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  1. ...Don't mind me, I'm just over adding Aleve to my cruise kit... that's crazy!
  2. Vaccinated guests can go wherever they want. There will be certain areas on the ship that are designated vaccinated only. It really depends on what ship you'll be on. As far as I could tell on Liberty 2 weeks ago, specialty restaurants allowed all guests in. The only difference is everyone had to wear their mask when moving about the restaurant. Seated it could be removed.
  3. Lanyard with detachable connection. If it's not RFID, I have them punch a hole. If it is RFID, I use one of these:
  4. They will have 'Box office' hours identified on the schedule when you get on board. You can make your reservations during those windows on the app.
  5. From last week, cheapest wine on the dining room menu was around $11, although Giovanni's had a chianti for $8. Beers were around $8, and cocktails from the well around $10. Drink of the day varied from $8-$10.
  6. Thanks for this. However, after traveling last week without the kids on Liberty, we were pretty discouraged by what we saw as far as how the kids were being treated. We have a cruise scheduled for March, and our youngest will still be ineligible for vaccination - so we are likely to cancel unless protocols change. In addition to the perception of the 'dirty, dirty unvaccinated people' restrictions, in general the children on our cruise were looked on as lepers and with disgust by many of the other traveling guests - I will NOT be putting my children through that. We asked around to some of the moms on the ship with kids, and I was very disappointed to hear what the experience has been like for their kids. So, we'll wait.
  7. I was in Cozumel last week, and again next week. Everything is business as usual with some Covid stuff (mask in taxi, hand sanitizer at the beach club) - although the incident in Cancun yesterday and ongoing conflict in Tulum may be affecting what is being offered (when we were there 3 years ago, they cancelled all excursions requiring the ferry to the mainland because of the cartels bombing the ferries around that time) Last week we went to Nachi Cocom Beach Club (and planning to do that again next week) and it was LOVELY. Beautiful weather, water and beach. I feel very safe in Cozumel to go on an outside RC excursion. Exit the port, take a taxi (very regulated and safe, set price) and the beach club called us a taxi when we were ready to leave. In the past we also did the Jade Caverns ATV and Cenote swim - honestly we probably had higher expectations than we should of. We were looking forward to riding ATVs in the jungle - but mostly we just followed the guide at medium speed on a dirt road. BORING. I swam in the cenote just to say I did it. I won't do that one again. We've also done the glass bottom boat with the kids and that was cool. But short. Lots of time left in the day, so we put the kids in the Kids club and went into San Miguel for lunch and shopping. If you find an RC excursion that you like better after booking one already, you can always cancel your booking and rebook the new one.
  8. Sounds like they've got you sorted out with Diamond vouchers and Casino drinks, but if that weren't the case, I would run the numbers and just see if what you would drink added up to more or less than buying 2 packages. When you look at the actual cost versus what you alone are drinking, it probably makes sense to just forgo the package and just buy ala carte. On my last cruise, with my friend who only drinks wine at dinner, and *very* occasional cocktail, there was no sense in buying two packages. We brought her wine on board, she paid for her 1 or 2 cocktails and daily latte, and I paid as I went - and it definitely came out less than if I had bought 2 packages.
  9. What a relief! Thank you! yet another tick in the AWESOME box for Royal.
  10. Hi, I just got off a cruise on another line (and trust me, that won't happen again - didn't come close to RC) - we had to have our phone in order to access menus, drink menus, schedule, dining check--in, etc... I strongly disliked it. There were no paper menus or daily schedules at all. Is this the case on Royal post covid as well? We loved cruises pre-covid because it allowed up to unplug completely. Unfortunately, we noticed that almost everyone was always on their phone at meals and elsewhere because you had to carry it. Is this going to be the case on Liberty for us on our cruise next week?
  11. Is it not available on your MyChart for CVS? I didn't get mine at CVS, but my UTMB MyChart where I did get mine has the ability to pull up all the info and generate a signed letter with the information on demand, which is supposed to be adequate for these purposes. That *might* be why they don't replace the paper one anymore.
  12. Moving the goal posts is kind of a theme these days.
  13. Has anyone been to the Roatan Island Brewing Co? We're trying to figure out if we can snorkel in the morning and then maybe take taxi for craft brews. Just curious how the taxis are in Roatan or if we're biting off more than we can chew.
  14. Hi! We were notified last Friday that our Liberty Cruise itinerary was changing to 2 new ports. My cruise planner still doesn't have excursion options loaded for the new ports. Just curious what your experiences have been for how long does it usually take for that to get updated? (Feels like it should be by now). I would like to see my options through RC before looking at 3rd party vendors. Fortunately I saw this coming, and already cancelled our excursions purchased through the cruise planner for those ports prior to the cancellations to expedite the refund process. We're about a month out from sailing.
  15. We renewed our daughters' and they came back in about a month. I suspect that the turnaround was so quick because they minors' passports and renewals. I had a friend who put in for a first time new passport in June and is still waiting.
  16. I am not sure what this means? Does it mean that they can sail for revenue now?
  17. We went on her before the shutdown. Showing her age, but with properly set expectations, we had a great time.
  18. I don't about know about real beaches inside the port area, but when we had kids with us when we went to Costa Maya, we hung out a the little faux beach/pool, played volleyball, and watch the Mexican wrestling from the swim up bar. We also paid the extra for the Aviary exhibit , and aside from the 1 house with the crazy birds who landed all over you, the kids really enjoyed (not gonna lie, I did too!) The bridges take you over the Dolphins as well, and you can stop and watch from above - my kids really enjoyed that. Overall, there is plenty to do in the port area, and the kids were happily entertained.
  19. We love Nachi Cocom. When my kids get a little older - we'll probably want the more party like atmosphere or Mr. Sanchos. Nachi Cocom is a very relaxing, not crowded at all, decent food, great service experience. We take a taxi right from the port, and they will call you a taxi when you're ready to leave. I've seen them all lined up along that main road, waiting to take the tourists back to the cruise port. You can actually see Mr. Sancho's from Nachi Cocom - all those clubs are right along the same beach strip. We always look down the beach and see the crowds, are are glad we don't have that problem!
  20. I loved Enchantment, but if you want water slides and more entertainment activities - Adventure.
  21. I haven't received any changes for my Nov 7 cruise. I am expecting them to cancel Jamaica and Grand Cayman - but so far we haven't heard anything. It's driving me a little crazy because I want to know where we ARE going so I can start to figure out that plan. I currently have excursions booked at both places and neither have been cancelled yet.
  22. I can barely stand to wait for my November cruise on her! Ironically, it's a rebook of my cancelled Allure cruise due to the port construction delay. I can't wait to sail Liberty again!
  23. I have never been "upcharged" for going over the max - unless it's wine. But I am not snobby enough with my wine to want to order a $30 glass of wine (and I am too cheap to order it to see if they would). I think I ordered a $16/glass once or twice - and I wasn't charged the overage. Could be bartender specific, could be I'm cute. Who knows. Bottom line, I wouldn't stress too much over that $1. And I agree with Matt - you would be hard pressed to find a mixed drink they charge you extra on - you're going to have to go top-top-top shelf.
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