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  1. 2 3M hooks on either side high up, and a rubber band bought us enough time to react.
  2. If we get one (unclear as I am too lazy to the do the math) - we may book something to replace our Galveston Allure cruise that just moved at least a year out. I am curious what the ship shuffle is going to look like after all of this. Allure was supposed to replace Liberty out of Galveston. If Allure isn't coming because the terminal can't accomodate her, will they keep Liberty here? Give us another Freedom Class? We wait and see. But I will need something between our Odyssey cruise in November and Allure at LEAST 2 years from then. Or, I could put a down payment on the new roof we need. Priorities and all.
  3. Include a Purell wipe packet in the silverware napkin roll at the Windjammer so you can wipe your hands after handling all the serving utensils.
  4. Interestingly enough, I just bought our travel insurance policy on our cruise planned this fall, figuring rates may skyrocket soon. There was an add-on option for coverage in case of insolvency. I opted to add it on.
  5. Mine's because I have 4 kids and you have to be freaking crazy to cruise with 4 kids.
  6. We were just there a few weeks ago. We stayed in the port and had a lot of fun. We went over the aviary and saw the tropical birds. You take suspension bridges over the port area to the different bird exhibits and can feed them. The bridges take you over the dolphins area, and you can watch from above. We then hung by the little sand/beach pool area and the kids played in the pool and we played pool volleyball. You can use their loungers with the purchase of 1 big cocktail or 3 beers. We had a short day there, Enchantment doesn't get in until 12-1pm or so, and leave by 5-6, so we felt we didn't really have enough time to go much further. If we didn't have the kids with us, we probably would have ventured out of the port, but the kids complicate the logistics.
  7. We've been on Enchantment twice in the last 6 months. We loved it! It's so easy to get around, the service is impeccable, and we thought the food, especially on our last cruise 2 weeks ago was outstanding! Don't miss the Parade of Flags on the last night. We've cruised her once with out kids and once with. The kids loved it too. With the kids, we also participated in the egg drop challenge, which was a lot of fun. On boarding day, the Windjammer is packed - so if you don't want the crowds, head to the cafe in the solarium to get a bite to eat. They also had a snacks buffet set up as you came back on after visiting the ports. Great ship!
  8. Continental breakfast appetizers are the best part of a balcony room! leisurely enjoying a cup of coffee still in my PJs on the balcony - the very definition of vacation!
  9. Just got off Enchantment yesterday. Business as usual - except maybe a bit more pushing the handwashing, and they were constantly cleaning and spraying down communal surfaces like the handrails and such. No biggie. We were not concerned with cruising at all. More worried about the flu than coronavirus.
  10. As far as carrying the straws... I carry my plastic straw in my hand until I get to the bar... then I carry it in my drink... until I transfer it to the next drink, then the next... At the end of the day, I properly dispose of it, and start with a new one the next day. My husband does carry a few spares in his shirt pocket - but mostly to be the "Straw Fairy" and hand them out to all those who comment how jealous they are of my mega smoothie straws (for quicker delivery to my face).
  11. I pretty much always tip at least 20% in restaurants - or a minimum $3 (like on a lunch ticket) - simply because I waited tables to get through college - and that is hard work, and I know that you're paying taxes on that tip, and that you have to share it with the bartender and busboys, and probably the hostess if you want your section sat frequently. - I also appreciate that if you're waiting tables, you need that few extra bucks more than I need to keep it. However, I think the actual 'standard' is still 15-20%. (And I won't lie. The maths are easier to calculate when it's 20% 😆 )
  12. I usually stay at the Cocoa Beach Hilton when I travel for work to Kennedy Space Center. Right on the beach, Tiki bar, near restaurants. I don't know if they have a shuttle from the hotel to the port, but sounds like you don't need one. I have also stayed at the Country Inn and Suites in Port Canaveral - but it was starting to show its age the last time I was there. It was still clean, and a decent place to stay - but I like the Hilton better because of the proximity to the beach.
  13. I'm a full time working mom of 4, and our evenings consist of running kids to swim practice and rushing to put something on the table when they walk in the door - then clean up, bathe them, shove them in bed. Then do it all over again the next day. On cruise - I get to NOT do that- and actually enjoy time with my kids. It's perfect.
  14. We're sailing on Friday on Enchantment, and we have absolutely no concerns about the virus. Flu? sure. Norovirus, sure. Coronavirus, none at all.
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