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  1. Must admit, I'm leaning towards paying for drinks a la carte. The free coffee is top quality, as are the free juices, and if I drink I only go mad one day but don't touch it the next. How much is a Fosters oil can or a Red Stripe?
  2. I have never encountered that. I actually wish I did, I'd drink with them.
  3. I think Karen Cruises are all non-smoking, and nothing but wine, in 1L glasses.
  4. Yeah, we won't be doing proctored. But nothing else was requested, ie vaccination status?
  5. Breath out for a count of 7, breath in for a count of 11. That's regulating your breathing. If you control your breathing then you control fear full stop. Alternatively, have a panic attack. It's not fatal, it feels very scary but it's weak, it can't harm you and it will pass.
  6. Nope. Aside from narcotics, they aren't strong enough to remove the very powerful feelings experienced. Meds can work very well. Herbals may take an edge off for normal slightly anxious flyers, but not properly petrified flyers.
  7. Herein lies the answer. Feel that fear and do it anyway. The fear of flying is worse than flying. I'm in the same situation, and my attitude is "I fly or die". I've got two kids wanting a holiday, if that's not worth dying for then I don't know what is. My personal 'comfort' isn't a reason to stop doing things. It's hard, the worst, terrible, but it's not fatal, it's not a real fear, it's not a lion, it's a sky-train, and Xanax or drinking will help (in the short term). Long term, if you mask your fear it will be there every time, so it's the same fight/fear cycle. It can only be a fear of two things : (A) crashing (B) enclosed spaces I dont fear crashing. It's almost unheard of these days. I fear a panic attack in an enclosed space. And I know it's stupid. It's a panic attack, it'll pass. 7-11 breathing will stop it even becoming a panic attack. Even if it was a full blown panic attack, it'll pass, and I'm not in danger. It's adrenaline being pumped without a good reason, and your body can only pump it for so long before resting. you've got this.
  8. I'm actually not too fussed about disembarking in Israel, sounds like a good chance to enjoy a half-empty ship tbh... I'm in it for the Greek Isles really, though I'd be interested in Israel beaches if good?
  9. I don't follow the logic in your response. At any point of any day currently, you could 'maybe infect' someone. In western society we are back to normal, with few exceptions such as hospitals and medical facilities, where a mask is now thrown-on out of courtesy more than the belief it'll stop you infecting anyone. Once you have your vaccine and boosters, it's as good as it's going to get, and it doesn't matter if you share a sauna with the unvaccinated. The risk is on them, not you. However, if I was an insurance company I wouldn't cover anyone who hadn't been jabbed, certainly not for cruising.
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