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  1. We can't do without the evening dark chocolate either and bring our own. ….agree with the 'clean out the bank account' comment. LOL.
  2. Thanks for the sad news Ashley..... Do you happen to know when/if Explorer will get the Ap access?
  3. DH and I are on Explorer OTS in February (75 short days away). Does Explorer have CK? Would it be able to cater to food allergies? TIA!
  4. We have gone on a couple of snorkel excursions and enjoyed them enough to consider getting our own equipment. Any recommendations; good OR bad. TIA, Zeashore
  5. In Curacao, we did the island tour that included the Hato Caves, a small museum, and the Curacao liquor factory. Very reasonably priced and enjoyable. It was through RCI.
  6. @ Twangter; knower of all things RCI..... is there a roll-out schedule for the remaining ships? Particularly interested in Explorer. Thanks.
  7. 81 days until Explorer. Green with envy - all you lurkers with multiple cruise countdowns.... The increase in airfare took a chunk out of our vaca budget. 😞
  8. DH calls it my 'research' - my side hustle now that we are both retired.
  9. We were on Grandeur in February 2015 out of Baltimore for a Caribbean cruise - rough seas. Witnessed a wave come OVER the windows of the Windjammer. DH and I do not get seasick (thankfully) so it was a wild ride. Captain's Corner was full of people asking if the ship could handle it. He said absolutely yes, the ship could handle it and admitted it was the biggest wave he had ever encountered. One for our record books. !
  10. Immigration? Or do you mean customs? Customs is not an issue as long as you understand and respect their laws. Have your passports ready.
  11. We sailed out of Vancouver, one of the top reasons was that the port fees and taxes were significantly lower. However, we flew into Seattle (from the East coast) as those flights were significantly lower. We did a one-way car rental up to Vancouver. The drive up was so scenic - unforgettable. We had a great time sight-seeing in Seattle.
  12. I second this vote. Blue Lagoon has a Publix market across the street for those essential bottles of wine. Free shuttle from the airport and a shuttle to the port. Typically $10-15 per person.
  13. LOL, still would rather be on a cruise than miss a Pat's game. it is going to be a GREAT year for the GOAT!! 🙂
  14. Now THAT is living on the edge! Best of luck! ….and enjoy the cruise 🙂
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