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  1. I've been figuring my May Alaska cruise was gonna get canceled, but am not sure what I should do with my credit. I got a really cheap price so i'm thinking lift and shift to next year will be my best bet. So, I can basically move my May 24th cruise all the way to June 24th in 2022 on any itinerary that is basically the same for no extra cost right? I'd rather go on the cruise, but I like the idea of taking my cheap may cruise and moving it to late june instead. Am I thinking about this correctly?
  2. After listening to @Matt recent podcast about wishes for 2021, I thought of a couple of my own. How about you? 1. Ok I'll put this one in since I'm starting the topic and I'm pretty certain everyone on here wants the same thing..... CRUISES TO START BACK UP 2. RCG to rework their website: Fix some of the weird glitches & ALLOW MORE OPTIONS WHEN BOOKING(or mock booking) like allowing you to put in the max guests that rooms allow. 3. More west coast cruises including more short cruises out of Seattle(this is probably more like an unrealistic dream)
  3. Oooohhh .... I like this idea, Doesn't sound crazy at all! Lunch can be super hectic, this gets you fed and unpacked at the same time. Genius!
  4. I would LOVE to try out a Christmas and/or New Years cruise. The price has to be right though, it is so spendy those weeks!
  5. I'm slightly confused on how what you're looking for from Mr Bayley .... He needs to be transparent about Everything with cruisers, or is it only when it comes to cancellations? Is it Everything or is it just a couple of transparencies? I feel like you are being pretty negative in a situation where no one knows what is going to happen. It is also very unproductive to state someone is Always or NEVER doing something(every single answer). I would guess RCG has changed plans 100 times already because they are trying to move and adapt the best they can in a terrible situation. I choose
  6. In general we have enjoyed most dishes at the MDR, but there are also always some items that are repulsive. I am also pretty snobby about buffet food, I swear my last cruise the cooks had some sort of cruel affinity for cooking everything on the menu in fish oil.
  7. Also, when the Wife and I started cruising we did it way different. We had a blast just with the excitement of being on a huge ship and exploring and taking in all the free stuff. We did it on the cheap and didn't spend a dime after getting onboard(sorry Royal). We loved cruising that way and you don't have to spend a bunch of money to have a great time! We splurge more now, but if I'm feeling like more of a penny pincher we dial it back and have just as awesome of a time.
  8. Ditto on Labadee Jamaica- We are an adventurous family and if you are not in good health then I could see how you might not love this but..... We LOVED Dunn River Falls. We had an absolute blast climbing the falls and playing in the pools. Yes it's a long drive to get there and back but it was well worth it and I would definitely do it again. We went with our 8 and 11 year old girls who I had to keep close to so they didn't get hurt but they also loved it. If my girls weren't so darn risky like their Daddy I wouldn't have been nearly as concerned to watch them so close. I believe we paire
  9. We did the turtle farm with a dolphin encounter. The turtle farm is.... well a turtle farm. There are lots of massive turtles to look at and small turtles to touch. There are also some other reptiles to look at. This was entertaining enough as a pit stop to the real excursion. My family consensus was 30-45 minutes here is more than enough and now that I've seen it I have no need to go again. The dolphin swim we did afterwards was SO COOL though and made the turtle farm feel less exciting.
  10. Since "winging" it probably won't be allowed this year, I need to find ship sponsored excursions as a safety net. So... I'm looking for Sitka ship sponsored excursion recommendations. We enjoy seeing nature and hiking, and really don't wanna be in a herd of tourists. Any ideas?
  11. This has definitely changed over the years. Started out with free drip coffee and whatever flavored water,tea,lemonade was offered. Then I started adding in a couple special occasion evening drinks. The last couple cruises I pre-purchased a coffee card so we could get specialty coffees every morning and started getting whatever I wanted to drink in moderation. My next cruise(God willing) to Alaska I made my first DBP purchase and I'm excited to get loose
  12. After 2021 I should be Diamond which is exciting, but I don't think I'll start thinking about Pinnacle for 15 more years. Also what I like about the RC sales are how there could be a Super Sale 99% off and it may just be more than the sale that just ended at 20% off
  13. Assuming I'd have to fly across the country and jump through hoops when I get back home before going back to work...... Still a definite YES! Pandemic, Panshmemic
  14. Heads up! In case you missed the last drink package deal, the price has dropped low again(atleast on my sailings)
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