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  1. We were at wedding where all the men in the Bridal Party, plus Father of the Bride wore kilts -- it looked great!! Also, one of the guests wore a kilt, but had to be careful -- he was a tall guy, & his kilt was a leeetle short -- Ladies, you know what it's like trying to sit gracefully in a short skirt & not flash anyone 😅 -- well, he had the same problem.....
  2. There is a kids menu (basic kids fare -- burgers, chicken fingers, etc) or they can order off the adult menu. Don't be afraid to ask them if they will modify an adult entree based on your kids taste -- ie, no sauce, mashed potatoes or fries instead of baked, plain pasta, etc -- they're very accomodationg
  3. Never cruised with it, and it has been FDA approved for less than a year, so there probably aren't too many people who could answer that question for you. However, I am a licensed pharmacist, and my recommendation to you would be to make sure it has the most current prescription label on it.(ie, not a bottle from several months ago),-- definitely do not bring it unlabeled or transferred into another container, and, if you want to be paranoid about it, a letter from your physician stating that your child uses it for the treatment of epilepsy, but that's only if you really want to cover all your bases. When we were on a 12 night, I brought a 2 week supply of my meds in medication holders, but my daughters meds (she has epilepsy) -- 1 week in a medication holder, & 2 weeks supply (extra 1 week just in case!) in their original bottles, especially because 3 of the meds we were bringing (1 for every day & 2 for "as needed" use) were controlled substances. Epidiolex is a schedule 5, which is the "lowest" schedule (illegal drugs such as heroin AND marijuana are schedule 1), so I would definitely make sure it is labeled properly.
  4. Yeah, we were on a January cruise that had an emergency (pt ill, needed to be gotten to hospital, ended up diverting to Bermuda to drop her off), which delayed our arrival in Bayonne by a few hours. There was a huge traffic jam with people trying to be picked up and the next cruisers trying to get dropped off. You can't predict it, so if something like that happens you are out of luck.
  5. However, that will just prevent use of the freestyle machines with all the options, they could still get sodas at any bar, it's just fewer choices
  6. It's a smaller menu, less options. At the top of this page, if you click on menus, it shows you the different menus on different ships for specialty dining.
  7. I've put them on a carry-on because sometimes when packing up to leave the cruise, we have fewer things we need to keep with us than what we wanted to have immediately available on the first day, and therefore sometimes the carry-on can get put out the last night to be picked up. (extra toiletries, extra OTC medications, etc)
  8. Depends on what you like. Last May (7 night, Adventure), we were cruising with DD who has Celiac (gluten free), so felt that set dining time was safest for her because the waiters & headwaiter got to know her & were watching out for her, although we didn't like 530, as it was earlier than we wanted, but 8pm wasn't good for us either. We had no problems, and they were very careful & accomadating to her & us. In Jan, we cruised without her (12 night, on Anthem), chose MTD, but scheduled 615pm every night, figuring that we could see about getting the same waiter/table if we liked it the first night. We didn't, but that didn't actually end up affecting us too much, since we had 3 specialty restaurant dinners, plus got access to Coastal Kitchen for being in a Junior Suite. Only ended up in MDR one other night of the cruise, & were underwhelmed, probably because we felt the MTD waiters were not as invested in the passengers as the ones who had the same people every night. That being said, I know people who are great fans of MTD, and if you're go with the flow type people, and don't have food intolerances/issues (unfortunately, we were still traveling with someone whose diet we had to be careful with), it can be great.
  9. Is it possible 1 of your party has something else on their calendar that would interfere (although, they usually tell you if that is the case). I would just try calling RCCL & having them do it for you.
  10. DD (28yo) has 2 different medical conditions that could result in medical emergencies/hospitalization -- NO WAY do we travel outside the country without trip insurance. A couple in their 80's should certainly know better
  11. When we reserved onboard, we told them we were using a voucher for 2 of us, then when we turned it in when we went for dinner, they just charged us for 1 dinner.
  12. DD got it at Chops when we did lunch there....we just got off Anthem 1 week ago
  13. We just got off Anthem, & had specialty lunch & dinner for 2 from our TA. It was me, DH & DD (28 yo, but disabled & has to come with us, cannot be left alone.) For our dinner, we chose Jamies, & had to pay for her full price. For lunch, we went to Chops, & they didn't charge us for her, even though she ate her app, dinner & dessert. You never know what they're going to do....
  14. According to the most recent Cruise Compass for Allure, posted on this site, Windjammer 7am, Park Cafe 730am, Solarium Bistro 745 am, & the MDR @ 8am
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