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  1. For my GF daughter, safest option is to have scheduled dining (NOT MTD), so that you have the same waiter pairing every day. Also, go to your dining room when you first board, introduce yourselves to the headwaiter, and inform him/her about the issue. They will be on top of it and be an extra layer of protection.
  2. That's happened to me a few times - I end up un-installing & re-installing the app. You can try clearing the cache first in your app manager, but I don't think that worked for me. My phone has been glitching a lot lately, though - freezing screens, apps failing - so I may be replacing it soon.
  3. Took the sushi class on Anthem a few years back - DH won't touch it - even when I had tempura shrimp to offer -- but older DD was with us, and while she couldn't do the class, she was more than happy to help me eat some of it. Have it scheduled for my upcoming Oasis cruise with younger DD, and will have to remind her to just have coffee in the morning, and maybe a hard boiled egg or yogurt, to make sure we will finish it. Really had a lot of fun with it
  4. Just got off Anthem, and I saw little cards that were left on unattended (towels only, no belongings) lounges in the Solarium with the time the attendant first noticed it. These particular ones were labeled 730 am, I think. They removed the towels around 930 am, which was about the point when there weren't really any more empty loungers. Didn't spend a lot of time by the pools, as it was a little cool so I did other things, but it worked that one day
  5. I can't see my C&A points on the website, and if they're on the app, I can't find them. We were able to get points from our honeymoon cruise in 1988, however -- in the photo album I had from there, I included our tickets and other things from the cruise. Several years ago, DH called them, and they said scan & email the info and they would credit it - and they did!
  6. It's my cruise too, and while I don't mind the extra sea day, I'm annoyed because we had plans to meet up with friends -- we were going to take the Disney shuttle and they were driving to meet us so we could hang out at Disney Springs for a few hours.
  7. I noticed on the website when I "view boarding pass" there are 2 boxes (me & DH) with our pics, reservation # & 2 links - 1 says Set Sail Pass, & the other is view luggage tags- it doesn't include the Guest Ticket Contract, just the tags. Is that an option for you?
  8. Can you find another 10 day cruise? That might help you figure out the order
  9. Beef tenderloin, beef bourguignon, chicken cordon bleu - or the risotto if I don't want meat that night. That's one night I'm not worried about
  10. As of now, from the various menus I've looked at, for 7 day cruises - 1st night, Welcome aboard, 2nd night French, 2nd to last night is Royal (lobster) night, last night, Bon Voyage. The other 3 nights seem to be Italian, Caribbean (at least on the Caribbean sailings), Mexican or British. There's also Mediterranean, but I think that shows up on 9 night or longer. My sailing next week (Caribbean) has British but not Mexican, which is good in one way, because the Mexican menu didn't appeal, but bad because I had made an educated guess as to which night was Mexican & booked a specialty (Jamie's) that night, & apparently it's Caribbean night, which did have things I liked. I may switch Jamies to Italian night, since I won't want that 2 days in a row, and tbh, the Italian menu didn't really appeal either. A couple of things looked good, but I'll get my fill at Jamies.
  11. Considering all the supply chain issues, your best bet will be asking ahead of time. This weeks cruise could be different from next week, if they have to change suppliers. Definitely speak with a dining manager at any location you plan to eat at.
  12. Best bet would be to just call / email the Wedding people directly. I did see a wedding dinner on Explorer 10 years ago, but they were maybe 15-20 people in what was then the Italian specialty restaurant, Portofino's. https://www.royalcaribbean.com/faq/topics/cruise-weddings
  13. I've never done it, although celiac DD has considered bringing things she wanted to be sure if. As long as they are in a sealed package when you come onboard, it shouldn't be a problem
  14. If it's your cruise in the app showing the kids menu only, go to the change sailing option, then scroll all the way down to browse all ships. Find your ship and its current sailing, and check dining there. Keep in mind that as far as I know (at least for 7 night cruises), days 1 (welcome), 2 (French - 1st formal night) 6 (Royal - 2nd formal night) and 7 (Bon Voyage, but really it should be goodbye ) are "set in stone". The others (Italian, Mexican, Caribbean & sometimes British gets tossed in there) sometimes move around. For example, it looked like night 5 on our cruise was going to be Mexican, and that menu didn't appeal, so DH & I booked Jamie's for that night (he wanted to do it, so we picked that night). But - when I checked last week's sailing, as well as the current one, it had British night 3, Italian night 4, & Caribbean night 5 - no Mexican at all, so if we get on board & that's the options, I may see about changing Jamie's to a different night. For shorter & longer cruises, you either won't have as many choices, or there will be repeats.
