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  1. Is anyone else looking at 2021 vacation possibilities every weekend? My wife gets worried and excited everytime I pull out the laptop and "browse" while watching football and drinking a couple beers. It may not be a giant number for many, but I never have 3 "big" trips planned out for 1 year. 1 trip to Hawaii and 2 cruises. Just upgraded from a 3day getaway to Alaska via Quantum 7day on may 24th out of Seattle. Went with cheapest room available on this one because it was just so darn cheap($1280 for the 2 of us). This cruise was actually $100 cheaper than my 3day I had planned... no brain
  2. Quantum OTS - May 24th 2021 Oasis OTS - Nov 21st 2021
  3. I think congress wastes enough of our money and you know they'd bill the American public for it. No Coco Loco's on my dime
  4. I'm thinking the 10:45 boarding is a thing of the past. I bet they are going to give themselves more time to clear the ship and do a complete deep clean inbetween each sailing.
  5. I'm even becoming more open to the idea of wearing masks in certain venues. craziness
  6. It's funny that this post is talking about the negative people on a cruise, but it still makes me wanna go on one. weird.
  7. same thing for my Oasis cruise next Thanksgiving. I've been wondering what was going on, I assume it will go bye-bye but I hope not
  8. I really like my TA, I feel so bad for her right now. She was very appreciative of the cruise I just booked for next year and was excited that I was booking something not canceling. I think I'll try and book my non-cruise trips with her as well for anything I have coming up even though I normally would do it myself.
  9. I wonder if covid could somehow make smoking unsafe on the pool deck?? Dream world= No smoking on pool deck, a better organized windjammer and an E-muster.
  10. 1-What is your favorite memory from your last cruise 2- what GOOD change are you excited for on your next cruise?? Here's mine: 1-Making friends with the Piano Lounge Performer and the other 2 dozen guests that regularly visited every evening. The Performer staying long past his set to hang out and extend our last night. 2-Muster drill revamp!
  11. That is completely accurate! I feel the same way.
  12. I don't love it in the casino, but I'm fine with it. The pool deck though, I HATE it on the pool deck.
  13. So... I don't wanna wear a mask. It's annoying. I wear one at work everyday. Not a big deal, but it's annoying. Also I don't want to get sick, because who wants to get sick. I'm also not gonna worry about it, if it happens it happens. Covid or Flu or the common cold, i'd prefer not to get sick. I still don't want to wear a mask. I also don't want to unknowingly get someone else sick. I will have some carefulness when I'm in public for me and others until this blows over. I'm also respectful of others when in crowded places on land or sea, and I'm also wondering what other disgusting people hav
  14. If I never eat at the WJ again, it will be too soon(ok this is only if we have the kids with us). I do prefer to avoid buffets though, and will not miss it as long as there are other quick food options. I am becoming a snob anyways and only want to cruise on Oasis class ships with the multiple food options. I'm also thinking they may move to 3 dinner times and try and shorten the experience to 1 1/2hrs (which many would be in favor of anyways).
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