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  1. We like Palmero's. It's right across from the Ferry landing, and just outside the souvenir shopping district. Reasonable food price, quality is good (try the ceviche!) and an easy $8 cab ride there. We eat, then shop. https://www.restaurantepalmeras.com/
  2. They have them. You could bring your own if you want, but they will supply one if you ask. I would have your travel agent make a note on the reservation. Then ask the cabin steward when you get on board.
  3. If the parents are not joining you, you will need notarized forms granting you permission to travel with them. They're available on the Royal Caribbean page. I personally will not let my children travel out of the country without a passport simply for the sake of getting home if something happens.
  4. Allure Nov 10-14, 2021 - Inaugural from Galveston
  5. Every time I search this question, I get directed to purchasing one of the generic over priced, probably not very fresh, pre-order cakes. Does anyone know if we could bring a cake on board to celebrate our (soon to be) 3-year old's birthday? Something more in line with a 3-year-old's taste? (Elsa anyone?)
  6. Oh my goodness. I had such anxiety watching that - as soon as he he stuck his head out, and you knew where it was going.... Poor, poor baby 😞
  7. First sailing is rumored to be Nov 10, 2021! show me the bookings RCCL!!
  8. The thing about this is - I totally would have picked this excursion if I were on that itinerary. Volcanoes are fascinating. I've been up Kilimanjaro twice. It's still active, and there are steam vents. We were repeatedly reassured that it was safe, there was risk involved, but we accepted it. And I would do it again. Yellowstone is amazing. It could blow anytime. It is a risk we accept for adventure. That ship you're on is more at risk of sinking than odds of a volcano eruption during the short period of time you're viewing it. It's a risk, they knew it when they went, but the odds were highly in the direction of safer rather than not, when it comes down to such a short time of exposure. I also cannot predict when a car will crash into mine, or the airplane I am travelling in will crash. But I accept the risk because I cannot control the things I cannot control, and I won't let the fear of the unknown deprive me experiences.
  9. By the pool, Frozen Mojito, Lava Flow, Margaritas - but when I get tired of sweet, Michelada. Inside at the bars, I like to sample stuff of the different menus.
  10. The pre-paid gratuity goes to the housekeeping and restaurant staff. The bar is separate, and you would pay an 18% gratuity on any drink order. The drink package adds in on ahead of time, so you've already paid it, and it's not necessary to tip additional on top of that (but it's a nice gesture if you do)
  11. I figured with the GTY room we'd end up with a terrible location and obstructed view. I didn't care. We aren't in there much anyway. We got a great room, mid ship. We were very happy. I won't hesitate to GTY again if we are sailing by ourselves. When with our kids, we'll pick the connecting rooms.
  12. Fridge magnets and Christmas tree ornaments from the various ports.
  13. We always buy a third party policy. We find that we can custom tailor it to fit our needs and it costs way less. I would spend some time researching policies and see what you get vs. what you pay. I use https://www.travelinsurance.com/ and they give several options from different underwriters. We care more about medical coverage than say, lost luggage, so we can find one that fits us using the comparison tables. I have never used RCCL vacation protection plan, so I can't speak on how easy it is to make claims or what they cover.
  14. I think it would probably be tight. But because it's Sunday, you hopefully won't have to deal with much traffic. IAH is probably about 1.5-2 hours drive (I live about 35 minutes from the port, in between the port and IAH. It takes me about 60-65 minutes to get to IAH. If you want to adhere to the "be there 2 hours in advance" you need to be off the boat and enroute no later than 9:00. That is probably doable with self-carry, as long as you have reliable transportation arranged.
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