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  1. Anyone else getting an error when trying to make a cruise planner purchase on RC site? I'm trying to purchase Surf and Stream internet package and keep getting the error "Error 405: Request method 'GET' not supported"
  2. By "therapist" I assume you mean "travel agent".
  3. People smoking marijuana in their cabin and triggering a migraine for me. Come on people, no smoking in the cabins! Bring your edibles next time!!
  4. A friend and I just booked this cruise before getting off of Symphony last week. Sounds like an awesome itinerary.
  5. Keep checking that prices haven't gone down for my sailing.
  6. I don't understand the people not leaving during a performance. If I'm not enjoying a show, I get up and find something else to do.
  7. I did the Antigen test at CVS for my Alaska cruise a couple of months ago and it was fine. I also have another one scheduled for my upcoming December cruise out of Miami.
  8. I've been there before multiple times and it's just not that exciting for me. YMMV
  9. My 12.04 cruise just officially cancelled the Labadee stop. Going to Nassau, Bahamas instead. Bleh.
  10. I'm interested in hearing the answer to this as I'm booked on the Jewel December 4 cruise.
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