  15. I'm getting a sharps container also, but I only take a weekly med that is an injection. However, I test my sugar 4 x day, and those stupid lancets have to be disposed of safely.
  16. Ours too!! Honeymoon cruise in 1986 - and boy, were those cabins a lot smaller than the ones they showed on "The Love Boat"
  17. Narcotic or anything with a C (controlled substance) symbol (C-II - C-V), I would definitely bring the bottles. My DD, who had epilepsy, I did belt & suspenders - had a weekly med holder filled in, and at least 1-2 weeks more in bottles (for a 12 day, 1 week in the med holder, 3 weeks in bottles). If you want to make it easier - ie, you have a 90 day supply but don't want to bring the big bottles) you can ask your pharmacy if they will package some of your meds in a 2nd, smaller bottle that will take up less room. For my upcoming 7 day, 2 weeks of med holders - I take meds at 5 different times/day), and if I don't need the 2nd week, I have it set up to use when I get home. For things like tylenol, motrin, or other "as needed" meds - I have a multi compartment cylinder that will hold a bunch of over the counter meds. FYI - if anyone takes a cannabinoid product, I would check very carefully to make sure you can travel with it. The only FDA approved products I know of is epidiolex (for seizures) & Marinol (for chemo & AIDS related nausea/appetite stimulant)
  18. One reason I didn't want the first available time. We went with 1030am
  19. Funny story about water slides -- many years ago, (maybe 30??) took 3 or 4 yo DD to Sesame Place, lots of water rides there, including an inner tube slide. You could do a single person in a donut, or 2 people in a figure 8 tube. DD too young to go on her own, so I took her, & DH was on the single rider line. That moved faster, so he was done before us and was waiting outside the gate you have to leave by after splashing into the pool at the end of the slide. DD and I start - I'm in back, she's in front - and she couldn't quite reach around one of my legs to grab the handle on the tube, so she just grabbed my leg. Off we go, and we're sailing through, going up and down the sides as it curves, until one curve, the tube went up the side, and didn't go down - we got separated from it. Tube continues down without us, and we continue down as well. Not sure how, but DD is clinging to my leg, and I grab hold of the top of her bathing suit to keep from getting separated. DH is watching for us, and sees the empty tube come out without us. He rushes back into the area where the pool is, and jumps in (shoes and all) as we're coming out. We get separated as we leave the tube and land in the pool area, where she promptly goes under. Then, one of the lifeguards comes running over to us, offering to help me up - me, who's sitting up perfectly fine (if panicking about my child) in 2 feet of water, instead of the child who went under and didn't pop up. Considering the weight differential between us, it's not really surprising that this happened, so I would take seriously any restrictions they make for the ride
  20. most comedy has an element of rudeness to it - it's part of what makes it funny to some, and offensive to others. I'd watch (and probably laugh), but wouldn't heckle - I'm a big believer in karma
  21. So, I decided to treat myself to a spa day treatment while we're docked in Nassau -- DH is going on an excursion, and I decided to treat myself. It shows up in my website calendar for the cruise, but not in the app. I plan on printing out the receipt just to be sure, but anyone know any way to fix this?
  22. For people who are on long term TPN, it is often run only 14-16 hrs a day - this is to mimic how most people eat, with a long "fasting" time. This helps because otherwise your body would keep secreting insulin. It will also help her since she won't be tied to the machine all day, every day. I'm familiar with simple (ie, protein, dextrose, 1 electrolye) that are good for nine days, but I've never seen longer than that - for both sterility and stability purposes. (Hospital pharmacist, 36+ years experience)
  23. I would start by calling/emailing the special needs department -- https://www.royalcaribbean.com/resources/guest-special-needs as soon as possible to find out exactly what you need to do and explain to them what you will need. At the very least, you will probably need them to supply an extension cord for the IV pump.
  24. A few weeks ago, when they were transitioning from the old menus to the new ones, I only saw "Wine" listed - with a wine menu available for dinner but no actual dinner menus. Did see some Kid's menus then, but nothing else. Try looking at one of the other dining rooms, with the set time dining.
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