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  1. I think probably every cruiser has a favorite ship. Long before the floating amusement park ships of today cruise ships looked much differently. They also looked more like traditional ships with long bows and very few or no balconies. One of my favorite ships was the Song of America. This was a great ship which left the RCCL fleet way to soon. To get to the Viking Crown Lounge you had to cross the deck and go up an escalator. Here is a photo of my favorite ship, what was your favorite ship? Bill
  2. I know this will be a strange question but here it goes; When we cruise we always fly in a day or two ahead of the cruise. We always use Uber from the airport to the hotel and to the ship. We always purchase Vroom for one device and then we share it. We both use our iPhones on the internet for our mail and to check RCB, etc. Here comes the question, when we get back to port and leave the ship I bring up the Uber app on my iPhone to get a ride to the airport. Problem is my Uber app never works, it comes up like normal but when I put in where we're going the Uber app never shows a driver answering our inquiry. I've tried deleting the app and reinstalling but no help. Last cruise I got my wife's phone which had never had Uber installed on it, so I installed Uber, put in our destination pressed enter and instantly an Uber driver accepted our request and picked up within two or three minutes. When we get home I bring up the Uber app to get a rid from the airport to home and it works flawlessly. Has anyone had a similar situation or an answer to my problem? Bill
  3. I know this isn't exactly the answer you're looking for however, I've been to Martinique and have no intention of ever going back. I found the inhabitants to be hateful toward anyone who was different than themselves. I've been on 71 cruises and in many islands and countries, I would rate Martinique as the absolute worst. Bill
  4. I agree with the original poster that cruise prices have gotten very high when compared to just last year. RCCL's price point is about as high as it can go. However supply and demand economics is working well for RCCL their cruise fares seem high but their ships are sailing full so why would they want to drop the prices? I have started comparing cruise fare prices with other lines for the first time in 30 years. The prices for any of the new ships like Wonder or Icon are almost equal to Viking and in some cases Silver Seas. I don't want to leave RCCL but they may leave me. Bill
  5. I just checked two of our future cruises. Our April, 24 our of Galveston on the Harmony has the "For You" button. However our Sept, 24 cruise on the Freedom does not have the "For You" button. Bill
  6. We were on the Grandeur last month and had a great cruise. Hope you have a great time. Fred the headwaiter is the best. Bill
  7. The time shown in the upper left hand corner of the app is always the true ship's time. Bill
  8. Delete the link you're using and enter a new link, should fix the problem it worked for me. Bill
  9. We were on the Adventure OTS August 19-26, 2023 and it took three weeks for our points to so up. Good luck with your points. Bill
  10. I deleted and reinstalled the app and the cruises button appeared along with the C&S status thingy. Bill
  11. Eleven years ago my wife was diagnosed with breast cancer two weeks before our cruise. Her oncologist wanted her to start treat as soon as possible. We booked our cruise and travel insurance through our trusted Cruise Agent as always. We faxed a copy of the diagnosis and treatment plan from the doctor and our Cruise Agent took care of everything else. In about three weeks we received a check for the cruise from the travel insurance company. I wish you the very best with both the insurance and you treatments. Bill
  12. I was wondering if Vintages on the Harmony along with wine do they serve tapas? Bill
  13. We will be going out of Galveston on the Harmony and looking for information about parking at the cruise port. We will be traveling with a 92 year old and do have a handicap parking placard. Any comments will be appreciated. Bill
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