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  1. On the ships that have the Freestyle machines, you get a chip enabled cup that allows you many different options -- regular, diet, flavored, powerades, dasani waters, etc. At the bars, it's definitely more limited, but I think you can get Coke, diet Coke, Sprite, possibly diet Sprite, orange (if they have the cans) & gingerale.
  2. Yes, & it's usually cheaper to buy 2 devices for 1 person, than to buy 2 separate 1 person, 1 device package. Do it now, they are at a very good price (at least for my July 2020 sailing, I saved a lot over what I had previously paid)
  3. Well, I was able to upgrade my Voom Surf to Voom Surf & Stream (currently the same price in cruise planner for my sailing, 1 person, 3 devices @ $20.99/day) -- this will be so that 3 of us will be able to be on 1 device @ a time, & it's 50% less than what I was paying for plain Surf for 3 devices, so I'm happy 😅. I had originally paid even more ($35.98 for 1 person, 3 devices), so I've saved even more. Was hoping the sushi making class would go on sale, though 😢
  4. HIPPA means that your doctor, hospital, pharmacy, etc may not give out your private medical information (except to designated other medical professionals) without your explicit permission. You can waive your right to privacy & have the information given out to certain other people -- it's your right to do so.
  5. We bought the silicone ones -- DD is disabled, & uses a straw cup normally -- in fact, we bring a few of her own cups (tervis type, with a straw hole) for sodas & other thin liquids like that, because it is safer for her to drink out of a covered cup. When we get her mocktails, it is also easier for her to use a silicon or plastic straw, so we have a couple of extras that we bring around. Of course, her wheelchair supports a few bags on the handles, so it's not that much of a hassle to bring the cups, straws, etc with us around the ship.
  6. DD is handicapped -- CP, can walk, but uses a wheelchair on the cruise for safety & because she's not very fast 😃. We request a shower chair for her, (it's a basic, small stool size one -- something like this -- https://www.amazon.com/HEALTHLINE-Adjustable-Non-Slip-Bathroom-Disabled/dp/B073VS8B4T/ref=sr_1_44?keywords=small+shower+stool+no+back&qid=1573312635&s=hpc&sr=1-44) because she is unsteady at the best of times, and if the ship is rocking at all, she will fall. At least on Adventure, there are grab bars in the showers, which I myself need, and handheld shower heads. I use a cane, myself, & use that to steady myself for getting in and out of the shower, for stability. Just ask your TA (or call Royal if you are booking yourself) & ask them to attach the request to your reservation. If it's not there when you get to your cabin, just ask your room steward to get it for you. You probably wouldn't have any luck getting a handicap accessible cabin anyway -- they go very quickly, because people who do genuinely need them tend to book as soon as possible -- 1-2 years out. Those, I believe, are roll in showers, for wheelchair users.
  7. Those look like the ones we bought. We used them for hats, our lanyards (for seapass cards), small evening bag, & to hold our over-door shoe bag holder to the wall. I think we got at least 2 bags of those, plus the magnetic clip type https://www.amazon.ca/ACCO-Magnetic-Clips-2-Inch-5050571613/dp/B007Z7KTVQ/ref=sr_1_6?keywords=magnetic+clip&qid=1572896474&sr=8-6 The clips were good for a few things too, but I mainly liked to use one to hold an old credit type card to put in the slot that keeps the lights on-- we just hung it right there, & popped the card in and out as we came in/left. You can also clip your cruise compass on the wall for easy reference A lot of the walls are magnetic too, not just the ceiling, so there are many places to use them
  8. My DD's first cruise (she was just shy of 17) -- DH & I didn't want to give her "unlimited" spending privileges, so we did not assign a credit card to her account. Instead, we put cash down (can't remember how much) & told her she was free to spend it, but when it was gone, that was it. It freed her to buy a souvenir, order a mocktail (she only had the soda package), etc if we weren't around. You will be able to see what's spent on your TV in your room -- you can' check the onboard account daily. 2 caveats with using cash -- 1) I think you can overspend by a certain amount before they shut the account down completely, so keep that in mind -- but you can also add money to it throughout the cruise if you start with a small amount. 2) On the last night, you have to go to Guest Services to close down the account & get any monies back, and there can be a long line for that.
  9. Our first cruise (honeymoon, over 30 years ago) the same day we went to Labadee was also formal night, and at that time that really did mean dressing up -- I wore a nice dress, hose, heels, etc, DH had his suit. However, on Labadee, he DID NOT put on any sunscreen, and ended up with a terrible sunburn, especially on his lower legs. I ended up having to put cold cloths on his legs and ankles just to bring the swelling down. That night, he was in agony wearing his suit pants, so as soon as we were done with dinner, he went back to the room to put on "dress shorts", and wore those with his dress shirt, tie & suit jacket to the Midnight Chocolate buffet 😅.
  10. Do you have a link for that, or is it something you can access from Cruise Planner?
  11. Just a caveat with Starbucks -- on O class ships, with a free standing Starbucks kiosk, you CANNOT use the DBP for coffees, etc. Any other class ship, that serves Starbucks brand as their specialty coffee, you can use the DBP
  12. That's probably about as good as you are going to get -- I've seen 11.99/12.99 recently
  13. I looked at my sailing next July, & it's $24.99/person/day = $1000 for the cruise. Really can't justify it, especially since one of our 4 won't use internet. The only thing I would really like is the embarkation day lunch & the carry on bag drop off -- but I would be leary of handing over the things I put in carry on -- medications, jewelery, important papers. We were already getting 3 device Voom (don't need streaming) for $36/day (total $360), and I did notice it went down to $ 31.50/day, so I grabbed that savings. Between that and the "oops" beverage package, we've saved quite a bit.
  14. From an old trip to Colonial Williamsburg -- have lanyards with clear pockets -- I use it, although I sometimes loop it around the handle of my tote bag instead of wearing it. Ihave DD in wheelchair wear hers. DH usually carries his in his pocket, but I don't always have something with a pocket, and I don't want to dig around in the tote bag. If I'm dressed up, & not carrying my tote, it goes in a little pocket inside my evening bag.
  15. To be honest, you don't need a "party dress" -- I can't do dresses anymore (can't wear heels/hose), so I have dressy palazzo pants & nice blouses for "formal" nights -- but if you want to wear a sundress, or slacks & a nice blouse, you won't be out of place. I also own a few maxi length sleeveless dresses that I just throw a shrug over -- takes up very little space, and jewelry dresses it up enough for me. Go to formal night neatly dressed -- you'll be fine!
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