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  1. Will have to give that a try when we get our "free" tests from the government. Not going to waste our very expensive home tests on this.
  2. Not sure how accurate this is -- DD (triple vaxxed, 3rd shot was full Moderna for being immmunocompromised) was exposed 12/22, showed symptoms starting 12/27 and tested positive 12/29, but just had the mild cold symptoms. (OTOH, my mom, whom we spent Christmas day with, after giving her the info, & staying masked almost the entire time was negative a few days after that.) Other DD was actually much sicker, but we didn't test her, assuming she was positive, DH had mild symptoms & I never had any. We were supposed to be on Anthem 1/9. 1/7 -- DH tested negative, positive DD still tested positive. 1/8 -- other DD, who finally went to doctor & was diagnosed with bacterial bronchitis & got antibiotics for it, tested negative, as did I. We cleaned out DD's nose, prayed, & did another test -- still positive 17 days after exposure, 12 days after showing symptoms, 10 days after testing positive the first time, 5-6 days after no symptoms and 1 day after she would have been allowed back to her day program. So, we were screwed, & couldn't go and by the way, these were all antigen tests, which are supposedly less sensitive
  3. We actually chose a slightly later time on purpose -- older DD has several medical issues that can make it difficult to get out of the house early, but if she's doing well, it's good to know that we can show up early without having to stand out in the cold.
  4. Yes, DH, older DD & I are currently Platinum, & if we get to go on our Anthem cruise this Sunday, we will double our points & get to Diamond, which we will be glad to be at for our Oasis August cruise
  5. our current time (when we chose several weeks ago) is 1230-1. Just tried to edit it now, and it's still in 1/2 hour increments. Will just try to pull up to the dropoff about 1225, so as to maximize our time
  6. Yes, we did breakfast once or twice on previous cruises, but I agree, a balcony breakfast sounds wonderful! Is CK open for lunch on embarkation day? Also, is there more leeway on arrival time if you are in a suite? My DH thought you had an extended time frame, but I don't know if that means you have more time on either side, or if you are 1230, instead of 1230-1, it's 1230-130.
  7. Actually, yes, I'm pretty stoked about being able to use CK for breakfast. Younger DD is the only gluten free of our party (Celiac, so a necessity, not a choice), and we've never had problems before, was just curious if the suite lounge had anything. It's definitely not a deal breaker, we just won't use it for breakfast
  8. App is convenient, but harder to read everything on the phone (eyes are getting old!). I liked getting mine the night before & circling things I might like to do. I can see doing that now, then putting it in my app calendar to carry with me.
  9. Thanks! We just found out yesterday, & sail on Sunday, so not sure when we'll hear from Concierge, but are looking forward to it. Just have all my fingers & toes crossed that we all test negative Friday & Saturday.
  10. Good to know some of this. We just Royal Up'd from a junior Suite to a 2BR Grand Suite for this Sunday (Anthem) ( - so excited!) so don't know any of this. Breakfast is just continental, right? No hot food, I guess, and has anyone ever seen gluten free options? How about happy hour foods? Not really worried about drinks, since we have the DBP, but am afraid of being spoiled, and not wanting to go back.
  11. 1700 /1.1 Million = 0.15% positive (excellent by any standard), 41/ 1.1 million = 0.004% cruisers went to hospital. 41/1700 = 2.4% of positive people needing hospitalization
  12. I ordered mine last Thursday from Optum, & got them Wednesday, but there was the Christmas holiday in between, so... Did use one, as DD was exposed & did the online proctored version (figured, why not, see how it goes before we "officially" need one), and it tested positive. Just hoping she (& all of us, although only her sister is showing symptoms) are negative by the time we need to be
  13. I saw PCR for unvaxxed children a while ago. I would recommend that 13-14 days prior to your cruise, at midnight, you look at the CVS website (hope you have some near you), filter for PCR tests only & click on the date that is 2-3 days prior to your cruise (3 is better, so that you have a good shot at getting the results in time), and schedule it as soon as possible. My CVS is doing 13 days out, so very early Christmas morning DH & DD were on the site trying to get our tests for 1/7. DH got for himself & older DD antigen tests for 1/7 am, other DD & I had to wait to get Saturday, since my CVS only had appointments til 130pm on the Friday, and we would both be working.
