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  1. I just found some pop up hampers the other day at Walmart for about $3.50 and they were slightly better quality than my dollar tree ones (which I was looking to replace because my kids have destroyed them). They are the twisty kind that collapse down to about a 6-inch circle. Look in the laundry basket area.
  2. I keep pop-up hampers from the dollar store in my suitcases and use them whenever we travel. Best idea I've ever had. Then I can just dump the dirty clothes back into the suitcase for the trip home.
  3. Pop-up hamper Mesh Laundry Bag Towel Clips Air Freshener and Poo-Potpourri Lanyards Small kit with pens, highlighter, post-it notes, and small pair of scissors And now straws, apparently
  4. Probably not the best idea, but we put ours on in the shower! We like the spray too, and that seemed like the best option to keep it contained. Only downside is it took a while to air out the scent.
  5. Continental breakfast is still available for free, but tip your delivery guy!
  6. We have some Android/iPhone cross pollination in our family too. We use the Duo app to make video calls between the 2 phones, all via WiFi and have great results. Haven't tried it on a cruise ship yet, but will be trying it out in about 2 weeks!
  7. okay, so you're awesome for checking on this. What a nice thing to do. I hope OP finds the babies! I know my 8 year old would be devastated if she lost her 'cheetah'.
  8. RCL forever has my loyalty for this most excellent humanitarian (and publicity) effort! Good on them!
  9. I'm wicked impressed. I just emailed the rcldining@rccl.com about 40 minutes ago with our table requests, and have already gotten a response! Hopefully they can work it out for us!
  10. I think you probably get different 'minimum offers' based on what class of cabin you are originally booked. Meaning, a starting bid for an interior room to upgrade to a JS or higher class would be more $$$ than say an original balcony booking, because balcony has already paid more. So my minimum bid to go from Balcony to Owner's suite is $200, but someone on the same sailing, in an interior cabin may be asked to bid a minimum of $350/person, that way RC maximizes on profits. Because meanwhile, while I am bidding on Owners, someone else is bidding on my balcony.
  11. Yeah, it's pretty awful. LOL. But it works to get me on a boat to enjoy my over-priced drinks!
  12. I liken the prices to what you would pay at the airport, pretty much anywhere. They charge it because they can, and people will pay it. Sure, I don't *need* a $13.95 - 24oz glass of Blue Moon, but I'm probably going to pay that while I wait out my flight delay, because frankly, I'm bored. And I like beer. And when you factor in the logistics to get that booze to the port, loaded on a cruise ship and distributed to the bars - there is some level of upcharge vs. the Bud Light truck pulling up next to the dumpster at your local dive bar due just to plain logistics.
  13. So there are pretty much 2 categories of "My Time Dining" - the first is making a reservation for any time OTHER than the traditional early or late seatings. Those are available in the Cruise Planner, and I have seen reservations as early as 5:45. The second is the true 'my time' - which is come whenever you feel like eating,without a reservation, and hope/wait they have a table for you. The Cruise Compass time is option 2 I think. So check your cruise planner to see if they have a reservation time available for you.
  14. We take these for the kiddies. They don't drink soda very often, if at all, they like the lemonade at in the dining rooms at meals (milk at dinner) - and we use these type of flavorings to mix it up a bit. We do get the drink package for us, and we do let the kids have a few mocktails - but we pay out of pocket for those.
  15. Sounds like I need to find my way into a casino on my next cruise.... (honestly, I can't handle the smoke, so I've never played on board. May be time to invest in a gas mask?)
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