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  1. I had only the Surf option on Anthem in January. While I mainly wanted it for FB messaging & Email (keeping in touch with DD and elderly mom), I did also use it to stream some Hulu & Netflix -- some areas of the ship were better than others, but I rarely got lag or disconnect from it. DH, on the other hand, was having problems with his email, as he was trying to connect with his boss (he teaches at a community college, our cruise ended on a Friday, the following Monday was the MLK holiday, & classes started Tuesday), but since one of our stops was Puerto Rico, where he could use his phone to call with no add'l charge, he connected that way instead. As always, YMMV
  2. We bring an old SeaPass card (they stay in our lanyards till we go on our next cruise), & attach it to magnetic clip (we bring both hooks & clips) right next to the slot -- this way, we always know where it is, & it's very handy to put in/take out as needed
  3. 3 of us want access for our next cruise (not til July 2020), and it was $35.98 for a 1 person, 3 device plan ($11.99/device), which was cheaper than getting 3 people 1 device each. I decided to get them now, figuring if the price goes down in a better sale, I can cancel/rebook, and if it goes up -- I win 😅. Got them in my name, so now everyone will have to be nice to me to get the codes....
  4. Oasis class ships (someone correct me if I'm wrong, as I have not been on any) have free standing Starbucks, and none of the beverage packages (DBP/Refreshment package) will work there. From the terms & conditions: Specialty Coffees do not include any beverages served inside licensed Starbucks® stores/cafes The other ships have "for sale" Cafes that have specialty coffee drinks that use Starbucks brand coffee -- and the packages are good there. If the coffee card is like the other packages, then it will be good on ships that DO NOT have a freestanding Starbucks. I believe, if there is an actual Starbucks on the ship, you can use Starbucks gift cards, but again, I'm not positive about that
  5. You can also bring her sea pass card with you if you were getting a drink for yourself on your card, & wanted to pick one up for her as well - in case she wanted to save your table/lounge chair, etc
  6. You can definitely bring bottled (sealed) water off the ship, & probably a refillable water bottle -- you could probably bring a sealed soda can, but can't be positive about that.
  7. Factory sealed packaged items are ok, it's fresh food (ie, fruit, sandwiches, etc) that you are prohibited from bringing off the ship. My younger DD has celiac, & we've always brought snacks for her -- gluten free protein bars, crackers, pretzels etc -- in case she can't easily buy something while we are in port -- just make sure the package is still sealed (ie, don't open & put in a baggie --ok to do if you open & eat on board, not ok to bring off.)
  8. Factory sealed food is definitely allowed on board. First cruise we took w/ DD after her celiac dx, we brought GF crackers, a jar of PB, and GF snack/protein bars, in case she needed them. I would bring the bread with you, because even if they make it, you have no guarantee he'll like it -- and then what? The only problem is if you leave the ship, you are only allowed to bring factory sealed items off the ship, so you can't bring him a home made pbj off the ship. I would bring things he could eat in an emergency. I know a lot of GF items are also dairy free, since those intolerances/allergies sometimes go together, but soy also -- you have my sympathies.
  9. I remembered it because I had contributed to it 😃, and like I said, it's my profession, and it's a subject I'm very familiar with...
  10. It was about a drug called Epidiolex -- approved for epilepsy
  11. You could always book it, then if you don't want to go that day, & it's the same or cheaper on board, just pick another day to go. If it's more, see if they'll just switch your reservation to another day, without cancelling/re-booking.
  12. DD (29 now, 1st cruise age age 23) has several medical issues, 2 of which, if they occurred on a cruise, could require evacuation & hospitalization -- and because she is also mentally & physically disabled, would not be able to advocate for herself, meaning there goes everyone else's cruise. We not only get insurance that covers pre-existing conditions, we get the kind that covers everyone in the travel party if one has to be evacuated for medical reasons. YMMV, of course, but it's a couple of hundred dollars, & well worth it for peace of mind.
  13. Of course, that empty suitcase can be used for souvenirs, etc -- but if you're flying, an extra suitcase could cost big $$$. One option might be, rather than using a whole suitcase just for diapers (God forbid that's the bag that doesn't make in on board), buy some 1 or 2 gallon bags, & repackage into smaller packages, & distribute amongst all your bags -- you might be able to squeeze more in that way, plus you have all those plastic bags for disposal Otherwise, I agree with Fiona
  14. 6 years ago, my mom took the whole family on a cruise -- celebrating her 80th, my & DH's 25th anniversary, a couple of the grandkids going into senior year of high school -- so we were a table of 11 every night. My younger nephew -- 14 at the time -- ordered at least 2 -- shrimp cocktail & Caesar salad -- and sometimes 3 appetizers, usually got seconds on his entree (or 2 entrees) & 1 or 2 desserts. Our waiters just kept bringing it out, without batting an eye. Of course, our whole table had the advantage of seeing the menu the night before, as my younger DD has celiac, & they would bring it out to let her choose her meal for the next day, so that probably helped.
  15. Soda package does not include bottled water -- only refreshment & deluxe.
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