  14. As long as we all test negative, I plan on going. I'm one who would happily stay on the ship for 11 days. Do hope they stop at ports though -- DH & DD have a rum tour scheduled they don't want to miss, and if people get off the ship, that just means an even emptier ship for me!
  15. My DH wears slacks (not jeans, either dockers style or dress slacks), polo shirt or short sleeve button up for casual with deck shoes, dress slacks with dress shirt & blazer + dress shoes. for formal or specialty dining. We're going on an 11 day (fingers crossed), and he'll probably have 1 pair dress slacks, 3 pr dockers, & will probably wear jeans onboard (it's January). He's not big on dressing up, but won't wear shorts to dinner when we cruise. DD's & I will have dressy slacks or sundresses for dinner, I have a jacket or bolero sweater to go over mine.
  16. Unfortunately, we had the opportunity to do this yesterday. Christmas Eve, we found out that 31 year old DD (disabled) was exposed on 12/22 @ her adult day program. 12/27, she started showing mild symptoms -- runny nose, mild cough, lethargy. Could not find anywhere to test her, but yesterday our tests came from Optum. We had gotten 3 x 3 packs (9 total) for 4 of us as back up, so decided to test her, and decided to do it as a proctored test so we would know what to do when it counted for the cruise (in case CVS cancels on us). I set up a Navica account for myself, then added her as a managed account. There's no way she could do it herself, so it had to be that way. We were seen within a few minutes, and unfortunately, it was positive. I just don't know how long she will stay positive, so don't know if we can go on our 1/9 cruise as planned.
  17. We only made 1 bid -- only interested in the 2BR Grand suite for our 1/9 cruise -- still says pending, so maybe a good thing ....???
  18. When it was time for me to print (last month) it was on 3 pages, with the Pass on pg 3. I printed 1 whole set, so we had all of the e-doc, then just the pass for the remaining 3 people. Less paper to waste, less paper to bring. We all have the app (3 cell phones, 1 tablet), but I'm a belt & suspenders type -- always have the written copy of EVERYTHING (including Cruise Planner purchases) to make sure
  19. Hey, we'll be on that cruise!! However, by then, 3 of the 4 (in 2 rooms) of us will be Diamond, so won't be getting the DX package. All currently signed up for the refreshment, and will use the diamond coupons for alcoholic drinks.
  20. I haven't cruised yet, but I imagine it is the same as having any other non vaccinated child in your party. Under 12 unvaccinated must get tested (PCR), under 2 don't have to wear a mask, and if there are any unvaccinated in the party, all are considered unvaccinated in those instances and may leave the ship only on sponsored excursions.
  21. Has anyone had to help another person (ie, a vaccinated child or teen) with their test? DD is 31, but disabled, so likely DH will have to assist her since she cannot do it herself, or even answer for herself (she can speak, but really won't even understand it, so we'll just explain it to her very generally). Is it difficult to do? Should I try calling ahead of time? We will be taking the tests in 2 weeks, and ordered them from Optum.
  22. My email stated due to need for enhanced cleaning -- I plan to be on board @ 1pm, so I'm ok with whenever they leave, as long as I'm with them!
  23. So, DH & I decided to order -- I went all the way through to filling out my name & address, & I got a pop up stating that they didn't ship near my address (or something like that), which is puzzling, as it is the single family home (street address, not a po box) that we have lived in for almost 32 years, in NJ. Any idea what's up with that?
  24. I'm curious -- has anyone had a problem ordering the 6 pack for 4 people?? I went online to look @ it, and it only lets me put in 3 names for a 6 pack. I was going to order 2 anyway (we have a cruise in August also, but right now I'm concerned about Jan 9), but apparently you can only order 1 @ a time. Could always order & send it to someone else's address, but not sure what to do.
  25. Yes, that is the expiration date (the little hourglass is the clue). The other date is the manufacturing date, so they must be able to give ~ 11.5 months out
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