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  1. LOL, still would rather be on a cruise than miss a Pat's game. it is going to be a GREAT year for the GOAT!! 🙂
  2. Now THAT is living on the edge! Best of luck! ….and enjoy the cruise 🙂
  3. DH and I have never had a bad thing to say about the quality of the RCI mattresses. See our signature, we have been on a few ships.... about 140 more days till we try Explorer's mattresses.
  4. Have you tried the Roll Call on Cruise Critic? There is one for this exact cruise. cruisecritic.com Good luck.
  5. All comedy shows, Love and Marriage, Quest... all FUN! and my DH ends most evenings with a walk on the topmost deck to waltz me around humming our first dance song from our wedding under the stars.... it is magic.
  6. Make sure you are wearing a Patriots tee. They will be playing.... 😉
  7. We second Kermits for the Key Lime Pie. Ask anyone and they will direct you. Easily within walking distance of the ship. We also went to the Ripley's Believe it or Not museum. …. DH and I were standing there reading one of the narratives.... the lighting is slightly dim so it took a while. A kid came up and pinched DH. He thought he was an exhibit. That kid JUMPED! funny. Still makes us laugh. 😄
  8. Thanks Twangster, I really appreciate this. I think we may try this on the way south (Tuesday mid-afternoon) but not on the way north (Sunday). Not till February though. Much like a bad day of fishing, it is more pleasurable to be on a slow train in Florida in February than your own car in New England.
  9. As long as nothing goes to waste - Go for it!!
  10. Southern New Englanders not happy with the air fare to MIA/FLL (more than double since last year) like us have our eye on Bayonne/ Cape Liberty as a home port.
  11. Maybe they think the pin is actual platinum, emerald or diamond filled. Good grief! Kathy C, do you port out of Cape Liberty much? We are looking at that now that air fare has doubled. Tia.
  12. We also use the list, finely tuned after a few cruises and the packing cubes. But we also use the vacuum bags for some items. Not the kind that need a vacuum cleaner to suck out the air. We purchased 5 large bags for under $8 at a large box store that rhymes with Tal-mart. We use them for DH's t-shirts and items that do not use a cube. We also use them for dirty laundry. We simply sit on them to get all the air out. Don't judge! Great space saver.
  13. Our air fare for our February 2020 cruise was more than double what is was from our February 2019 cruise. This really cuts into the vaca funds.... we can get there, but not have as much fun while there. 😞
  14. We made platinum prior to our cruise last year. We also thought the pin would be in our cabin at check-in. It was not. We stopped by the Loyalty Ambassador desk to ask about it. The ambassador gave a skeptical look when we explained it wasn't in our cabin, but gave us our pin anyway. We flung a bit of confetti as we left the office. Enjoy your cruise and congratulations on your platinum status!
  15. We were there in 2018 and hadn't planned any excursions, but when we saw how close we had docked to Old Fort, we got off the ship. Walked uphill to the Old Fort and paid the $5.00 entry fee per person for a self-guided tour. It was very interesting. That $5.00 gets you entrance to the New Fort too. AND a free trolley between the two. The New Fort had great views. HUGE waves crashing on the rocks. Then the trolley brings you back to the ship. All for $5.00. We poked, didn't hurry at all and if I remember correctly, it only took two to three hours. A very enjoyable and educational time.
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