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  1. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe those OBC's are only good on the non-refundable. If you do refundable it drastically cuts back on the OBC. I want to say the last one I did was an oceanview 7night over a year away and my OBC was $50
  2. Blondie don't feel dumb asking questions, everyone here needed questions answered at some point. There will be "ship time" which may or may not match the time zone that you are in. When you get on board set your watch to the ship time(can find in on your tv) and pay attention to be on that time when you get off the ship because you don't want to get back to the ship late. Before getting off the ship I usually double check my watch or make note of the different time on my phone so I don't get into a sticky wicket
  3. Thanks, I was trying to do that but couldn't royal website to load
  4. I have Symphony of the Seas Feb 20th, 2021 - 7 night Yall should all join Me and my family especially if you have kids to play with mine.... better yet ... Group cruise As soon as I saw both private islands, st. thomas, san juan..... if I'm not mistaken this is pretty close to @Matt 's dream itinerary.
  5. Have you thought about looking at flying out an extra day early? Maybe there will be better options and then it's much less risky if you are doing a layover. As long as the extra night hotel stay is cheaper than the $400 pp. Then you should have a full day to explore florida
  6. I know everyone needs to purchase packages for the Deluxe Drink Package, but how about soda? Can I only purchase 1 soda package or does the same rules apply where a cabin of 4 would need to purchase 4 packages? Thanks yall
  7. I have a family of 5 and we always do the Ultra spacious, but my family is young and the price always worked out cheaper for the ultra spacious. We love the room, but next time I book I will do 2 adjoining rooms since my kids are getting older and everyone is starting to need more privacy. I agree with everyone else though, especially if the price is the same. Do the 2 rooms
  8. I think they just book up super fast, because I reserved a hotel 11 months before and I got my 10th choice. All the top hotels were already booked as soon as bookings opened it seems.
  9. Also I'm not sure how far you have to fly, but try and book flight lengths and time of day that will work best for a happy baby. Our last cruise we flew from seattle to florida and were "lucky" enough to find a great deal on a direct flight. It was a disaster, not many babies or toddlers can handle that much time on a plane with no stops. If you have a long flight break it up with a layover. It will be good for you and baby. Also pick a flight that works well with baby's nap schedule(if baby sleeps well) or right after nap so baby is happy.
  10. The nursery is GREAT. Use it! We have always found the staff to be so amazing. There is an hourly fee associated with infants, but it is worth it! Budget for using the nursery as much as you can, it will be the best money you spend all cruise. Also don't have expectations to do whatever you want, there will be times when you have to cater to the little one and other times when you can drop baby off at the nursery and get some private time. Have fun
  11. Southern California or.... anywhere closer to Seattle than Florida
  12. I find the photo packages are good to get if you plan on really utilizing as many as you can. You would want to make an effort to do most of the photo shoots and different backdrops. You can definitely get many more than 20 photos if you are trying to.
  13. You are totally free to stress out, but I'm pretty confident that even if you went into the cruise with no research you would have an AMAZING time. I don't come on here because I'm stressed about my cruises, I do it because I love cruising so much that it's always on my mind and it actually alleviates the stresses of work and life! But yea, you it is also great to get all the info you can to optimize your vacation. So have fun researching and planning, but remember that this is exciting! One important thing though, don't sweat the small stuff. You will make minor "mistakes" and will wish you have done something different. That's ok also, just keep a positive attitude about everything and look forward to the next cruise where you will do X,Y & Z better. Welcome to the community and HAVE FUN!
  14. When I am pricing out more than 4 I go through the mock booking until I can see the details of per person. Take the cost of the 4th passenger and simply add another at that price. That gets you really close is not exact on pricing
  15. I always keep an eye on suite pricing, but have never even come close to pulling the trigger because it never inks out. I firmly believe the "Ultra Spacious" rooms are the best values for 3-5 people as long as 1 or 2 of those are smaller sized humans(A.K.A. young kids). They are the same size or bigger than JS and you can get them in multiple categories. I will probably switch to 2 joining rooms when my kids hit high school, but for now I don't think you can do better than the Ultra Spacious. Furthermore, on most ships I'd have to go to a 2 room GS to be able to fit my family of 5. I'd rather just get 2 rooms.
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