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  1. I have been wondering about this, too. If the change the itinerary to something like Bermuda and the Bahamas, I have zero interest in cruising. We shall see what they say on Tuesday. I was excited when I began reading the email the sent, I thought it was going to say that we would get the extra refund or future cruise credit, but alas, it was just a wait and see. Even if they do offer an enticing itinerary, I am not sure I would want to cruise with all of the extra precautions and regs that will undoubtably put into place. I understand them, just not worth it for me. Hoping for the best for al
  2. I am also a typical solo traveler. I have chosen to sit by myself and also with people. If there is one that you really want, you can wait until they have it available. I have had great conversations with table mates (or surrounding table mates). Have a great time!
  3. I have brought some drinks back on board, but they were just like two or so, maybe like one or two waters or Diet Cokes.
  4. I went to grad school at U of Miami and remained there for my adult life until recently coming home to NJ. You will have so much to do while you are there, it depends on what you want like, how you want to dress, spend, etc. Bayside Market that has been discussed is like an outdoor mall by the bay. They may have some entertainment playing outside. There are restaurants right by you that you can walk to or take a cab. Public transportation is pretty good there, you can ask the front desk. Right by the McAuthor brings (mainland to South Beach) is the performing arts building, which is right by y
  5. Thank you for all the input! It sounds like it is just a personal decision. I would not put down or judge anyone for wearing their pin, regardless of level. Someone said it nicely, that is shows loyalty or unity, can be pretty to dinners or tier events, and def can be a way to recognize those who have sailed so often and can have some great stories. I am very excited to have reached Diamond, but I probably will not wear mine, except maybe to the tier events or something like that. I may lose it and I am just happy to have been blessed enough to have been able to cruise this often over the year
  6. I lived in South Beach too many years and am beyond tired of that attitude. The Pinnacles that I like listening to and hope to be one day are folks with more years, class and earned stories to share. I am with you, wearing pins everywhere def would not be my style.
  7. Hello, fellow Jersian!! I agree with you (from what I have heard), for Alaska, it is best to add a land segment to the trip. I can only imagine its beauty!
  8. I like that! They are treasured memories.
  9. You are going to have a wonderful time!! I have yet to be on the Grandeur, but I have heard wonderful things about it and how friendly the crew are and it is an intimate and very outstanding customer service ship. Which packages are you looking at; dining, beverage? It may depend on who is sailing with you. I usually sail solo, so the buy one get one half packages do not help me. I do the deluxe beverage and voom package each time. I am about to take my first cruise as a Diamond level, and although I will get the free drinks during happy hour, I may still do the package. I am not a big drinker
  10. I am one of those people that bring everything on board with them in hand. I typically travel solo, so it is an extra bit of a challenge, but I manage. I prefer to have everything with me and as soon as I can get into my cabin, I do and unpack right away (as well as wipe down parts of the room with Clorox wipeys) and check out the Compass. Thus, I can begin to relax and not worry about my luggage or unpacking later, etc. I use only rolling luggage, my purse and garment bag. If you do only want to take the carry on, I recommend your evening outfit, ID, cash and/or cards, important documents and
  11. Thank you and exactly!! I don’t think I will wear mine, but I love to see the Pinnacle ones. For the most part, they are folks who have lived many great years, have had the blessing to sail and have wonderful stories to share. They have not been rude, but happy to share a conversation. I am with you, if I get to Pinnacle one day, I will proudly wear it.
  12. Thank you!! I agree, I doubt I will wear mine, I know I will lose it. I am not against anyone wearing it, just not for me...until I reach Pinnacle in like thirty years, then I will wear it everywhere!
  13. Gotcha!! Perhaps the price changes when you put it into your cart. For instance, since my next cruise I am solo, my price would be the $65, but if you are buying two, when you put it into your cart, the price change will show for the second/fourth one you buy.
  14. I do not think that I could properly describe the awe and beauty of that cruise! I have sailed the Caribbean, Central America, Mexico, Belize, Bermuda. The most beautiful and exhilarating by far was the New England & Canada cruise. It was around September 8th, I think, of 2018 and was for 9 nights. The leaves had not begun changing, but I live in NJ and we get beautifully changing trees, too, so I survived. As I had never been to any of the ports, I did an excursion at each one to learn about the area, history and try new things. I did a walking history tour in Boston, and the others we
  15. I checked and it shows $65 day for the beverage/voom package (every cruise/ship has different prices) but no mention of a sale. They are having the BOGO for the cruises, but don’t see it for the dining, beverages, etc. I think that you are still getting the “normal” prices. I am guessing that there will be a sale soon, maybe for President’s Day, let’s see. I am waiting until one of them. Good luck! ... Remember, if you buy a package and a better price comes along, you can “return” your package and get the new one at the better price.
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