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  1. Here's an intriguing option: https://www.ecowatch.com/amp/dogs-detect-coronavirus-2648427157
  2. We currently have a March 2021 Grandeur out of Baltimore, which is about a 3- 3.5 hr drive from Central NJ. Original plan -- pack the car early the day before the cruise, DH goes to his afternoon teaching job outside Princeton (about 40 minutes south of us) via Uber or DD, then late aftenoon, DD's & I get in our car, swing by & pick him up, eat our dinner sandwiches in the car, check in by 8pm, get a good night's sleep, then head to port for 10 am. Now -- DH is teaching from home, & will be in the spring, so that means a later start if we drive down (as we wouldn't leave ho
  3. Ok, if our March Grandeur cruise goes, and we are able to sail it, that means our Jr Suite will net us 32 points (4 x 8 nights), which will put us at **79** points, just 1 point shy of Diamond!
  4. Several years ago, we were on Explorer (a family cruise -- celebrating birthdays, anniversaries, teens getting close to graduating HS), and Mom allowed DH & I to have dinner without the group one night (she paid, dinner was a command performance!) since one of the celebrations was our 25th anniversary. While in Portofino's, there was a table of 15-20 people that was a wedding reception -- B,G, attendants & parents -- wedding in Puerto Rico that day, & dinner in the specialty restaurant -- but no dancing or anything, just a big table, presumably dinner & drinks paid for by the
  5. Adventure - 2018 -- French onion soup. I love French onion, but I found this salty & metallic somehow. Very disappointed.
  6. Watched that movie last night for the same reason -- never been on Harmony, but yeah, was just wanting to see the ship and locations -
  7. See, now last time I had it, I found it awful -- and I love French Onion Soup! I really like the mushroom soup, though, and count me in as someone who would love the chilled soups back
  8. We have to do RC depart times, although we have been able to change early times to later ones (necessary with our family -- early rising not our forte, AND 2 mobility impaired people, 1 in a wheelchair, so that's 2 people who can't carry anything (yes, you can hang some stuff off the chair, but can't wheel anything. I'm a notorious overpacker, but in my defense, the wheelchair user has significant medical issues, so I tend to overdo on the "just in case" stuff. Never really had a problem getting off and out -- we grab a porter & gladly pay the gratuity for help. When Bayonne still had th
  9. Walking through the nasty, smoky casino on my way to somewhere....
  10. DH and I decided that we wanted the CP moneys back on the card, as we weren't sure we'd spend that amount again on our next cruise (already purchased drink pkg at a reasonable price), so we instructed our TA to do nothing -- not to ask for the CP money as the 125% deferred amount -- and we did nothing -- which, to my mind, meant we would get it back on the card eventually. (Cancelled cruise we for the end of this month.) About 10 days ago, I get a cheerful email from Royal congratulating me on my 125% CP credit, that we could start applying to our next cruise!! Messaged the TA - Did y
  11. Yes, but if I remember correctly, the salad portion was made inside an enclosed area (this was several years ago, not sure if that's changed), and you just pointed to what you wanted & it was made for you, so that could still be done. The
  12. Our favorite thing was that they assigned us the same waiter, no matter which table we sat at-- so he knew our preferences, and also went above and beyond for our disabled DD. She always got shrimp cocktail, and after seeing that we had to take it out of the tall glass, and remove the tails for her, he made arrangements to bring it out on a flat plate, tail off. Also, after watching us cut up her food for her each time, he took to doing that for her as well, so that our dinners didn't get cold, and we didn't have to shuffle plates around. He was well tipped on our last night. We we
  13. I swallow them whole, so just get the garlic butter flavor, and then dip the bread in the remaining butter. Several years ago, we were on Explorer & were so disappointed to see that they were not available -- I believe the tsunami from a few years earlier had wiped out the snail beds. It was our DDs' first cruise, and for years, when they were younger, when they asked what was for dinner, we would tease them that it would be "snails on toast", and so we wanted to get them to try the snails. They did eventually get to try them 2 years ago on Adventure, and I believe they were availa
  14. At one point, the very large hospital I work at (550 beds, Northern NJ) had, I believe, one adult floor with no Covid pts on it (cardiac & general medical care only), our pediatric ICU had several adult patients in it, our Same Day surgery unit & Recovery room areas were housing Covid patients -- and that was with strict stay in place orders. We had 3 or so very bad weeks, and are just now finishing re-converting most of our nursing units to their regular uses. We have also started allowing non emergency surgeries, but are still restricting visitors. I shudder to think what it would
  15. Yup, was still holding out hope for our July 29, but now that's gone. And it's a 10 day, so no equivalent L&S available -- at least not out of the 3 ports I can drive to (flying is too complicated for us- mobility issues). So, we're applying to our next cruise (hopefully!!) and will just be sad this summer
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