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  1. I did the class -- was on Anthem, Jan 2019 with DH (NOT a sushi fan) & DD (who, due to disability would not be able to do the class). I went, & they showed up near the end, & it was plenty for me & DD to enjoy for lunch. You do sit right next to and across (maybe 2.5 feet) from people -- at least, that's how it was on Anthem -- so if they were to do it, they'd probably have to have either smaller groups, so it could be more separated, or in a different venue -- ie, one of the dining rooms -- to have that separation of space. It was a lot of fun, and I enjoyed doing it, a
  2. I'm cautiously optimistic that we will be able to cruise on Anthem Jan 2021 -- but it's 11 days, so not sure it will happen. 3 of 4 will be vaccinated by the end of March, just waiting on my 24 year old to get her vaccine
  3. We did pay a deposit, way back when we booked -- the FCC only paid the remainder, well in advance of when it was due. Would the deposit come back @ 125%, do you think?
  4. So, we had our July/Aug 2020 Adventure cruise cancelled. Got the 125% FCC, had the TA apply it to the March 2021 Grandeur cruise, which, of course, has now been cancelled. (Also have some left over). As far as I can tell, my options for March are the same as my previous cancelled cruise - L&S - not likely, as we have a January 2022 11 day that hopefully will sail, & can't get that much time off that close together; full refund -- & I don't know if that would be in money or not. The 125% FCC was from our Adventure cruise, which we had paid in full--; or cruise credit -- would
  5. Just to verify -- are you certain you are signed up for My Time, & not scheduled time?
  6. Actually, no. If nothing else, my hospital's cases of flu admissions are WAAAAY down -- I don't recall a single pediatric admission this season yet, and that is extremely unusual for this time of year. And that, I directly attribute to masking, social distancing, and remote schooling.
  7. Being able to catch / infect other people with a disease within a month of being vaccinated IS NOT NEW. It takes a while for your body to build up antibodies to a new disease, and why babies / children need booster shots of a lot of them. For babies, it's partly because their immune systems are immature, and therefore can't respond with as robust a response to a vaccine. The same happens with the elderly, or any immunocompromised patient. My older DD takes a medication for one of her conditions that has, as a side effect, immune lowering effects. She's one reason I was vaccinated as soon as
  8. I'm eligible (hospital worker, > 55) as high priority in my workplace, so could get mine as early as next week, and should get the first injection within 3 weeks, with the 2nd coming 3 weeks after that. However, the rest of my family are not nearly as high up the list, but since I spend the most time out of the house, in an area where I'm more likely to be exposed, I figure my getting the vaccine increases my family's safety exponentially, so there is that. Don't think we'll be sailing in March though...
  9. We have a Grandeur March 18, 2021 (which we originally scheduled to be between our July 2020 (cancelled) Adventure cruise) and our hopefully still to happen Jan 2022 Anthem cruise. Grandeur has been paid for by the FCC gotten from our cancelled cruise, with some leftover for Anthem. I'm wondering if I should plan maybe an August 2021 cruise instead for the what is likely inevitable cancellation of this March cruise. Ironically, I am probably in the first wave of vaccine recipients -- I am a hospital worker (maybe 1B, as I work on a nursing unit, but do not have direct patient contact.
  10. Our Jan 2022 Anthem cruise shows DBP @ $43/day, & Refreshment @ $18/day -- so we're grabbing those (DBP X 3, plus other for DD who can't have alcohol, which means having to call Royal, but oh, well)
  11. I work for a hospital in NJ, and time off/travel policies have been changing frequently since March. Was able to take my 2 weeks in late July/early August that was supposed to be mainly used for my 10 day Adventure cruise, but obviously that didn't happen. Instead, since the Northeast was at a Covid lull at that point, we traveled a couple of hours north to Connecticut, stayed at a suite hotel with a pool, and either ordered takeout for dinner, or actually ventured out to dine (they had started limited outdoor dining) for a few dinners and one breakfast. Not sure what the policy will
  12. Here's an intriguing option: https://www.ecowatch.com/amp/dogs-detect-coronavirus-2648427157
  13. We currently have a March 2021 Grandeur out of Baltimore, which is about a 3- 3.5 hr drive from Central NJ. Original plan -- pack the car early the day before the cruise, DH goes to his afternoon teaching job outside Princeton (about 40 minutes south of us) via Uber or DD, then late aftenoon, DD's & I get in our car, swing by & pick him up, eat our dinner sandwiches in the car, check in by 8pm, get a good night's sleep, then head to port for 10 am. Now -- DH is teaching from home, & will be in the spring, so that means a later start if we drive down (as we wouldn't leave ho
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