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  1. The easiest, cheapest improvement Nassau could make is to put up signage pointing to the landmarks and points of interest. And to provide a city walking tour map on your way out of the port. We got frustrated because our map app wasn't working, and we couldn't track down a paper map and we had trouble finding anything at all. (partly our fault for not preparing properly - but we had planned to take an excursion, which was cancelled when they cancelled the stop at Nassau due to TS Nicole, and then added it back 2 days later with just a few hours in port - we did a quick map on our phones, but wasn't working later on). Simple things like signage directing tourists where you want them to go makes a big difference
  2. They're not open all day though - only for blocks of time on sea days, and on port days they are typically open so you can leave kids to go on excursions. But no restrictions on going every time they are open.
  3. Only restriction is don't smoke on your balcony, otherwise up to you to use it whenever you want. I took a killer nap on the lounger in our suite last cruise.
  4. You can go in and update your info after the fact. If you want to check in now and select your boarding time, put what you have now. Then you can update it later. At least, you used to be able to. I renewed my passport because I was within the 6 months of expiration, I entered that one, and when the new one arrived, put the new one's information in.
  5. I live in the area and I am unaware of any hotels that provide a free shuttle in the area. The only ones that do would be located around the Hobby Airport area - and if we're being honest, it is not the safest area. I would suggest Uber or Lyft.
  6. My sister cruises with her minor daughter, divorced from the dad. She had to get the passport paperwork notarized by him, but other than that she did not need any additional documentation, but that may be because she travelled with the passport. She does bring a notarized letter of consent to travel from her dad just to be safe, but has never had to present it. She and her daughter do not share a last name, so we expected pushback, and got none. When my parents took my children on a cruise, with their passports, I provided notarized letters of consent and medical authority. No one ever asked to see anything.
  7. yes, the wine prices have gone up as far as I could tell, and yes, the package was covered up to $14 and you pay the difference per glass.
  8. I live in the area - it takes about 35 minutes to get to the port if the traffic is light. Very easy. If she wants to see the Space Center, there is a Courtyard Marriott right across the street and within walking distance to Space Center Houston. Also, there are a bunch of hotels off the NASA Rd 1 exit that are brand new and should bein pretty good shape.
  9. We just stayed in Melbourne Beach about 30 minutes South of the port and it was lovely. We stayed at the Hilton Ocean Front, but there were a bunch of places along there. The Hilton had direct beach access and a tiki bar with a nice pool area.
  10. I have a different last name than my husband and kids. The kids all have their own passport with their names. We have never been given any issue whatsoever with booking or boarding. Additionally, my parents took our kids on a cruise, totally different last names than the kids, no issue. I did have to fill out some forms and have them notarized for them to travel with their grandparents, but my folks said they didn't even look at the docs.
  11. I agree. Unfortunately the didn't give us our letter until we were putting our suitcases out for departure, and there wasn't a lot of time for foot stamping at guest services with all the departure lines settling their tabs. I sent photos and a summary to the email address for Bayley, so we'll see if we get a response.
  12. It was on mine, too. I was surprised at how low key it was compared to Enchantment, activities/party-wise. I nicknamed it the 'Kenny G' cruise because of the smooth jazz atmosphere and lack of party-vibe. Not in a bad way, just not what I had experienced on other ships.
  13. We didn't realize that was all not fully completed before we went back in. We reasonably assumed they had thoroughly cleaned the carpets and changed out the curtains - as was an appropriate response and didn't realize they hadn't until the smell persisted. We thought that as the carpet was drying it would get better - it did not. I have also never encountered anything like this and didn't want to make demands and look like a schmuck like the jerk with his Diamond plus badge abusing the bartender for accidentally not clicking the right button and charging him for a drink instead of using his coupon.
  14. Hi all - just wanted to get your take if you think we were reasonably compensated for our "sh!t-uation" on Grandeur. We just got off today. We treated ourselves to a Grand Suite for a Girls Trip with my mom and sister (I see what y'all mean about once you go Suite go don't go back". Beautiful cabin, we were super excited). Night one, we came back after the show to find brown mystery fluid absolutely pouring down the walls and from the ceiling and a growing puddle on the floor. A veritable 'Sh!t Falls' if you will. It. Was. DISGUSTING. After about 30 minutes, maintenance finally responded and started pulling the ceiling apart trying to find the broken pipe. Meanwhile the front desk called us and told us to pack up, they didn't have another suite, but they would put us in another cabin for the night. We quickly threw all our things back in the suitcases, and headed to the new room - a teeny balcony (well, it felt really tiny with 3 of us and 3 huge suitcases and coming from the GS 3 times its's size, but perfectly acceptable if it's just 2 of us and we've been fine in one before). When I asked them to make up the pull out sofa for me, since there were three of us, he looked at me like I had 2 heads. Finally, I convinced him to bring me bedding, which consisted of a single sheet, and a dirty, stinky blanket and no pillow. I made up the bed myself. We could not adjust the temp in the room, so I spent the night huddling under the dirty blanket. The staff seemed shocked that we asked what the status of the suite was and that once it was cleaned up we wanted to move back in. By dinner time we were allowed to move back to the original room, but it was still pretty stinky, it looked clean but was smelly. The curtains were soaked with... (use your imagination) and hadn't been pulled down and replaced, the walls needed wiping down, and the carpet needed better cleaning. We were trying to see the humor in the 'sh!tuation' and had quite a few laughs, made a lot of poo jokes, etc. The concierge was pleasant and offered us dinner at Chops or Giovanni's which was a nice treat, and assured us there would be some 'compensation. However by Day 3, the whole room was stinky, like raw sewage and stinky feet - and housekeeping kept saying they couldn't clean the carpet because we were staying in the room. I finally put my foot down and said I would rather deal with their noise and the blower than the stench. On day 4 they came and ripped out the carpet, took down the curtains, and finally cleaned the wall behind them. For all this, on the last evening they offered us 20% FCC - so basically 1 night fare for the night we spent in the other room, with the inadequate bedding and temperature. Is that an amount you would accept for this sh!tuation? Should I press for better resolution? I have to say, this being my 6th RC cruise, and never having been disappointed before - I was really let down this time around. I will also mention, the whole ship was plagued by plumbing issues. The toilets were constantly not flushing, and whole sections of the ship, including ours were without proper working toilets for hours at a time. I get she's old, but the fact that we had a sh!tastic sh!tastrophy INTO our room and it affected our enjoyment of the cruise just really let me down. We still had fun, but I can imagine not everyone has our sense of humor. Am I being unreasonable in thinking that maybe it could have been a little more than 20%?
  15. We go almost every time we are in Cozumel. We like it a lot. I am going back to both later this week
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