Form from this website, and got back a quote that was the same as the RC website. When I asked about the refund policy, I got an email back that didn’t address my question. Can anyone clarify for me - is it still an option of refundable vs nonrefundable deposit with the same cancellation policies, or is it different?
  12. Has anyone done the scuba excursion on Coco Cay lately? My husband had it scheduled for our May 17 Navigator cruise. He got a call as soon as we got to our room saying it was canceled, and the reason was they couldn't get permission to dive (definitely not weather related, we had a gorgeous day with calm seas). Just wondering if this has been happening for all the cruises lately, or he just had an unlucky day.
  13. I'm on Navigator on May 17, and check the cruise planner often. This never showed up for me either.
  14. My 5 year old daughter has significant behavioral/emotional/social issues, to the point she goes to a special school. Adventure Ocean was great with her. I explained to them (in tears, terrified they were going to turn us away) what her issues are, and the staff was amazing. Each time she went (we never sent her for very long and someone always stayed close just in case) they gave us a phone so they could call us if she had any issues. They contacted us quickly, before it turned into a huge issue, when she "didn't like her pants" "was cold" - things that wouldn't be a big deal for other kids, but they recognized could become a problem for her. And the last night of the cruise, when we decided to push our luck and let her stay longer because her twin sister was doing the pajama party, they were FABULOUS when she had a complete break down and couldn't be controlled. There was no judgement, they didn't get mad, they just helped me catch her, contain her, and get her out without any issues. My one complaint is that the phones don't work very well. They would call, but we couldn't hear anything most of the time. The phone would ring and it would be silence or static - each time we just ran there quickly to see what the issue was. AND they got her to not only participate in the talent show, but they helped her wait patiently for her groups' turn (the little kids all did the chicken dance, it was adorable). I was fully expecting to be in charge of her until it was her turn to go up, but they handled her and all the other kids very well.
  15. Just a warning with the WOW band - you can't use it to pick up your child from the child care center. Even with a license. They will only release a child with the room card (which would have been great to know when we showed up right at the end of the program the first time we picked up). Also you can't use the WOW band to get on and off the ship. There were other restrictions I know I'm forgetting. But overall we quickly decided it was a waste since we always needed the card anyhow (with 4 kids someone was always at the kids' club, so we always needed a card to pick them up).
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