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  1. So true! We just returned from the Explorer and when we opened our cabin door on deck 10, the smell of smoke was strong. Must have been coming from port side smokers.
  2. First time on Explorer. Excellent ship! Friendly crew. We had a virtual balcony cabin. It was GREAT! My wife asked the room service attendant to please put the breakfast on the balcony. He replied "Open the door for me please" Room service was extremely efficient, unlike the Allure cruise a few weeks ago. The cabin had so much more cupboard space and drawers (2 sets, and a middle drawer) than any other cabin we ever had. Also a nice deep sink to shave in. You need to bring a night light for the bathroom though. Loved the food & service at dinner in MDR. Loved the Peekaboo (thanks Matt) Golf ball machine was totally mesmerizing! Didn't like Elvis c/d at all, but always love Mo assistant c/d. We came for the stand up Flowrider, and were completely devastated that it was not working for the last half of the cruise. We found out that it had failed 4 times in the last three months! Had we known, we would have changed ships.
  3. I know that I am in a minority, but I only drink decaf coffee. Recently in the Allure's Diamond lounge coffee machine, the decaf was removed with only 2 regular containers. Just returned from the Explorer however, and was relieved to see that decaf is still available from their machine. Interested to see if decaf is still available in other ship's Diamond lounges . Many thanks, Ian Levene
  4. Ian


    Has anyone else been to this amazing place in Playa Del Carmen? Carmen & Ian (Carlitato) D+
  5. If you walk the stairs as much as possible, and avoid the bread at meals it will somehow negate the salt air affect.
  6. The smoke in the casino reminds me of getting on the smoking carriage by mistake in the London Underground many years ago. Hold your breath and walk the length of one or two smoking carriages until you could breathe. It is now 2022, and it is unbelievable to me that Royal still has smoking inside it's casinos.
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